Frequently Asked Questions

Does every CMO or CRO see my RFP?

No. Only CMOs or CROs that you invite to bid on a project may see your RFP. You grant secure access to your database to only the CMOs or CROs that you want to bid on the project.

How long does it take to customize and install SourceSolution?

Less than one week. We customize S2RM, our Supplier Relationship Management product, within 5 business days. S2RM is a Software-as-a-Service application so you don't have to worry about installing and maintaining the system- we take care of that for you.

Can I share documents with my CMO or CRO?

Yes. The S2RM project management tools allow you to grant secure access to your CMOs and CROs.

What types of RFPs can I create?

Many! Most of our clients use SourceSolution for creating CMO and CRO RFPs, but the system may be used to manage RFPs or questionnaires for any type of purchase. For example, SourceSolution may be used by HR to manage outsourced vendors for benefits, recruiting and relocation services, by engineering and facilities to manage equipment acquisition and construction projects or by quality to collect and manage supplier compliance questionnaires.

Why is this better than emailing RFPs to my CMOs and CROs?

You get better responses, more quickly. Creating RFPs is not the problem- compiling responses and reviewing them is the bottleneck in the process. SourceSolution allows you to download all responses into PDF documents and spreadsheets. Over time, your organization will build a knowledge base of supplier capabilities, facilities and compliance history.

Will CMOs and CROs respond to RFPs in this format?

Yes. Many large pharmaceutical companies already use enterprise systems for online R&D procurement. Unfortunately, these systems cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase, implement and maintain. SourceSolution makes online strategic sourcing accessible to all companies large and small without the large capital expenditure and IT burden.

Is SourceSolution safe?

Yes. We take the security of your information seriously. We use industry-leading 256-bit SSL encryption which is even more secure than the 128-bit SSL encryption used by many online banking websites. Your account administrator controls who gets access to your account and all account login activity is tracked and may be viewed real-time by your team.

Can I create a customized RFP?

Yes. We will upload your RFP questions to your private and secure database or you can add your own questions with our RFP wizard.

Do you provide RFP templates?

Kind of. Every project and product is unique so standardized RFP templates always need tweaking. We offer a list of standard RFP questions that you can use and customize or you can enlist our consultants to create an RFP for you.

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