Industry Organizations

Industry Organization NameMembership level
BayBioBayBio is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(6) trade association serving the life science industry in Northern California. The staff and services of BayBio are paid primarily through memberships, sponsorships, and event registration fees. BayBio provides these services through representatives in South San Francisco and through coalition partners in Washington, DC.

Through advocacy, membership services, programs and more, BayBio brings the world's greatest life science community to your fingertips. With the support of more than 450 member organizations, BayBio is delivering the next-generation association to you today.
BIOBIO is the world's largest biotechnology organization, providing advocacy, business development and communications services for more than 1,200 members worldwide. Its mission is to be the champion of biotechnology and the advocate for member organizations—both large and small. 1200+
Bio NebraskaBio Nebraska Life Sciences Association (Bio Nebraska) was formed in 2005 as a nonprofit trade association dedicated to the development and growth of Nebraska’s bioscience industry through:

• Supporting basic research in the life sciences
• Aiding in the development of a highly educated work force; and
• Providing a welcoming environment for attracting new and expanding businesses

Join us in our effort to expand the life sciences in our state. Click here to see the benefits of membership or contact us to discuss the opportunities Bio Nebraska may be able to provide for you.
BioAlpsBioAlps, the life science cluster of Western Switzerland, is an active and fertile network of research institutions, academic institutions, start-up companies and large multinationals concentrated in a small, attractive geographic area. The cluster was created to promote the economic, technological and industrial potential of the many actors in the life sciences field, nationally and internationally.

The BioAlps cluster ranks among the first three European centres for research into biotechnology and medical technologies, with Cambridge and Oxford in the United Kingdom. Comprising about 500 biotech and medtech companies, 500 research laboratories, 18 world-famous research institutions, universities and university hospitals, BioAlps also hosts numerous bodies supporting innovation including science parks, incubators of start-up companies, venture capital funds, and contract service organisations.
BIOCOMBIOCOM is the largest regional life science association in the world representing more than 550 member companies in Southern California.550
BioForward (WI)BioForward is the member-driven state association that is the voice of Wisconsin’s biotechnology industry. We advocate actively on our members’ behalf to create investment and partnership opportunities, attract and retain the very best people, and support public policy that fosters their continued growth. We also provide member-support services that include networking opportunities through a variety of conferences and events, online resources and group purchasing programs. Our members include biotechnology companies, universities, non-profits, service providers, and state, regional and local government representatives.
BioMed SA's mission is to organize and promote San Antonio's healthcare and bioscience assets to accelerate growth of the sector and enhance San Antonio's reputation as a city of science and health.
BioNJThe mission of BioNJ is to:

1. Formulate and advocate policy positions to elected officials and regulators.

2. Acquire and coordinate resources and provide services to members regarding issues critical to building successful biotechnology enterprises.

3. Enhance awareness and appreciation of New Jersey’s biotechnology industry.
BioOhioThe mission of BioOhio is to accelerate bioscience discovery, innovation, and commercialization of global value, driving economic growth and improved quality of life in Ohio.

BioOhio, founded in 1987 as Edison BioTechnology Center and formerly Omeris, is a non-profit organization designed to build and accelerate bioscience industry, research, and education in Ohio.

As Ohio\'s bioscience membership and development organization, we are focused on networking the distributed and outstanding bioscience assets of Ohio to accelerate growth of a globally competitive bioscience industry.
BioPharmaPMWhether you are a seasoned project manager for a large pharmaceutical company, a VP PM for a small biotech or a project coordinator at a medical devices company aspiring to the lead role of CPO (Chief Project Officer = a C-level executive in charge of Project Management), this volunteer group has been created for you.
bioProcessUKbioProcessUK is a publicly funded Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) set up in 2005 to drive innovation performance across the UK biological medicine bioprocessing industry.

bioProcessUK facilitates innovation and knowledge transfer by providing unique networking opportunities that help to connect companies, universities, funding bodies, national, regional and devolved administrations.

Colorado BioScience AssociationThe Colorado BioScience Association facilitates the growth of the industry in Colorado through advocacy, representation and service. CBSA supports the economic development of Colorado through the creation of a premier bioscience cluster within the state.

The Colorado BioScience Association is working to:

* Grow the state\'s workforce in bioscience and medical device industries.
* Speak with a single voice on behalf of the industry.
* Promote the growth of the industry by working for a better business environment.
* Provide networking, educational and technical programs for the industry.
* Fight for policies that support a strong biosciencea industry in the state.
* Persuade investors that Colorado bioscience and medical device companies are a good investment.
* Create technology transfer and research solutions through new partnerships with Colorado\'s research institutions.

Entretech- Southern CaliforniaEntretech can help you reach your business goals faster and more efficiently through strategic connections to finance, customers, and partners and through promoting your business throughout Southern California.
Georgia BIOGeorgia Bio (GaBio), founded in 1989, is a non-profit, membership-based organization that promotes the interests and growth of the life sciences industry. Members include companies, universities, research institutions, government groups and other industry associations involved in discovery and application of life sciences products and related services that improve the health and well-being of people throughout the world.

Georgia Bio's mission is to foster an environment in which life sciences companies can succeed in Georgia . To accomplish this mission, GaBio conducts business and economic development activities; advocates on behalf of the industry on public policy matters; educates the public about the benefits of life sciences research and product development; and provides a network for the exchange of ideas, information and
HISciTechThe Hawaii Science & Technology Council, now referred to as HISciTech, is an industry association representing member companies across Hawaii. HISciTech is committed to advancing the development of:

* Agricultural Biotechnology
* Astronomy
* Aerospace/Defense
* Biotechnology/Life Sciences
* Energy
* Environment
* Film/Digital Media
* Information/Communication Technologies
* Professional Services & Engineering
* Ocean Sciences & Engineering

Our mission is the acceleration of Hawaii's science and technology economy through the provision of services to industry including advocacy, enterprise support, the enhancement of research collaboration, group purchasing and sector research. Members include those engaged in or supportive of research, development, commercialization and application of science and technology in Hawaii.

In addition, HISciTech will continually seek ways to provide value and results for its members with programs such as the member discount programs, group purchasing, and numerous member events.
iBIO iBIO’s mission is to make Illinois and the surrounding Midwest one of the world’s top life sciences centers: a great place to do business, and a great place to grow new technology ventures. iBIO advocates for sound public policy, delivers education and training programs, and improves our ability to create, attract, and retain businesses.
Indiana Health IndustryThe Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF) is a not-for-profit, private sector organization, and its members represent a private/public alliance of manufacturers, suppliers, educational institutions, health care providers, service providers and government.

Since it was incorporated in December of 1994, IHIF has worked to define the factors that lead to economic development success in Indiana\'s already significant health industry, and then to build programs supporting future growth for the industry in the state.

IHIF acts as a catalyst, convener, innovator, coordinator and supporter of initiatives that advance the state\'s health-related enterprises. It brings together diverse corporate, academic and public entities, and heightens the general public\'s awareness of the health industry\'s growth potential and economic benefits.

All IHIF efforts are directed toward achieving its strategic goals:

* Sustaining Indiana\'s state investment in the industry\'s future through programs such as the 21st Century Research and Technology Fund.
* Shaping a vision for Indiana\'s economic development that focuses on the health and life sciences industry.
* Increasing the strength of Indiana health industry networks to build successful collaborations and to support the creation of new businesses.
* Supporting the industry\'s growth by stimulating the creation of effective workforce development programs.

IHIF collaborates with both public and private economic development organizations, industry advocates, academe, and corporations large and small. In this umbrella role, the organization serves as a clearinghouse and broker of resources and information, as well as a spokesman on issues facing the industry.
KansasBioKansasBio is a unified voice representing the biosciences in Kansas. Across the human, plant, animal and industrial biosciences, KansasBio is focused on enhancing the business and research climate and working with leaders across the state to attract and retain bioscience talent, companies and funding.

From Kansas City to Hays, Manhattan to Wichita, and Atchison to Garden City, KansasBio represents the bioscience continuum from the university laboratories to the established pharmaceutical, animal health and crop science companies, and all the entrepreneurial ventures, start-ups and service providers in the heart of the continuum.

KansasBio was founded in 2004 by the Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation and the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute, who recognized the need to unify Kansas' bioscience industry, academic research institutions and economic development organizations.

KansasBio is a state affiliate organization of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). BIO is a national organization representing more than 1,000 biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and related organizations in all 50 U.S. states and 33 other nations. KansasBio enjoys the benefits of membership in BIO as well as the Council of State Bioscience Affiliate
Kentucky BioAllianceThe Kentucky BioAlliance promotes, connects and develops the life science assets of the Commonwealth's thriving bioscience industry. As a catalyst for sharing ideas and exchanging knowledge, we are a community where industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and educational institutions collaborate to turn science into success.
Life Science AlleyLifeScience Alley®, a Minnesota-based trade association serving nearly 600 member organizations, provides access to industry leaders, opportunities to build your business through education and networking, insights into current trends, regulations, research and emerging technologies, and the power of a legislative voice.
Maine BiotechCollectively, Maine Biotech provides a total of seven important functions for its membership, the State of Maine, New England and global biotechnology.

These include:

* Represent members of Maine's diverse biotechnology sector
* Advocate for governmental change in interest of its membership and partners with other industry organizations to effect change where needed
* Provide a forum for companies and nonprofit entities to network and exchange ideas to foster the development of biotechnology
* Foster the capacity of Maine's biotechnology community to translate laboratory discoveries to commercial opportunities
* Facilitate the formation and growth of biotechnology enterprises in Maine
* Serve as a source of education/information to enhance public visibility and recognition of the sector's important economic contributions and the future potential of Maine's biotechnology community
* Promote the establishment of commercial, governmental and educational liaisons between Maine's biotechnology sector and the global biotechnology community.
Massachusetts Biotechnology CouncilThe Massachusetts Biotechnology Council is an association of more than 600 biotechnology companies, universities, academic institutions and others dedicated to advancing cutting edge research. We are the leading advocate for the Bay State\'s world premier life science cluster.

We drive innovation by creating a forum for the biotechnology community to come together, educating the public and policy makers, influencing public policy and advancing the economic interests of individual companies, as well as the sector as a whole.
MdBIO The Tech Council of Maryland (TCM) is Maryland's largest technology trade association which brings its 500 plus members access to technology industry leaders in Maryland, DC and Virginia. TCM has two divisions which provide valuable resources and benefits to help businesses succeed. The MdTech serves the advanced technology community and MdBio serves the Maryland biotechnology community.

TCM helps the region's technology organizations grow through its membership and activities such as networking events, cost saving programs, and advocacy initiatives. TCM is the preeminent technology professional association for you! Our mission is to promote the technology industry and to create an environment where technology companies can collaborate, grow and succeed.

MichBio is the biosciences industry trade association and the official Michigan affiliate of the Biotechnology Industry Organization, BIO, which represents biotechnology companies across America and in 33 other nations. Formed in 1993 as the Michigan Biosciences Industry Association, MichBio is headquartered in Ann Arbor.

MichBio’s Mission: Drive biosciences industry growth in Michigan

MichBio promotes cooperation between Michigan’s bioscience-related businesses, forges stronger relationships, develops business-to-business opportunities, and serves as a united industry voice to improve the overall science-friendly environment for attracting and founding new business.

MichBio members are bioscience-related companies, research institutions, hospitals, public universities and their technology transfer offices, service providers, and economic development organizations interested in furthering the expansion of the biosciences and business climate in Michigan.
Missouri Biotechnology AssociationThe Missouri Biotechnology Association is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to development and growth of the Missouri biotechnology and biomedical industry. By supporting basic research in the life sciences, development of a highly educated work force and providing a friendly environment for attracting and founding new business, the Missouri Biotechnology Association intends to make a significant impact on Missouri economic development.

The Missouri Biotechnology Association:

* Supports life science research using the tools of biotechnology
* Supports "spinning off" research discoveries to develop and manufacture new products and establish new businesses in Missouri
* Encourages a stronger commitment to the life sciences, mathematics and biotechnology curricula for K-12 and institutions of higher education in Missouri
* Promotes legislation to support education, research, business development and manufacturing in the state of Missouri
* Participates in the creation and distribution of MOBIO member and Missouri biotech industry directories
* Provides special educational and networking programs for the biotech industry and the general public
* Provides human resource, intellectual property, group purchasing, and insurance services guidance for its membership
Montana BioScience Alliance

The Montana Bioscience Alliance serves as a hub for Montana’s biotechnology companies, entrepreneurs, laboratories, hospitals, clinics and universities to commercialize, grow and sustain globally competitive bioscience companies -- ultimately to create high-quality jobs and economic opportunity in Montana.
• Exchange information about common issues and opportunities;
• Support initiatives designed to start and grow or attract new biosciences companies;
• Pool resources to pursue joint training, research and development and business development projects that advance the competitiveness of the life sciences cluster;
• Educate the public and students about life science career opportunities;
• Support efforts to build the state’s life sciences research base;
• Extend education, training and business development outreach to the disadvantaged places and people throughout Montana; and
• Serve as the interface between the life sciences cluster and state government to help implement and improve the state’s life sciences cluster development strategy.
New Mexico Biotechnology and Biomedical AssociationNMBio strives to provide a forum for information exchange related to life science activities, develop initiatives to enhance small business success, provide education regarding the NM biosciences, help establish collaborations, and publicize the bioscience industry
New York Biotechnology AssociationThe New York Biotechnology Association is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to the development and growth of New York State based biotechnology related industries and institutions, and to strengthening the competitiveness of New York State as a premier global location for biotechnology/biomedical research, education and industry.

Through our membership of 250 bioscience companies, world class research institutes and related professional services; biotechnology professionals are able to access the information, resources and assistance they need to make their ventures a success.
North Carolina Biosciences OrganizationNCBIO is North Carolina's state-level affiliate of the national Biotechnology Industry Organization. Together, the two groups advocate federal, state and local public policies designed to help the bioscience industry fulfill its extraordinary promise as a source of economic opportunity and improved life quality.
North Carolina Biotechnology CenterThe North Carolina Biotechnology Center's mission is to provide long-term economic and societal benefits to North Carolina through support of biotechnology research, business, education and strategic policy statewide.

The Biotechnology Center works toward six goals:

1. Strengthen North Carolina's academic and industrial biotechnology research capabilities.
2. Foster North Carolina's biotechnology industrial development.
3. Work with business, government and academia to move biotechnology from research to commercialization in North Carolina.
4. Inform North Carolinians about the science, applications, benefits and issues of biotechnology.
5. Enhance the teaching and workforce-training capabilities of North Carolina's educational institutions.
6. Establish North Carolina as a preeminent international location for the biotechnology industry.
Oregon Bioscience AssociationBioscience plays a key role in Oregon's innovation economy and can mean big business to Oregon — providing new opportunities in all parts of the state. OBA promotes the growth and quality of the broad bioscience industry in Oregon. We continually seek ways to help our membership and the larger bioscience community achieve their full scientific, economic and collaborative potential.

A membership in OBA delivers benefits across your organization — from daily operations to engineering to workforce resources and executive connections. Members enjoy access to other industry and vendor professionals, fresh, innovative ideas and advice on best practices to help them grow and prosper within our growing, $2 billion-per-year Oregon industry.

The OBA is a nonprofit trade association with membership open to any company, organization or individual with an interest in biotechnology, medical devices, or the life sciences.
Pennsylvania BioMission:
Pennsylvania Bio is a catalyst to ensure Pennsylvania is a global leader in the biosciences by developing a cohesive community that unites the region's biotechnology, pharmaceutical, research, and financial strengths.

Pennsylvania Bio will:

1. Be a catalyst for the development of a cohesive biotechnology community in Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region;
2. Facilitate the development of strategic partnerships among state and regional pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, medical device companies and research institutions;
3. Be the public policy leader and the principal public advocate for the bioscience community in Pennsylvania;
4. Advance public understanding of and appreciation for the role that the bioscience industry plays in shaping the future of healthcare; in developing drugs, vaccines, devices and diagnostics that save and improve the lives of patients; in promoting the quality of life worldwide; and in contributing to our local, national, and global communities and economies;
5. Develop opportunities to increase funding for our members;
6. Be a leader in statewide efforts to educate, retain, and attract a diverse, high quality biosciences workforce; and
7. Provide the highest quality programs and most cost effective services to our members.

San Diego Formulations Bioanalytics Discussion Group (SD FAB)The mission of FAB is to facilitate communication between formulations, analytical, and bioanalytical scientists, primarily through quarterly events, to foster understanding and to encourage the sharing of knowledge relevant to the development of parenteral biopharmaceuticals, such as proteins and peptides.
Scottish Development InternationalThe life sciences industry in Scotland has experienced rapid growth in recent years. High levels of expertise, a culture of innovation, and continuing research and technology excellence have all contributed to the success of life sciences in Scotland.

It is an exciting time to be part of this dynamic industry and the Scottish Life Science Strategy was launched to bring together academia, commercial organisations, NHS Scotland and policy makers to enhance further growth.

In terms of life science, Scotland can boast groundbreaking research and development in several fields, including:

* Drug discovery
* Stem cell research
* Medical technologies
* Translational medicine
* Specialist manufacturing
* Contract research organisations
* Bioinformatics
SoCal BioThe Southern California Biomedical Council (SoCalBio or SCBC) is the trade association of the life-science industry in Greater Los Angeles. The mission of SoCalBio is to represent and promote medical device and biotechnology industry in Los Angeles and Orange Counties as well as adjacent communities in the Inland Empire and Gold Coast.
South Dakota Biotech Association The SD Biotech Association is the state affiliate of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). We are a non-profit Association serving member organizations, businesses, SD Universities, service providers and state-wide Economic Development entities.

We strive to expand the bioscience industry in South Dakota by creating a Bio-based economy in all areas of the life sciences including Human Health, Food and Agriculture and Renewable Energy Biotechnology.

We are an advocacy leader in our State and National Legislatures and continue to offer our members valuable membership tools and benefits.
Tech CollectiveTech Collective is the technology industry association of Rhode Island. We are an Industry Partner with the Governor's Workforce Board of Rhode Island for the Information Technology and Bioscience industries. A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we derive our funding from membership, fundraising and grant awards.
Tennessee Biotechnology AssociationThe Tennessee Biotechnology Association (TBA) is a statewide organization of leading scientists, researchers, academicians, clinicians, legislators and business professionals working to foster, develop and support the life sciences in Tennessee.

The TBA serves as an information-clearinghouse that supports life science education, research, health care and technology-transfer programs. The organization also works to enhance access to capital for existing biotechnology companies, as well as support business recruitment to Tennessee, or outside investment in Tennessee companies, research and technologies. Recognized by the national Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), the TBA became the twenty-fifth state biotechnology trade association in 1999.
Texas Healthcare & Bioscience Institute- THBIThe Texas Healthcare & Bioscience Institute (THBI) is the leading voice of the Texas Healthcare Bioscience Industry and the only provider of statewide resources to our members and the industry. With a focus on lobbying and advocacy as well as industry vitalization, THBI works with government and industry leaders to recruit the life sciences to Texas and to promote effective government legislation on the behalf of the industry at the state and federal level.
UCSD ConnectCONNECT offers a few key objectives for our regional innovation economy as fundamental to future competitiveness:

* research institutions are the engines of discovery and we should unite to recruit and retain the most talented researchers anywhere and offer support for increased federal funding of basic research;
* intellectual property is our primary asset and we should be diligent about protecting our discoveries around the world;
* the global economy requires ever increasing partnerships to remain competitive and as a region we should reach out nationally and internationally and share our contacts;
* communication between academic leaders and the private sector will be even more essential to the innovation economy and we should develop ways to continue to improve; and
* risk capital is the fuel of innovation and we must develop new and sustainable models to fund innovation;
* recruitment of talented entrepreneurial leaders and creative scientists and engineers is essential and we need to develop tools to ensure we remain competitive.
Utah Technology Council

Utah’s premier professional association, the Utah Technology Council, has become the essential business resource for life science and high-tech companies seeking to achieve greater success. At its core, UTC exists to foster the Growth of the state’s over 5,000 technology companies, ensure Utah develops the highest Quality Workforce in the nation, and attract an ever-increasing array of Funding. Members join UTC to share insights with industry peers, counsel with government and academic leaders, and receive help from professional service providers and funding resources.
Virginia Biotechnology AssociationVaBIO, the Virginia Biotechnology Association, was formed in 1992 and incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a non-profit association.

The purpose of the Association is to promote the bioscience industry in Virginia, expand the knowledge and expertise of Virginia’s businesses concerning the life sciences through seminars, educational publications and to enhance public awareness of the biotechnology industry in Virginia. VaBIO represents the interests of the bioscience industry in Virginia before federal, state and local legislators and regulators.

We provide a forum for members and their guests to get to know each other and the many bioscience companies operating today in Virginia. We coordinate information among the many agencies and organizations interested in biotechnology.
Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association- WBBAThe Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association serves more than 460 companies, universities, academic institutions and others who represent the heart of Washington's life sciences community.