Client Portal Overview

PlanIt: Client Portal Software by SourceSolution

Client portals are commonly used by large CMOs and CROs. Until recently, the only way to utilize these systems was to dedicate resources to design, build and maintain them. With the launch of SourceSolution's PlanIt client portal SaaS, these systems can be launched in less than 3 days without extensive training. Your clients will be able to login through your corporate website and securely access their project information and collaborate with you. PlanIt includes the following project collaborations features:

Document and Data Storage and Exchange

Document exchange is a critical at all stages of a project from contract negotiations through delivery of data, reports and regulatory documents. Most organizations share this data through open, corporate email systems. With multiple editors and rounds of changes, it becomes difficult to ensure that team members are working on the most current version of the document. PlantIt makes the secure exchange of data and documents with versioning control accessible to all companies.

As documents are downloaded, edited and uploaded again, the version, author and create date is noted for each document. Old versions of all documents are available for download at any time.

Task and Milestone Tracking

Project tasks are generally assigned during update meetings and captured in meeting minutes or in complex desktop project management software. However, most of manage our tasks and deadlines in an Outlook or Gmail calendar.

SourceSolution allows any user to create tasks for any team member in PlanIt that are emailed to the person to whom it was assigned. The tasks may then be downloaded into an Outlook calendar. Overdue reminders are emailed to the project manager and the team member responsible for completing the task.

Budget and Payment Tracking

Timely payment for work performed is more important than ever. Delays in payment are often the result of the missing information or information that cannot be accessed by the appropriate team members. PlanIt allows you to create a project budget from a payment schedule or line items in a contract. As line items are invoiced, you may associate invoices and track payment status. As payments are made, they may be recorded in PlanIt and the remaining project budget will be adjusted accordingly.