Supplier Relationship Management for HR and Recruiting Projects

S²RM HR Administration and Recruiting Projects


Outsourcing critical HR functions is a complex decision. S²RM provides you with the flexibility of using a single sourcing system for all complex purchasing decision. S²RM may be used for these HR sourcing applications and many more.

RFP Automation Features

S²RM allows you to create customized RFPs in your own private, secure database. The firms and consultants that you provide with login access can complete and store responses. Since these responses are stored in a database, you will be able to build a knowledgebase of capabilities over time and be able to perform simple and complex searches on current responses and on similar past projects. After your potential partners have responded to your RFP, you can download these responses into standardized PDF and Excel formats. Our standard formats allow you to you to make an apples-to-apples comparison of experience, capabilities, pricing and turnaround time.

Project Management Features

Once you have selected an HR firm or consultant, S²RM allows you to manage all aspects of the engagement using the system's project management features. The system allows you to exchange documents with external partners, track versions by create date and author, assign tasks, manage total project budgets and payment schedules with internal teams and with external partners.

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