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BioOutsource Ltd. Acquired by Sartorius Stedim Biotech04-17-15
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Acquires UK-Based CRO, BioOutsource04-17-15
Selvita to Release the Most Recent Results from Its Oncology Programs at the AACR Annual ...04-17-15
Isarna Initiates First-in-Human Phase I Trial for ISTH0036 to Treat Advanced Glaucoma04-16-15
Positive Clinical Study Results for Cellmid's Hair Growth Product Using Novel FGF5 Inhibitor04-16-15
Sartoclear Dynamics®: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Launches a New Single-Use Harvesting Technology ...04-14-15
euroPLX Partnering Conferences Celebrate 20 Years Anniversary04-14-15
TVM Capital Life Science Announces Initiation of Investment Operations of China BioPharma ...04-13-15
FuturaGene's Eucalyptus Is Approved for Commercial Use in Brazil04-10-15
Symposia: Humanized Mouse Models for Predictive Research Washington DC, San Diego, San Francisco04-09-15
AOP Orphan and Rigi Healthcare Start Rigi Orphan Inc., USA 04-08-15
Vetter Announces Oliver Albrecht Has Been Appointed Managing Director04-08-15
Agendia Announces Recommendation of MammaPrint in Germany's AGO Guidelines, at St. ...04-08-15
Mobidiag Announces CE Mark Approval for Clostridium Difficile Infection and Hypervirulent 027 ...04-08-15
Selvita Initiates IND-enabling Studies for its First-In-Class PIM/FLT3 Inhibitor03-31-15
LifeCodexx AG Reports Successful Proof-of-Principle of Innovative PCR-based NIPT Assay03-26-15
Taconic Biosciences and Cellaria Biosciences Agree to Scientific Collaboration to Facilitate ...03-26-15
apceth Initiates Phase II Clinical Trial for Pioneering Engineered Cell Therapy to Treat ...03-26-15
Poland's First Institutional Venture Capital Fund Dedicated to Life Science Announces First ...03-23-15
Confluence Pharmaceuticals Signs Co-Development and Marketing Agreement with AOP Orphan for ...03-23-15
Rentschler Commissions New 2,000L Single-Use Bioreactor03-23-15
A Vaccine against Placental Malaria Made with ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies? Protein Expression ...03-20-15
Biogen Idec Presents Positive Interim Results from Phase 1b Study at 2015 AD/PD Conference03-20-15
ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Chooses PharmaCell as Contract Manufacturing Partner for Its Phase ...03-19-15
New Oncology Closes Financing Round to Promote Genetic Testing from Blood03-17-15
Selvita Expands its Proteomics Services Offer03-16-15
ARTES Biotechnology and Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Announce Collaboration03-16-15
MISSION Appoints Paul Wallace as Chief Business Officer03-16-15
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Extends PAT Portfolio with Innovative Sensors for Flow Rate Measurement03-12-15
ModiQuest Research and Cellectis to Collaborate on Antibody Generation for Potential CAR Development03-06-15
AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals Announces Progress of Pivotal Phase III Trial PROUD-PV Applying ...03-05-15
Chamaeleo Pharma Appoints Han Van ?t Klooster as Vice President of Commercial Operations03-02-15
Implandata: First Keratoprosthesis Patient in Europe Receives Permanent 24h Intraocular ...03-02-15
New ambr® Bioreactor Systems Enhanced with Software for Design of Experiments (DoE)02-25-15
XstalBio Ltd: US Patent Issued for Stabilization of Therapeutic Proteins02-25-15
Ipsen Enters Into Option Agreement to Acquire Canbex Therapeutics02-24-15
Cyclenium Pharma and Fundación MEDINA Announce Drug Discovery and Collaboration Agreement02-23-15
The Gene Center at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany and ExpreS2ion ...02-23-15
Boehringer Ingelheim Renews Global Technology Collaboration Agreement with VTU Technology02-10-15
BioGenes Establishes Distribution Network for Generic Host Cell Protein (HCP) Assay in Major Markets02-03-15
Collaboration between AYOXXA and Singapore Eye Research Institute02-03-15
Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals Announce Initiation of Phase IIa Clinical Trial Program for F17464 ...02-03-15
CEVEC: CAP® Derived Recombinant C1 Inhibitor Matches Berinert® in Animal Study02-02-15
Dr. Brian Zambrowicz, Ph.D Has Joined Nuevolution as Director and Senior Scientific Advisor to ...05-21-14
KBI Biopharma Acquires Biologics Operations in Colorado05-13-14
Lophius Biosciences Secures EUR 2,0 Million Financing and Announces Leadership Changes05-08-14
Cenix BioScience Signs Research Service Agreement with Bayer Pharma AG05-05-14
Isarna Therapeutics Raises Euro 5.5 Million, Announces Elizabeth Czerepak Joining as CFO/CBO to ...04-24-14
ZZ Biotech Announces Phase 2 Trial with 3K3A-APC in Stroke; Funds Will Be Provided by NIH and ...04-22-14
Aspireo Reports Data in Further Phase Ib Study04-22-14
Critical Pharmaceuticals, The University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS ...04-15-14
Mucosis Announces a Strategic Partnership with Changchun Bcht Biotechnology of China and Raises ...04-15-14
Albireo's Lead Compound in Cholestatic Liver Diseases, A4250, Protects Against Bile ...04-11-14
Vetter Launches New Clinical Syringe Packages04-09-14
Critical Pharmaceuticals Receives Notice of Allowance from US Patent and Trademark Office for ...04-08-14
Domainex Programme Shows Great Promise for the Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases, Such as ...04-07-14
Grace Launches ProVance Disposable Protein A Chromatography Columns to Help Reduce Costs and ...04-07-14
Haselmeier Announces the Market Launch of JuniorSTAR® by Sanofi04-03-14
Entirely Novel Strategy to Molecular Anticancer Therapy Tricks Malignant Cells04-03-14
Biametrics Successfully Finalizes Feasibility Study with MorphoSys in the Area of ...04-01-14
Vetter to Implement Serialization to Support Track-And-Trace Efforts03-27-14
CAP-CMV GmbH Raises New Funds to Further Develop Its Novel hCMV Vaccine and Appoints New CEO03-24-14
BioOutsource Launches Flagship Reverse Signaling Apoptosis Bioassay03-24-14
Biametrics Launches b-screen® Microarray Screening Device03-18-14
Rentschler Announces 3rd INDUSTRIAL CELL CULTURE TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE on Processes for ...03-14-14
European Regulatory and Market Access Trends for Medical Devices03-13-14
Formycon AG Appoints Top US Pharmaceuticals Manager Bernhard Hampl to the Advisory Board03-13-14
Formycon AG: Licensing Out of the First Biosimilar Development Project Already Enables ...03-12-14
Selvita Will Present New Data from Its PIM/FLT3 and MNK1/2 Oncology Programs during AACR Annual ...03-11-14
Cevec Announces that CAP Cells Produce High Titers of RSV Vaccine03-10-14
Cellmid Announces That British Journal of Pharmacology Features Midkine, a Novel Oncology ...03-06-14
ProBioGen and Merus Sign Deal on GlymaxX® ADCC Enhancement Technology03-04-14
Canbex Therapeutics Announces the Appointment of New Chief Medical Officer03-03-14
Biopta Announces Launch of Industry's First Catalogue of In Vitro Human Tissue Assays02-25-14
NBE-Therapeutics Announces Successful Validation of its SMAC?-Technology for the Generation ...02-21-14
Roche Signs Licensing Agreement with Sysmex Inostics GmbH for emPCR Patent Portfolio02-21-14
Nuevolution Announces License Agreement with Merck02-21-14
Selvita Group Received a GMP Certificate02-18-14
BioOutsource Expands ADC Characterisation Capabilities02-18-14
Ganymed's IMAB027 Enters Phase I/II Clinical Trial for Ovarian Cancer02-12-14
?85 Million European Programme Targets Novel Antibiotics02-12-14
Emperra Appoints Christian Krey as New CEO To Market ESYSTA® Telediabetology System02-11-14
Audion Announces Investment and Licensing Deal With Lilly To Develop Hearing Loss Treatments02-10-14
PrenaTest® is Now Applicable for Multiple Pregnancies02-06-14
BioOutsource To Open New Biosimilar Centre of Excellence in Glasgow as Global Demand Surges02-05-14
Roche NimbleGen Introduces Novel NGS Target Enrichment Solution for Methylation Assessment01-31-14
Sartorius Appoints Internationally Experienced Laboratory Manager to Join Its Top Management Team01-30-14
AMSilk Advances Silicone Breast Implant Coating01-28-14
PharmaCell to Purchase Cell Therapy Production Facility from TiGenix01-24-14
MIP Technologies AB Presents a New Range of Polymeric Separation Resins for Industrial Use01-24-14
apceth's Ground-Breaking First-In-Man, First-In-Class Clinical Trial in Oncology with ...01-23-14
Improved Sensitivity with the New Protein and Phospholipid Removal Plate from Biotage01-22-14
Nuevolution Enter Drug Discovery Collaboration with The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and ...01-22-14
Haselmeier Announces the Extension of Its Business Development Organization within the ...01-17-14
Vetter Continues to Strengthen Its Market Position01-14-14
TVM Life Science Ventures VII Announces Investment in GLWL Research Inc.01-13-14
Canbex Therapeutics Ltd to Present at Biotech Showcase? 201401-13-14
MIMETAS and Galapagos to Develop Human Disease Models On-a-Chip01-13-14
Selvita S.A. Extends Long-Term Chemistry Collaboration with Chiesi Farmaceutici SpA01-10-14
Implandata Ophthalmic Products Successfully Completes Clinical Pilot Study for 24h Intraocular ...01-10-14
InteRNA Technologies, UCB and University of Bonn to Collaborate on the Role of MicroRNAs in ...01-10-14
Nuevolution Announces Technology Licensing Agreement01-10-14
Isarna Therapeutics Enters into a Strategic Manufacturing Agreement with Sanofi01-09-14
Priaxon AG Appoints Dr Constance Hoefer as Chief Development Officer01-09-14
Isarna Therapeutics Raises Euro 13 Million from New and Current Investors01-07-14
INFORS HT Opens New Offices in the USA01-06-14
Patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) Get Earlier Access to a Not-yet-registered Medicine12-20-13
Ganymed Pharmaceuticals to Present at the 32nd Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference12-19-13
Roche NimbleGen and Kapa Biosystems Team Up to Provide Optimized Next-Generation Sequencing ...12-19-13
ProBioGen Announces Expansion of Commercial Licenses with Emergent BioSolutions for AGE1. ...12-17-13
EU Gold Label Awarded to BioRN for Excellent Cluster Management12-16-13
Patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) Get Earlier Access to a Not-yet-registered Medicine12-20-13
ProBioGen Announces Expansion of Commercial Licenses with Emergent BioSolutions for AGE1. ...12-17-13
EU Gold Label Awarded to BioRN for Excellent Cluster Management12-16-13
Ganymed Pharmaceuticals to Present at the 32nd Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference12-19-13
Roche NimbleGen and Kapa Biosystems Team Up to Provide Optimized Next-Generation Sequencing ...12-19-13
Nuevolution Appoints Ton Berkien as Chief Business Officer12-09-13
RCSI Led EU Consortium Receives Major Funding to Develop Materials to Regenerate Cardiac Tissue ...12-04-13
Lophius Biosciences Appoints Dr. Robert Phelps as Director Business Operations12-04-13
DSM and Tunitas Therapeutics Sign Agreement to Develop Lead Allergy Therapeutic12-03-13
Protectimmun Gets Positive Scientific Advice Response from EMA for Innovative Allergy Prophylaxis12-03-13
Protagen Selected by Pfizer to Support Clinical Drug Development of a Novel Compound in ...12-03-13
ProJect Pharmaceutics and TUM-Spin-off ImevaX Announce Agreement on Development of ...12-02-13
AMSilk Founder Prof. Thomas Scheibel Receives DECHEMA Award11-29-13
PSR-Agility Orphan Drug Development Wins ROAR Award for ?Best Orphan Drug CRO?11-21-13
Nanovi Secures Funding for BioXmark? Injectable Tissue Liquid Marker in Radiotherapy11-21-13
Wheat, Barley and Maize Target Enrichment Designs for Exome Sequencing Available from Roche ...11-20-13
AMSilk Starts Worldwide Distribution of Spidersilk as Cosmetic Ingredient11-20-13
Biopharm GmbH Enters into Co-Research Agreement with Merck11-20-13
Anavex Reports Predicted Clinical Effect for ANAVEX 2-73 in Computer Simulation Model of ...11-18-13
The NovAliX/Kyowa Hakko Kirin Alliance Will Commence a Fragment-Based Drug Discovery Project ...11-18-13
Ganymed Pharmaceuticals Closes EUR 45 Million Financing Round11-18-13
Selvita Announces Changes to Management Board11-05-13
Anavex Reports ANAVEX 2-73 Blocks Tau and Amyloid-Beta Proteins in a Preclinical Model of ...11-04-13
MiRacle Consortium Led by InteRNA Technologies and VU University Medical Center Along with ...11-04-13
Canbex Therapeutics Commences Phase I Clinical Trial of Lead Product VSN16R as a Potential ...11-04-13
TVM Capital to Focus on Life Science Venture and Healthcare Private Equity Investing Only11-04-13
Cancer Research Technology and Nuevolution Sign Multi-Target Deal to Seek Potential Cancer Drugs11-04-13
Completion of a ?First in Human? Clinical Phase I Study with a Therapeutic Protein Derived ...11-01-13
ZoBio and Actelion Enter into Drug Discovery Collaboration10-31-13
ProBioGen Upholds Strong Patent Position in Viral Vaccine Manufacturing Field10-30-13
DSM Celebrates Opening of New cGMP Facility for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing in Brisbane, ...10-30-13
DSM and Opthea Sign Agreement to Manufacture Opthea's Lead Product for Eye Disease10-30-13
Haselmeier Announces the CE Mark for JuniorSTAR® Half-Unit Insulin Pen10-29-13
Partnership Between AOP Orphan and Ferrer: Joint Marketing of Adasuve® in CEE10-29-13
DSM and Sanquin Sign Agreement for Commercial Manufacture of Factor IX - Antibody10-24-13
PharmaCell Announces Agreement to Be The European Contract Manufacturing Organization for Dendreon10-23-13
The Centre for Genomic Research at the University of Liverpool Certified to Provide Roche ...10-22-13
Ganymed's IMAB362 Receives Orphan Drug Designation From FDA and EMA for Pancreatic Cancer10-21-13
Sartorius Stedim Biotech and BD Diagnostics Strengthen Cooperation in the Area of ...10-16-13
AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals Announces Progress of Pivotal Phase III Trial PROUD-PV of Novel ...10-10-13
S-TARget Achieves Clinical Proof of Concept for Allergy Vaccine SG100 in Asthmatic Non-human ...10-10-13
Vetter to Construct New Filling Lines to Expand Capacity10-09-13
Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies? UK Site Receives Renewed MHRA Manufacturing Licence10-09-13
MEDINA Presented A Novel Family of Natural Products Antibiotics with Broad Spectrum Against ...10-08-13
Sachs Associates 13th Annual Biotech in Europe Investor Forum10-08-13
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Announces Offer To Acquire UK Company TAP Biosystems Group Plc10-07-13
Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies? Opens New Manufacturing Facility10-02-13
CfPIE Forms Partnership with BioOhio to Offer Life Sciences Training Benefits10-01-13
Biotage New Web Site Now Live10-01-13
Nordic Life Science Days Brings Nordic Life Science Expertize to the World and the World to ...10-01-13
Antisense Pharma Changes Name to Isarna Therapeutics09-30-13
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Introduces Advanced System for Agar and Membrane Transfer09-30-13
Berthold Technologies Launches Mithras2 Multi-Technology Microplate Reader with Monochromators09-26-13
Nanion Starts Shipping the SyncroPatch 384 Patch Engine ? a Revolutionary Instrument for ...09-24-13
BioOutsource Launches Comprehensive Range of Off-the-Shelf Testing Methodologies to Support ...09-23-13
BioGenes Launches Enhanced Generic HCP Assay for Early Stage Biologics Production09-18-13
EpimiRNA Consortium Receives ?11.5 Million Funding by EU to Uncover the Effects of microRNA ...09-18-13
Nordic Life Science Days: Register for Your Free Media Pass09-16-13
Ganymed Pharmaceuticals Announces CE Marking for Test to Assess Claudin-18. ...09-11-13
Canbex Therapeutics Secures TSB Biocatalyst Grant09-06-13
apceth Names Dr Stefanos Theoharis Chief Business Officer09-05-13
Vela Laboratories and Evercyte Announce Cooperation to Provide Immortalized Cell Lines for ...09-03-13
AMSilk Announces the Appointment of Dr. Lin Römer as Managing Director09-03-13
University of Warwick Wins Domainex's First Discovery STAR Award to Support Hunt for New ...09-02-13
CeMM and Haplogen Make Available the World's Largest Collection of Engineered Human Cell ...08-26-13
Nuevolution Corporate Update08-19-13
XstalBio Launches CentuRecon(TM) to Accelerate the Delivery of Biologic Drugs at High Concentration08-12-13
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Nuevolution and Leading Research ...08-12-13
New CfPIE Training Courses Detail EU Compliance Strategies08-08-13
Roche Launches GS FLX+ System Software Update to Extend Read Lengths for Targeted Gene ...08-06-13
Rentschler Produces Apeiron's Monoclonal Antibody APN311 for Late Stage Clinical Development ...08-01-13
Ziarco Appoints David L. Brinkley to the Board of Directors07-25-13
Mendel and MEDINA Collaborate to Mine Natural Product Collections for Agricultural Applications07-23-13
Histology Image Analysis Provider OracleBio to Showcase Their Xenograft Evaluation Services at ...07-23-13
Fujikura Exercises Option to License Cellmid's Diagnostics07-22-13
Riboxx Announces RNA Manufacturing Patent Grant by EPO07-17-13
Nordic Life Science Days 2013: Explore a European Life Science Hotspot07-15-13
ARTES Biotechnology and Bio Farma Announce Collaboration in Vaccine Development07-15-13
Improved PrenaTest® Provides Early Knowledge for High Risk Pregnancies07-10-13
Vetter Offers a Sterile Water-For-Injection Solution with 5 Years Stability Data07-09-13
Blackfield Announces Fourth Major Pharmaceutical Company Collaboration07-09-13
Sartobind APPeals to the Mobile Market07-03-13
Roche Launches New Metabolite Tests for its Cedex Bio Systems Offering the Most Comprehensive ...07-03-13
New Sartocheck 4 plus Bag Tester: No Chance for Leaks07-02-13
Protagen AG Sells Service Business07-02-13
Roche Launches First Sugar-Transferase for New Glyco-Engineering Portfolio Supporting ...07-01-13
Activartis? Cancer Immunotherapy Receives Orphan Drug Designation from FDA07-01-13
Roche Launches cOmplete His-Tag Purification Column for Convenient One-Step Protein Purification06-26-13
Roche Introduces Online Software NimbleDesign Worldwide to Further Improve Target Enrichment ...06-21-13
STAT-Diagnostica Names Gérard Vaillant as Board Chairman06-19-13
Nordic Life Science Days 2013: Register for Your Free Media Pass06-19-13
Lophius Biosciences GmbH Joins NEU² and Receives Substantial Grant Funding for the Diagnosis ...06-19-13
AOP Orphan Spins Off Its Stake in Activartis and Outlines Business Strategy06-17-13
Roche's Rapid Mycoplasma Detection Test MycoTOOL Receives Acceptance from Canadian ...06-13-13
As the First Biopharmaceutical Company Worldwide, apceth Receives Approval for a Clinical Trial ...06-13-13
ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies and the Protein Purification Facility at Cancer Research UK's ...06-10-13
Roche Launches New Software Updates for Its LightCycler 96 and LightCycler Nano PCR Systems06-06-13
GATC Biotech Offers World´s Fastest Exome Sequencing Service: 1-Week Exome Diagnostic06-05-13
RegeneCure Starts Worldwide Veterinary Distribution of BoneCure Membrane Implant for ...06-04-13
Biotage Breaks New Ground with Its Fully Integrated Mass Directed Flash System05-30-13
CfPIE Announces New Training Courses for Life Science Professionals05-30-13
Roche Launches New Bead Based DNA Target Enrichment Reagent Kit for Next Generation Sequencing05-28-13
6th Monolith Summer School & Symposium to be held on May 30th - June 4th, 2014, Slovenia05-14-13
Biotage and Peptide Synthesis05-13-13
Definiens Extends Functionality of Leading Image and Data Analysis Solutions for Digital Pathology05-13-13
Medical Diagnostics Company STAT-Diagnostica Secures 22. ...05-06-13
Collaboration between SwedenBIO and the EBD Group and partneringONE® to Facilitate Partnering ...05-06-13
Batavia Bioservices and UvA Holding Announce STEP? Technology Exclusive License04-29-13
Acumen Pharmaceuticals Inc. Announces First Close of Series A Financing04-25-13
Haselmeier Establishes Haselmeier Inc. in the United States04-23-13
BioOutsource Opens New Facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts04-23-13
Setting a Global Example: Three Accredited Next Generation Sequencing Platforms Under One Roof04-23-13
Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies Commissions New Cell Banking Facility at Billingham, UK Site04-22-13
DSM Announces June Opening of New cGMP Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Operation in Brisbane, ...04-22-13
DSM and DecImmune Therapeutics Sign Agreement to Develop N2 Pathway Blocking Antibody04-22-13
GENALICE Prepares For Launch of Raw DNA Sequence Data Processing Software04-18-13
Revolutionary Autoinjector Pushes the Limits of High Viscosity Drug Delivery04-18-13
Mobidiag, Genewave and Amplidiag Announce Merger to Create a Leading Innovator in Molecular ...04-12-13
Early Results of Activartis AV0113 Cancer Immunotherapy in Glioblastoma Trial Reveal Promising Trend04-11-13
CfPIE and MichBio Form Collaborative Training Partnership Benefiting Bioscience Industry ...04-10-13
A New EU-Funded Industry-Academia Drug Discovery Partnership Targets Challenging Kinases04-10-13
NovAliX and Inventiva Form a Strategic Alliance on Nuclear Receptors04-09-13
Definiens Appoints Chief Marketing Officer, Merrilyn Datta, Ph.D.04-09-13
Proteros and Priaxon Announce Lead Discovery Collaboration on Protein-Protein Interaction Targets04-09-13
S-TARget Achieves In Vivo Proof of Concept for Its Allergy Vaccine SG10004-08-13
Vetter's New Commercial Filling Line Ready for cGMP Filling04-08-13
Canbex Therapeutics Completes £2.1m ($3.2m) Financing Round04-08-13
Cancer Genetics, Inc. Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering of 600,000 Shares of Common Stock04-05-13
ISOLUTE® Myco SPE Columns, a Dedicated Product for The Efficient Extraction of Mycotoxins from ...04-03-13
Aspireo Reports Somatoprim Phase IIa Proof of Concept Results in Acromegaly04-03-13
Vetter's Newest Facility Successfully Completes FDA Inspection03-27-13
Medicyte GmbH Signs Agreement with Life Technologies to Develop Next Generation Upcyte® Cells03-27-13
Definiens Establishes Advisory Board03-26-13
Single-Use Clipster® Aseptic Disconnector: New sizes available03-26-13
InteRNA Technologies Secures Additional Equity Financing to Progress Lead Program for Melanoma ...03-26-13
CoCo Therapeutics Ltd Announces the Appointment of its Clinical and Scientific Advisory Group03-25-13
Xceleron and JCL Bioassay Announce Partnership in Early Clinical Investigations03-19-13
Dr John LaMattina Joins Ziarco as Strategic Advisor03-18-13
Essential Thrombocythemia (ET) ? Convincing data of ANAHYDRET study now published03-18-13
Lonza and Hyglos GmbH Reach Agreement for Endotoxin Detection Patents03-14-13
Nuevolution Announces Formation of Strong Scientific Advisory Panel03-13-13
Sistemic and Leading CDMO, Progenitor Cell Therapy (PCT) Initiate Study on Novel Stem Cell ...03-13-13
Cancer Genetics, Inc. Selected By Gilead Sciences, Inc. ...03-12-13
RegeneCure's Membrane Implant Shows 40% Accelerated Healing Time of Severe Bone Fractures in ...03-12-13
AMSilk Develops World's First Man-Made, Scalable Spider Silk Fiber03-11-13
ProteoNic and Oxford Expression Technologies Sign UNic? License for Use in flashBAC? ...03-07-13
Activartis Receives Orphan Drug Designation for its Cancer Immune Therapy AV011303-07-13
Rentschler Appoints New Chief Business Officer03-07-13
CoCo Therapeutics Ltd Announces Appointment of Steve Butcher as Chief Operating Officer03-07-13
New Drug Discovery Company CoCo Therapeutics Ltd Created to Progress Retinoic Acid Receptor ...03-07-13
Roche and BioLamina Start Collaboration to Develop Novel Cell Culture Systems03-06-13
4th International Definiens Symposium to Feature More Than 20 Expert Presenters03-05-13
Riboxx Pharmaceuticals and China National Biotec Group Company Limited Initiate a Collaboration ...03-05-13
EU Funding for Clinical Trials of a Placental Malaria Vaccine03-01-13
Roche and Hamilton Introduce New Automated DNA Sample Enrichment Platform for GS Junior ...02-28-13
First European Laboratory Obtains Accreditation for New Tissue Typing-Method for Stem Cell ...02-28-13
BioGenes Reports Strong Growth of HCP Assay Development Business02-28-13
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Expands PAT Portfolio by Adding Sensor Technology for Real-Time ...02-27-13
Definiens Appoints Professor Dr. Ralf Huss as Chief Medical Officer02-26-13
Kiadis Pharma Receives Regulatory Approval from Health Canada for a Phase II Clinical Study ...02-26-13
Antisense Pharma Announces Revised Development Path for Trabedersen02-26-13
Research Consortium Announces Significant Progress to Close Gaps and Uncover Novel Genes in the ...02-22-13
ProBioGen Signs Next GlymaxX® ADCC Technology Deal with TOP 10 Pharma Company for Therapeutic ...02-20-13
Vetter Offers Answers for the Future at the Pharma Congress 201302-19-13
Domainex Announces Investment Round to Progress its TBK1/IKKe and Epigenetic Programmes02-14-13
Definiens and Advanced Cell Diagnostics Introduce RNAscope SpotStudio? - Early Access Program ...02-12-13
Critical Pharmaceuticals Announces Successful Completion of Second Clinical Trial on CP024 ...02-12-13
Cellmid Signs Midkine Diagnostic Agreement02-11-13
TLC-to-Step Gradient Capability Significantly Reduces Both Purification Time and Solvent Use02-06-13
Biotage Releases New Catalog and Technical Guide for Sample Preparation and Evaporation02-06-13
apceth Received the Second Round of Funding for Its Innovative Stem Cell-Based Cancer ...02-04-13
SMS-oncology Announces Changes to the Management Team02-04-13
Zytoprotec Raises EUR 2 Million in Financing from Baxter Ventures01-29-13
Oxford Immunotec and Lophius Biosciences Sign Licensing and Collaboration Agreements01-29-13
Sartorius Stedim Biotech's New Manufacturing Facility in Yauco, Puerto Rico, Receives LEED ...01-25-13
Cellmid Records Positive Data in Midkine Antibody Study in Kidney Disease01-24-13
TVM Life Science Ventures VII Announces First Investment: Kaneq Bioscience Ltd.01-22-13
Lophius Biosciences Closes Financing Round and Expands Management Board01-22-13
Domainex Launches Discovery STAR Award to Support Early Academic Drug Discovery01-22-13
Kiadis Pharma Granted U.S. Patent for its Blood Cancer Treatment ATIR (TM)01-21-13
Hyglos Extends its Endotoxin Detection Portfolio and Introduces EndoZyme® - Enhanced ...01-17-13
DSM Announces License Agreement with Amgen for Use of DSM's XD® Cell Culture Patents01-15-13
NovAliX Enters into Fragment-Based Drug Discovery Alliance with Kyowa Hakko Kirin01-14-13
Priaxon Enters Collaboration with GSK on Protein-Protein-Interactions01-08-13
Aspireo Reports Somatoprim Phase I b Interim Data01-07-13
Ethris Announces Research Based Alliance on SNIM® Modified RNA with Shire01-07-13
CEVEC Pharmaceuticals and Vakzine Projekt Management Sign Exclusive License Agreement on the ...01-03-13
CEVEC Pharmaceuticals Signs License Agreement with Yuhan Corporation of South Korea12-20-12
New Drug Discovery Company NeRRe Therapeutics Created to Develop Neurokinin Antagonists from GSK12-19-12
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Expands Portfolio by Adding Cell Culture Media12-19-12
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Expands PAT Software Portfolio for Optimization of Biopharmaceutical ...12-18-12
Phenex Enters Into a Research Collaboration and License Agreement with Janssen for Autoimmune ...12-17-12
PDC Biotech GmbH Announces Successful Clinical Phase I for Its Lead Compound PDC3112-13-12
euroPLX Meetings to Continue Strongly in 201312-13-12
Vetter Receives ?Known Consignor? Approval from Germany's Federal Aviation Office12-11-12
PharmaTainer? Single Use Bottles and Carboys Now Meet USP 78812-11-12
AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Phase II Data of Novel Mono-Pegylated Interferon ...12-10-12
SDK to Enter Purification Resin Market through Strategic Investment12-07-12
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Launches Sartoguard NF Prefilter Series12-05-12
Sol-Gel Completes Successful Phase II Study in Rosacea12-05-12
Next Generation Sequencing of GATC Biotech AG Accredited by German DAkkS12-03-12
Silicone Breast Implants with Spider Silk-Based Coating Show Reduced Side-Effects in ...11-30-12
Beactica Extends Fragment-Based Discovery Research Services Agreement11-28-12
Aspireo Receives Positive Opinion from EMA for Orphan Disease Designation for Somatoprim11-26-12
Kiadis Pharma Raises EUR 10 Million in Financing Round11-20-12
BioCat and ALPCO Diagnostics Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement11-19-12
LifeCodexx Reports That 1,000 Women Have Opted for PrenaTest® Since Market Launch11-19-12
Innovent Biologics Adds $25 Million to Expand its Antibody Pipeline and its Manufacturing ...11-16-12
Biotage Universal Phase Separators, Solving an Age Old Problem11-15-12
Definiens Appoints Dr. Gerald Möller as Chairman of its Supervisory Board11-15-12
Jubilee euroPLX Meeting Attracted Global Opportunities From 36 Countries11-14-12
Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies Manufactures a New Licensed Biopharmaceutical11-14-12
ProBioGen Launches Unique Portfolio of Engineered High?Performance Cell Lines for ...11-12-12
Lophius Biosciences Achieves First Clinical Proof of Principle for T-Track® TB for Detection ...11-08-12
Necessary Expansion of the Management Board at Rentschler Biotechnologie GmbH11-07-12
Aspireo Starts Somatoprim Phase IIa Study in Acromegaly Patients 11-06-12
CCS Cell Culture Service Signs Strategic License Agreement with CEVEC Pharmaceuticals11-05-12
InteRNA Technologies Receives Notice of Allowance for miRNA Sequences of its Lead Pre-Clinical ...10-15-12
ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies and the Jenner Institute, University of Oxford Enter a Licensing ...10-15-12
NovAliX and Servier Collaborate in Early Discovery Research Program10-09-12
Encap Drug Delivery Establishes Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) Capability10-08-12
Mucosis Signs Research and License Option Agreement with Crucell10-08-12
AdiStem Announces PhotoActivated PRP Getting Superb Results on Joint Pain10-07-12
Definiens Closes ?10 Million Round to Grow its Clinical Digital Pathology Business10-01-12
MAB Discovery Enters into a Agreement with Top 20 Global Pharma Company09-27-12
Berthold Launches Apollo ELISA Reader09-26-12
ExpreS2ion, Mucosis, and University of Copenhagen Receive Eurostars Grant09-25-12
Cardiolynx Receives Patent on Improved Angina Pectoris Drug09-20-12
Centre for Bio Separation Technology and BIA Separations Cooperate on Purification of Biomolecules09-20-12
Mucosis Appoints Thomas Johnston to CEO09-17-12
Sartorius Officially Opens Production Facility for Bioreactors in Guxhagen, Germany09-12-12
Biotage Moving Into Mass Directed Flash09-04-12
Biotage Unveils New Fully Automated Microwave Peptide Synthesizer 09-03-12
Biotage Announces EVOLUTE EXPRESS 96-Well Plates; Simplified, Fast and Efficient SPE Using the ...08-28-12
ZZ Biotech Initiates Phase 1 Study with 3K3A-APC for the Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke08-08-12
AiCuris Promising Drugs Against Herpes Simplex (AIC316) and Human Cytomegalovirus (Letermovir, ...08-07-12
CEVEC Licenses its Proprietary Human Cell Lines to Paragon Bioservices, Inc.08-02-12
Cambridge Research Biochemicals Signs Deal with LI-COR Biosciences for Infrared Dye Labelled ...08-01-12
2. Laupheimer Zelltage Attracts Top Scientists to Discuss Recent Advances in Biomanufacturing07-25-12
Antisense Pharma Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Trabedersen to Treat Malignant Melanoma07-24-12
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Recognized as Innovations Honoree for FlexMoSys07-17-12
New Campaign for Rentschler's 'Facility of the Year'07-16-12
Berthold Awards Marlene DeLuca Prices07-11-12
Berthold Launches TriStar² Microplate Reader07-05-12
Encap Announces $ 2 Million Capital Expenditure Programme07-03-12
Encap Announces $2M Capital Expenditure Programme07-03-12
Medicyte Coordinates EU-funded Collaboration on Biomimetic Bioartificial Liver07-02-12
Anniversary: euroPLX to Hold its 50th Partnering Conference in November07-02-12
Selvita and Orion Pharma Achieve a Research Milestone in Alzheimer's Disease Program06-29-12
BioWelder® TC: Fully Automated Device for Welding Large and Liquid-Filled TPE Tubing06-28-12
Sartorius Officially Opens New Filter and Aseptic Bag Production Facility in Puerto Rico06-26-12
Definiens Expands Large Data Analytics Functionality to Accelerate Image-based Research and ...06-21-12
Sartorius Stedim Biotech and Bosch Packaging Technology Announce Global Collaboration06-20-12
Sistemic Announces Customer Agreement with Cytori Therapeutics 06-20-12
CellCentric and ZoBio Enter into Partnership to Develop Lead Compounds Against Epigenetic Drug ...06-20-12
Sartopore® Platinum: Sartorius Introduces a New Generation of Sterilizing-Grade Filters06-19-12
Nuevolution A/S Raises ? 11 Million in New Financing Round06-19-12
D3 Pharma and Encap Drug Delivery Continue Partnership06-18-12
Vetter Expands its Capacities and Services for Prefilled Syringes06-18-12
GLYCOTOPE Moves PankoMab? Towards Phase-II Clinical Development06-15-12
Batavia Bioservices Opens Laboratory Facility in Greater Boston Area06-14-12
BioGenes to Develop Specific HCP Assay for Boehringer Ingelheim06-14-12
ProBioGen Introduces Novel Productivity-Boosting Technology for Therapeutic Protein Production: ...06-14-12
UBICHEM Group Adds New Large Scale Manufacturing Site06-12-12
Fundación MEDINA Announces Drug Discovery Collaboration with Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc.06-11-12
GLYCOTOPE Moves FSH-GEX? into Phase-II Clinical Development06-08-12
President of Israeli Weizmann Institute Meets with Representatives of the Health Axis Europe ...06-06-12
Omixon Releases Omixon Target for Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis for Diagnostics05-30-12
Lophius Biosciences Completes Necessary Regulatory Milestones with EN ISO 13485 Certification ...05-31-12
Antisense Pharma Presents Trabedersen Phase I/II Complete Data at ASCO06-04-12
Joint Development of a Novel Lyophilized Dual Chamber Prefillable Syringe System06-05-12
Coriolis Pharma Excels with TOP10 Listed Articles in JPharmSci06-05-12
Zytoprotec Completes Phase I/II Trial of Novel Dialysate, Enters Into Negotiations with Global ...05-23-12
ElexoPharm Receives ? 2.1 Million EUROSTARS Grant for Program Targeting Mitochondrial ...05-21-12
Vetter Boosts Quality and Logistic Processes05-11-12
Definiens Expands Functionality of Its Leading Solution for Quantitative Digital Pathology with ...05-10-12
Antisense Pharma Internationalizes Management Board05-10-12
Mucosis Announces Positive Proof-Of-Concept Data for Mimopath® Platform In Humans05-10-12
Nuevolution Announces Receipt of Milestone Payment from Boehringer Ingelheim05-09-12
Sartorius Stedim Biotech and c-LEcta Sign Sales Agreement05-03-12
Mucosis Announces Publication of Preclinical Data Demonstrating Superior Protection by ...05-03-12
LifeCodexx Successfully Completes Clinical Validation of its Noninvasive Prenatal Test Method ...04-27-12
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Launches Initiative to Enhance Supply Chain Security04-27-12
Cellon Launches PharmaTainer(TM) Single-Use Ultra-clean Containers04-27-12
Vetter Prepares for Further Growth04-26-12
Innovacell Opts for Capital Expansion04-26-12
Lophius Biosciences Performs Successful Clinical Validation for T-Track® CMV/EBV Test Systems04-25-12
ARTES Announces a Strategic Collaboration Deal for Vaccine Development04-24-12
3rd International Definiens Symposium to be Held in Munich from June 14-16, 201204-19-12
Labor L+S AG and SYMBIOSIS Form Exclusive Business Alliance04-17-12
Better Prevention of Transmission and Lesion Development of Genital Herpes Predicted for ...04-16-12
ElexoPharm Appoints Dr. Chris J. van Koppen as Head of Research04-16-12
Human Cell Technology Company Medicyte Awarded ISO 9001 Certification04-16-12
Genentech and Pfizer Share CDx Success Insights at the 4th Molecular Diagnostics for Cancer ...04-13-12
Biotage Unveils Isolera (TM) Spektra with Full PDA Spectral Scanning04-02-12
Results of Letermovir (AIC246) Phase 2b in Prophylaxis of Human Cytomegalovirus in Recipients ...04-02-12
BioRN Annual Conference 2012: Mobilizing Seed and Venture Capital for Health Innovation04-02-12
Cellmid Launches Évolis (TM) Hair Products03-29-12
LingVitae, Plarion and KTH Royal Institute of Technology Initiate a Collaboration to Provide ...03-28-12
Vetter Experts Speak at Pharma Congress 201203-27-12
Definiens Expands Stereology Capabilities for Quantitative Digital Pathology03-19-12
Ceva Takes Commercial License for ProBioGen's AGE1.CR Cell Line for Viral Vaccine Production03-15-12
UCB and Domainex Collaboration Provides Valuable Information on Cancer Drug Target03-12-12
Medicyte and PRIMACYT Receive Grant to Develop Human Liver Cells for Cell-based Therapies03-05-12
Annual Report on Celera (Quest) License03-05-12
Haselmeier Establishes New Pen Injector Assembly Facility in India02-28-12
Medicyte Now with Online Shop for Upcyte® Hepatocytes and Innovative Cell Products02-27-12
Genervon to Award Price for Scientists Proposing Medical Indications and Trial Protocols - ...02-23-12
Sol-Gel Signs $ 27 M Deal for Dermatology Drug Delivery02-20-12
Critical Pharmaceuticals and The University of Nottingham to Develop Nano-Enabled Nasal Spray ...02-16-12
TGA Registration for Cellmid's Évolis(TM) Hair Products02-16-12
AiCuris Drug Letermovir (AIC246) Meets Primary Efficacy Endpoints in Phase 2 For Human ...02-14-12
Vectron Biosolutions Obtains Strong Results for Biosimilar Production02-10-12
Sistemic to Work with TiGenix On Landmark EUR 5. ...02-07-12
Xceleron Announces New Investment and Move to Purpose-Built Laboratories in U.S.02-06-12
IDEA Bio-Medical Sells HTS/HCS Cell Imaging System to The Medical University of South Carolina02-02-12
Biotage Introduces Biotage® SNAP Ultra High Performance Flash Chromatography Cartridges01-31-12
Definiens Strengthens Leadership with Key Appointment01-31-12
Roche Diagnostics Announces Dan Zabrowski as New Head of Roche Applied Science01-31-12
Rentschler Announces 2. Laupheimer Zelltage on Industrial Cell Culture Technology01-30-12
AMSilk to Be Featured on 21st Century Business Television on CNBC and Fox Business Network01-26-12
Rentschler Manufacturing Facility Wins 2012 Facility of the Year Award in Equipment Innovation01-25-12
Encap Drug Delivery Adds New Commercial Product to Portfolio01-25-12
Affectis Granted Patent for AFC-5128, other P2X7 Antagonists01-25-12
Boehringer Ingelheim Prolongates Drug Discovery Collaboration with Priaxon01-24-12
Sartorius Stedim Biotech and Refine Technology Announce Cooperation01-23-12
Biotage Releases New Catalog and Technical Guide for Sample Preparation and Evaporation01-18-12
Sartorius Stedim Biotech and G-Con Manufacturing Announce Global Collaboration01-18-12
JSR Expands its Biomedical Business by Investing in BIA Separations' Unique Purification Technology01-18-12
BrainStorm Announces Clinical Data for Safety and Supporting Efficacy of NurOwn(TM) Based on ...01-17-12
AMSilk is Proud to Announce the Addition of Jeff Davis to its Advisory Board01-17-12
BioInvest Israel 2012: Local & Global Pharma , Medtech and Finance Companies Meet to ...01-12-12
NovAliX Enters into Multi-Target Integrated Drug Discovery Collaboration with Teijin Pharma01-12-12
Special Issue: Transforming Growth Factor Beta as a Target in Oncology01-11-12
GATC Biotech and LifeCodexx Complete Recruitment of Blood Samples for Clinical Study of Trisomy ...01-10-12
NiKem Research Srl and Dualsystems Biotech AG Announce a Strategic Alliance01-09-12
AiCuris Receives Orphan Drug Designation for Letermovir (AIC246) from FDA01-05-12
Randox Food Diagnostics Provide ELISA Kits for Rapid Testing in Milk and Milk Powder12-23-11
Highly Accurate Direct Clearance Method for LDL Cholesterol from Randox12-23-11
Multi-Analyte Immunoassay Control with Assayed Values for 54 Analytes Including Vitamin D12-22-11
Randox Food Diagnostics Release Enrofloxacin and Ciprofloxacin ELISA Kits12-21-11
Liquid Ready To Use Cystatin C Assay from Randox Provides a More Sensitive Marker of GFR ...12-20-11
ProJect Pharmaceutics Introduces Predictive Formulation Analytics for a Rational Design of ...12-14-11
VAXIMM Starts Clinical Study of First Oral Cancer Vaccine12-13-11
Genentech Initiates First-in-Human Study with NovImmune's Anti-IL17 Antibody12-13-11
CYTOO, Cenix BioScience and Academic Collaborators Bioquant, EPFL and FTMC Receive a 4 M? EU ...12-12-11
Protagen Expands Cooperation with Bayer HealthCare12-07-11
New Molecular Diagnostic Test from Randox Enables Rapid, Appropriate Selection of Colorectal ...12-06-11
InVitria Successfully Completes National Institutes of Health Grant for Animal-Free Media ...11-30-11
Nanion's SyncroPatch 96 Convinces Big Pharma Automated Patch Clamp Users11-30-11
Randox Food Diagnostics Release Multi-Analyte Anthelmintics Testing Platform11-28-11
Randox Toxicology Releases Immunoassay Solution for Rapid Detection of Synthetic Cannabinoids ...11-23-11
Biocon Launches Haselmeier's Insulin Pen in India11-22-11
InteRNA Technologies Announces Establishment of Supervisory Board11-21-11
CureVac, Sanofi Pasteur and In-Cell-Art Collaborate on a $33. ...11-15-11
Mucosis Announces New Scientific Advisory Board11-15-11
Epistem Announces Partnership with The University of Manchester11-10-11
Leading Innovator Introduces New Line of Value-Priced Flash Cartridges11-08-11
ORCA Therapeutics Receives up to ? 5 Million Innovation Credit from Dutch Government11-08-11
Evolva Receives Clearance to Move EV-077 into Phase IIa11-07-11
CureVac Presents Results of a Phase I/IIa Trial in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) with ...11-07-11
Biotage Introduces First Value-Priced, Full-Featured Flash Purification System11-01-11
InVitria Awarded National Institutes of Health Grant to Develop Defined Animal-Free Vaccine Media11-01-11
Domainex Awarded Technology Strategy Board Funding to Support its Research into a Novel Cancer Drug11-01-11
apceth Received Extended Manufacturer's Licence for Somatic Cell Therapeutics At The Ottobrunn Site10-31-11
Protagen and Charles River Form Strategic Partnership10-28-11
Now also in Germany: BIOIBERICA International Specialist in the Field of Osteoarthritis10-27-11
Activartis Develops Dendritic Cell-Based Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine in Phase II10-27-11
Sartorius Concludes Agreement to Acquire the Liquid Handling Business of the Finnish Laboratory ...10-26-11
APEPTICO Announces Successful Completion of Phase I Trial with AP301 in Oedematous Respiratory ...10-25-11
ProBioGen and Inhibrx Sign License Deal on GlymaxX ADCC Technology for Therapeutic Antibodies ...10-25-11
Selvita to Release the Most Recent Results from its Oncology Programs at the 2011 ...10-24-11
Lophius Biosciences Presents T-Track CMV/EBV Tests at Congress after Conclusion of Product ...10-24-11
Encap Drug Delivery and Lena Nanoceutics to Develop Nano-Capsule Technology10-24-11
European Stem Cell Scientists Discuss Moving Forward under New Stem Cell Law10-21-11
New Dimensions in Flexel® for Magnetic Mixers10-20-11
Selvita Ranked the No. 1 Rising Star in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe10-18-11
Biotage Introduces Automated SPE Workstation for Increasing Productivity in Sample Preparation10-18-11
Daiichi Sankyo Utilize Predictive Biomarkers for Patient Stratification10-17-11
Randox Launch New High Sensitivity Troponin T Control with Ultra Low Target Values10-12-11
Definiens Releases Pioneering Product Portfolio for Quantitative Digital Pathology and ...10-12-11
Ontochem and Priaxon Join Forces to Increase Stress Tolerance of Crops10-12-11
Sartobind Pico 0.08 ml Capsule Size Completes Portfolio of Salt-Tolerant Membrane Adsorbers10-11-11
apceth is Extending its Top Management: Prof. ...10-10-11
InVitria Expands Worldwide Distribution Network09-29-11
ProteoNic Announces Closing of Financing Round09-28-11
Hypha Discovery Signs Natural Products Drug Discovery Collaboration with Ferrer Grupo09-27-11
Selvita Signs Contract with Evestra for the Delivery of a Range of DMPK Services09-26-11
NovImmune Initiates a Proof-of-Concept Study in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC)09-22-11