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Slow, costly process stymies generic biotech drugs (Reuters) 03-05-12
Analysis: Slow, costly process stymies generic biotech drugs (Reuters) 03-05-12
Waves Break Coral Embryo into Identical Twins ( 03-01-12
Autoinjector Version of MS Drug Approved (HealthDay) 02-28-12
Fake Avastin had salt, starch, chemicals: Roche (Reuters) 02-27-12
Stem Cell Finding Could Expand Women's Lifetime Supply of Eggs (HealthDay) 02-26-12
Researchers Spot Genes Behind Macular Degeneration (HealthDay) 02-24-12
Gene Might Boost Risk for Obesity (HealthDay) 02-19-12
Study finds one percent of human genes switched off (Reuters) 02-16-12
Humans Have About 100 Broken Genes Each ( 02-16-12
Counterfeits of cancer drug Avastin found in U.S. (Reuters) 02-15-12
University of Michigan Stem Cell Line Gets Federal Backing (ContributorNetwork) 02-15-12
Counterfeits of Roche cancer drug found in U.S. (Reuters) 02-14-12
Cause of deaths unclear in Actelion drug trial (Reuters) 02-14-12
Stem Cell Treatment Might Reverse Heart Attack Damage (HealthDay) 02-14-12
Two Genes for Sealing In Memories Identified ( 02-10-12
Origin expects to grow China's first GMO corn in 2013 (Reuters) 02-10-12
FDA sets draft rules for biotech drug copies (Reuters) 02-09-12
4 New Genes Linked to Type 2 Diabetes (HealthDay) 02-09-12
More Success With Gene Therapy for Blindness (HealthDay) 02-08-12
Sex & Parenting Genes Discovered in Mice ( 02-02-12
Same Genes Key to Early & Late-Onset Alzheimer's: Study (HealthDay) 02-02-12
Romney stock trades clash with divestment pledge (AP) 02-02-12
Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise for Stroke, Studies Say (HealthDay) 02-01-12
Gene Study Sheds Light on Body Clock's Link to Diabetes (HealthDay) 01-30-12
Santorum's Hypocrisy Highlighted by Daughter's Illness (ContributorNetwork) 01-29-12
Researchers find cancer in ancient Egyptian mummy (AP) 01-29-12
Correction: Food and Farm-GMO Labeling story (AP) 01-27-12
Some Wash. wheat farmers back labels for GM foods (AP) 01-26-12
Mutations in 2 Genes Linked to Rare Autism-Related Disorder (HealthDay) 01-26-12
Gates defends focus on high-tech agriculture (AP) 01-24-12
Thoroughbred Racehorses Get Speed from Just a Few Ancestors ( 01-24-12
Small Stem Cell Study Claims Early Success in Treating Eye Disease (HealthDay) 01-23-12
New Genetic Clues to Breast Cancer? (HealthDay) 01-22-12
Pot-based prescription drug looks for FDA OK (AP) 01-22-12
Man gets life for millionaire's murder in fraud scheme (Reuters) 01-21-12
Mans gets life for millionaire's murder in fraud scheme (Reuters) 01-20-12
EU agency issues guideline on biosimilar MS drugs (Reuters) 01-20-12
Genes Important to Keep Brain Sharp Through Old Age ( 01-18-12
Genes May Guide Intelligence Throughout Life (HealthDay) 01-18-12
Genes May Give Clues to Severe Form of Lupus (HealthDay) 01-18-12
BrainStorm sees positive data in ALS stem cell trial (Reuters) 01-17-12
Why Can't Mitt Romney Be Pro-Life About Corporations? (ContributorNetwork) 01-16-12
Your Taste for Fat May Reside in Your Genes (HealthDay) 01-16-12
Cancer drug gets stronger label warning (Reuters) 01-13-12
FDA sends user-fee recommendations to Congress (Reuters) 01-13-12
Genetic mutation tied to inherited prostate cancer (AP) 01-11-12
Gene Research Sheds Light on Rare Immune Disease (HealthDay) 01-12-12
Novel Stem Cell Treatment May Hold Promise for Type 1 Diabetes (HealthDay) 01-11-12
Company announces low-cost DNA decoding machine (AP) 01-10-12
China halts unapproved stem cell treatments (AP) 01-10-12
China stops unapproved stem cell treatments (Reuters) 01-10-12
Insight: New DNA reader to bring promise (Reuters) 01-10-12
Corrected: Gene expression profiles may improve cancer prognosis (Reuters) 01-09-12
Most Parents Tell Kids About Test Results for Breast Cancer Genes (HealthDay) 01-09-12
Researchers Find Stem Cells in the Eye (ContributorNetwork) 01-06-12
Biotech drug makers aim to extend brand dominance (Reuters) 01-06-12
EU to set new biosimilar drug rules by mid-year (Reuters) 01-06-12
Connecticut governor seals deal for $1 billion genome lab (Reuters) 01-05-12
Connecticut seals deal for $1 billion genome lab (Reuters) 01-05-12
Correction: Stem cell research on donor eggs often not disclosed (Reuters) 01-03-12
Three arrested for peddling miracle stem cell cure (Reuters) 01-02-12
Stem cell research on donor eggs often not disclosed (Reuters) 12-29-11
Bugs may be resistant to genetically modified corn (AP) 12-28-11
Farming practices threaten widely grown corn crop (AP) 12-28-11
Eau de DNA: Do Genes Determine Our Perfume Preference? ( 12-28-11
U.S. approves Monsanto drought-tolerant GM corn (Reuters) 12-22-11
Amgen, Watson to collaborate on cancer biosimilars (Reuters) 12-19-11
Amgen,Watson to collaborate on cancer biosimilars (Reuters) 12-19-11
Bayer: Threshold met for $750 million rice deal (AP) 12-15-11
Bayer says threshold met for $750M rice deal (AP) 12-15-11
Gene Therapy a Boon for 6 Hemophilia Patients (HealthDay) 12-10-11
New method boosts blood-clotting for hemophiliacs (AP) 12-10-11
Gene therapy proves effective for hemophilia B (Reuters) 12-10-11
Top-grade stem cells seen boosting research trials (Reuters) 12-06-11
More Evidence Links Specific Genes to ADHD (HealthDay) 12-04-11
Insight: Stem cell therapy poised to come in from the cold (Reuters) 12-04-11
Genes May Make Quitting Tougher for Smokers (HealthDay) 12-02-11
Drug May Dampen Dangerous Side Effect of Stem Cell Transplants (HealthDay) 11-30-11
Genetics More Than Poor Parenting Responsible for Childhood Obesity (ContributorNetwork) 11-28-11
Elan to create research centre with Cambridge University (Reuters) 11-27-11
Two Drugs Used to Treat Other Cancers Have Positive Effect on Brain Tumors (ContributorNetwork) 11-21-11
Regeneron eye drug gets FDA nod (Reuters) 11-18-11
Deadline looms in $750 million rice settlement (AP) 11-18-11
Geron's exit symbolic ding for stem cell research (AP) 11-15-11
Analysis: Stem cell research: win some, lose some (Reuters) 11-15-11
Strangers Spot People With Compassionate Genes in Seconds ( 11-15-11
Geron to shut down stem cell programs, shares fall (Reuters) 11-14-11
Stem cell therapy works in heart failure trial (Reuters) 11-14-11
Mesoblast stem cells work in heart failure trial (Reuters) 11-14-11
Romney's political shifts stir criticism (AP) 11-12-11
Stem-Cell Transplants Restored Pituitary Function in Mice (HealthDay) 11-10-11
Lifestyle, genetics and faith on the road to 100 (Reuters) 11-08-11
Vatican, biotech firm host adult stem cell meeting (AP) 11-08-11
Rick Perry is Right About One Thing: We Need Not Fear Stem Cell Therapy (ContributorNetwork) 11-04-11
Texas delays action on stem cell therapy rules (AP) 11-04-11
Ablynx regains nanobody rights from Pfizer (Reuters) 11-04-11
Texas board mulls stem cell therapy used on Perry (AP) 11-04-11
Texas may block stem cell therapy used on Perry (AP) 11-04-11
Pluristem sees positive data from stem cell trials (Reuters) 11-03-11
Top UK court backs patent linked to HGS, GSK drug (Reuters) 11-02-11
'Mini' Stem Cell Transplant May Help Seniors With Blood Cancer (HealthDay) 11-01-11
Not All Women at Higher Risk in Families Carrying Breast Cancer Gene (HealthDay) 10-31-11
BASF applies for EU approval for Fortuna GM potato (Reuters) 10-31-11
Biogen MS drug BG-12 meets goal of second trial (Reuters) 10-26-11
Gene sequencing X Prize to focus on centenarians (Reuters) 10-26-11
Biogen multiple sclerosis drug works in second trial (Reuters) 10-26-11
Genes Could Highlight Plavix Users at Clot Risk After Stent (HealthDay) 10-25-11
Extra billions can be fed, but who will pay the tab? (Reuters) 10-25-11
Pot Genome Sheds Light on Hemp Domestication ( 10-23-11
Biogen MS trial data robust; shares jump (Reuters) 10-21-11
FDA extends review of Tysabri JC virus label (Reuters) 10-20-11
EU court: No patents for some stem cell techniques (AP) 10-18-11
Top Europe court bans stem cell technique patents (AP) 10-18-11
FAQ: How Are Cloned Animals Made? ( 10-18-11
Europe's top court bans stem cell patents (AP) 10-18-11
EU court bars stem cell patents when embryos destroyed (Reuters) 10-18-11
Stem cell processes unpatentable if embryos destroyed: EU court (Reuters) 10-18-11
Nevada doctor pleads not guilty in stem cell case (AP) 10-13-11
Nevada doctor indicted in alleged stem cell scam (AP) 10-13-11
New stem cell method makes functioning liver cells (Reuters) 10-12-11
Intercell's pseudomonas vaccine takes step forward (Reuters) 10-12-11
Iceland's Decode signs genetics deal with Pfizer (Reuters) 10-12-11
'Sugary' Mutation May Have Led to Humans' Rise ( 10-10-11
Low Testosterone Is in the Genes ( 10-07-11
Stem Cell Therapy Might Help Kidney Transplant Patients (HealthDay) 10-05-11
Early breast cancer screening may help some: study (Reuters) 10-05-11
Cloning method may help make personal stem cells (AP) 10-05-11
Scientists use cloning to make human stem cells (Reuters) 10-05-11
Happy Kids a Product of Genes, Parenting, Study Finds (HealthDay) 10-04-11
Can Gov. Perry Create an Adult Stem Cell Therapy Industry in Texas? (ContributorNetwork) 10-02-11
Obesity or stem cell research could win Nobel (AP) 10-02-11
New Genes Revealed for Type 1 Diabetes (HealthDay) 09-29-11
Gene Research, Banned Inhalers Change Asthma, COPD Treatment Options (ContributorNetwork) 09-26-11
Gene could explain why treatments fail some with asthma (Reuters) 09-26-11
Bayer drug a "major new player" in prostate cancer (Reuters) 09-23-11
U.S. FDA guidance on biosimilars may be imminent (Reuters) 09-23-11
Scientists ID More Genes Linked to Heart Disease (HealthDay) 09-23-11
U.S. firm wins UK embryonic stem cell trial go-ahead (Reuters) 09-22-11
Star QB Peyton Manning's Stem Cell Treatment Highlights Problem of Medical Tourism ( 09-21-11
Scientists Discover Key Gene Mutation Behind Lou Gehrig's Disease (HealthDay) 09-21-11
China "stem cell therapies" offer heartbreak for many (Reuters) 09-21-11
Genes May Explain Blacks' Bleaker Prostate Cancer Stats (HealthDay) 09-20-11
Opponents of stem cell research appeal court loss (AP) 09-19-11
Scientists appeal on embryonic stem cell funding (Reuters) 09-19-11
Gene therapy shows promise in reducing HIV (Reuters) 09-19-11
South Korea sets sights on becoming stem cell powerhouse, again (Reuters) 09-19-11
Sangamo gene therapy shows promise in reducing HIV (Reuters) 09-18-11
Amgen osteoporosis drug effective in study (Reuters) 09-18-11
Pfizer ups stake in Icagen to 69.8 percent (Reuters) 09-16-11
Family of Four Has Its Genome Sequenced (HealthDay) 09-16-11
Family of Four Has Their Genome Sequenced (HealthDay) 09-16-11
Bioethicist challenges Bachmann on vaccine claim (AP) 09-16-11
Analysis: Biogen investors place bets ahead of MS drug trial (Reuters) 09-16-11
Engineered salmon still a distant reality (AP) 09-12-11
Mutant genes found for asthma, point to possible therapy (Reuters) 09-09-11
From Athlete to Couch Potato: What 2 Missing Genes May Mean ( 09-06-11
EU clears stem cell trial for broken hearts (Reuters) 09-05-11
Hawaii's genetically modified papayas attacked (AP) 08-20-11
Doctors question Perry's stem cell back treatment (AP) 08-19-11
Polish president vetoes bill allowing GMO seeds (Reuters) 08-24-11
Seattle Genetics cancer drug price may top $100,000 (Reuters) 08-22-11
FDA approves gene-targeting lung cancer drug (AP) 08-26-11
'Bubble Boy' Kids Living Normally After Gene Therapy: Study (HealthDay) 08-25-11
APNewsBreak: Monsanto seeks OK for low-fat soybean (AP) 08-31-11
Family Heart Disease Risk Linked to Genes, Not Lifestyle (HealthDay) 08-31-11
Gene Mutations Identified in Uterine Fibroids (HealthDay) 08-27-11
Pioneering UK stem cell trial passes safety test (Reuters) 09-01-11
More Evidence Links Genes to Parkinson's (HealthDay) 09-01-11
'Stem Cell Zoo' May Aid Endangered Species ( 09-04-11
Grain companies tighten GMO policy, eye Syngenta corn (Reuters) 09-02-11
Study says genetics affect vaccine-narcolepsy link (Reuters) 09-01-11
Stem cell team aims for spare heart parts in five years (Reuters) 08-18-11
Metastatic Melanoma -- Causes and Treatments (ContributorNetwork) 08-17-11
FDA approves gene-targeting skin cancer drug (AP) 08-17-11
Five Genes May Be Tied to Lethal Prostate Cancer (HealthDay) 08-16-11
Stem Cell Researchers Make Impressive Gains in Healing Humanity's Ills (ContributorNetwork) 08-13-11
Experts to hunt genes for China's high cholesterol (Reuters) 08-12-11
Experts to hunt down rogue genes for China's cholesterol problem (Reuters) 08-12-11
Ban sought on gene-altered crops on federal land (AP) 08-11-11
'Amazing' therapy wipes out leukemia in study (AP) 08-10-11
Gene Therapy Fights a Tough-to-Treat Leukemia: Study (HealthDay) 08-10-11
Gene therapy shown to destroy leukemia tumors (Reuters) 08-10-11
'Amazing' therapy destroys leukemia in 3 patients (AP) 08-10-11
Honing in on the Genetics of MS (HealthDay) 08-10-11
Intelligence Largely Rooted in the Genes (HealthDay) 08-09-11
Tiny Gene Changes Linked to Intelligence ( 08-09-11
Specific IQ genes still elusive, latest hunt finds (AP) 08-09-11
Spermless mosquitoes could help halt malaria spread (Reuters) 08-08-11
Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Stem Cell Procedure Raises Political Questions (ContributorNetwork) 08-05-11
King Tut Related to Half of European Men? Maybe Not ( 08-04-11
Gene Mutation Can Leave People Without Fingerprints (HealthDay) 08-04-11
Stem Cell Therapy Holds Promise for Kidney Disease (HealthDay) 08-04-11
Genes, Not Healthy Living, Get Most to Age 100 (HealthDay) 08-03-11
Long life is in the genes: study (AFP) 08-03-11
More Than Good Genes Necessary for Longevity (ContributorNetwork) 08-03-11
Nation Western Stock Show and Cloning Cows -- Genetics and Ethics for Humans (ContributorNetwork) 08-03-11
Joule Unlimited Claims New Biodiesel Manufacturing Process (ContributorNetwork) 08-03-11
Woolly Mammoth to Be Cloned by Japanese Scientist (ContributorNetwork) 08-03-11
Will Frankenfish Salmon End Up on Your Plate? (ContributorNetwork) 08-02-11
Actelion drug cuts brain lesions in MS patients (Reuters) 08-02-11
Drug cuts brain lesions in MS patients: Actelion study (Reuters) 08-02-11
Half of European men share King Tut's DNA (Reuters) 08-01-11
Gene discovered that raises asthma risk in blacks (Reuters) 07-31-11
Court upholds patenting of genes in Myriad case (Reuters) 07-29-11
Myriad can patent breast cancer genes: US court (AFP) 07-29-11
Most women carrying cancer genes take action: study (Reuters) 07-29-11
Myriad can patent breast cancer genes: court (Reuters) 07-29-11
Australia farmer sues neighbours over GM crops (AFP) 07-28-11
Victory for stem-cell research: Court backs Obama's guidelines (The Christian Science Monitor) 07-27-11
US judge tosses lawsuit blocking stem cell funds (AFP) 07-27-11
Suit against federal stem cell research dismissed (AP) 07-27-11
U.S. judge upholds federal embryonic stem cell funds (Reuters) 07-27-11
Judge dismisses suit on federal stem cell research (AP) 07-27-11
Researchers Find 3 Genes Linked to Esophagus Disorders (HealthDay) 07-26-11
Family History May Predict Heart Attack More Than Stroke (HealthDay) 07-26-11
Freaky Mutant Mouse Steals Genes to Resist Poison ( 07-21-11
Authors retract study on genetics of old age (Reuters) 07-21-11
Greenpeace Australia raided over GM wheat action (AFP) 07-21-11
Mutant gene reduces male fertility: study (Reuters) 07-20-11
Special report: With Alzheimer's in the genes, when do you test? (Reuters) 07-20-11
Tests start on HIV biotech drug - grown in tobacco (Reuters) 07-19-11
Panel backs stricter blood cancer drug label (Reuters) 07-14-11
Genes Linked to Restless Legs Syndrome Identified (HealthDay) 07-14-11
FDA panel backs Seattle Genetics drug for lymphoma (Reuters) 07-14-11
Landmark lupus drug Benlysta approved in Europe (Reuters) 07-14-11
Eco-activists destroy Australia GM wheat crop (AFP) 07-14-11
Sea diet and siesta point to Greek island longevity: study (AFP) 07-13-11
Diet and siestas 'point to Greek islanders longevity' (AFP) 07-13-11
Trial size may limit use of Seattle Genetics drug (Reuters) 07-12-11
Experts grow whole tooth units using mouse stem cells (Reuters) 07-12-11
FDA eyes trial size for Seattle Genetics cancer drug (Reuters) 07-12-11
Are Genetically Modified Fish a Vital Part of Our Future? ( 07-12-11
The Not So Altruistic Truth Behind Obama's Global Food Security Act (ContributorNetwork) 07-08-11
South Korea back in stem cell spotlight with new treatment (Reuters) 07-07-11
Animal Cloning Facts and Figures (ContributorNetwork) 07-06-11
Cloning Milestones Since Dolly the Sheep (ContributorNetwork) 07-05-11
Environment, not just genetics, at play in autism (Reuters) 07-04-11
Genes May Control How Long You Look at Happy Faces (HealthDay) 06-30-11
NJ biotech exec Crowley say no US Senate run (AP) 06-30-11
Why Do We Like Happy Faces? It's In Our Genes ( 06-29-11
GM marijuana problem growing in Colombia (AFP) 06-24-11
Simple Saliva Test Detects Your 'Real' Age (HealthDay) 06-22-11
Chinese Scientists Genetically Modify Cows to Make Human Breast Milk (ContributorNetwork) 06-18-11
Peru's capital declares itself a GMO-free zone (AFP) 06-17-11
First patients enroll in stem cell trials on blindness (AFP) 06-16-11
House moves to bar genetically modified salmon (AP) 06-16-11
GM rice spreads, prompts debate in China (AFP) 06-15-11
Texas' Perry assails Obama on abortion at LA stop (AP) 06-12-11
Scientists Identify Genes Linked to Migraines (HealthDay) 06-12-11
Scientists find genes linked to migraines (AFP) 06-12-11
Scientists probe DNA of E. coli for outbreak clues (AP) 06-12-11
Argentine lab clones cow to produce human-like milk (AFP) 06-10-11
New cancer drugs aim to block broken genes (Reuters) 06-08-11
Scientists show heart can repair itself, with help (Reuters) 06-08-11
Study: Pfizer lung cancer pill may double survival (AP) 06-05-11
'Werewolf' Gene May Explain Excess Hair Disorder ( 06-03-11
China helps unravel new E.coli for embattled Europe (Reuters) 06-03-11
Scientists Discover Woolly Mammoth Might Have Interbred with Columbian Mammoth (ContributorNetwork) 06-01-11
SAC faces insider trading probe on MedImmune: report (Reuters) 06-01-11
Novel Stem Cell Therapy Faces Major Setback ( 05-31-11
France set to uphold curbs on embryonic stem cells (Reuters) 05-26-11
Genes Tied to Severity of Cystic Fibrosis Identified (HealthDay) 05-22-11
BrainStorm to start adult stem cell trial for ALS (Reuters) 05-17-11
Greeks mobilise to protect endangered seeds (AFP) 05-15-11
US researchers identify first human lung stem cell (AFP) 05-11-11
Scientists identify possible human lung stem cell (AP) 05-11-11
Second spinal cord injury patient in stem cell trial (Reuters) 05-10-11
Could a New 'Viagra Condom' Encourage Safer Sex? ( 05-09-11
Most Leukemia Patients Recover From 'Chemo Brain' After Transplant: Study (HealthDay) 05-06-11
Celgene's Revlimid extends life in cancer trial (Reuters) 05-05-11
Japanese language traced to Korean Peninsula: study (AFP) 05-04-11
Teva buying Cephalon for $6.8 billion (AP) 05-02-11
How a stem-cell transplant altered 2 lives (AP) 04-30-11
Stem cell research: Court gives Obama a victory, but policy still on trial (The Christian Science Monitor) 04-30-11
Appeals court won't halt stem cell research funds (AP) 04-29-11
Court backs federal embryonic stem cells funds (Reuters) 04-29-11
Court allows US stem cell funding to continue (AFP) 04-29-11
Appeals court lifts stem cell research ban (AP) 04-29-11
White House: stem cell ruling victory for scientists (Reuters) 04-29-11
Court backs funding for embryonic stem cells (Reuters) 04-29-11
Appeals court overturns stem cell research ban (AP) 04-29-11
Lima to declare itself a GMO-free zone (AFP) 04-27-11
Scientists oppose European stem cell patent ban (Reuters) 04-27-11
FDA details timeframe of MS drug Tysabri's risks (Reuters) 04-22-11
FDA details timeframe of Biogen MS drug's risks (Reuters) 04-22-11
FDA reports on brain infections with MS drug Tysabri (Reuters) 04-22-11
Study uncovers genes that aid malarial resistance (Reuters) 04-21-11
Genes May Affect Whether People Heed Advice (HealthDay) 04-19-11
Genome Scans May Reveal Life-Saving Alternatives for Cancer Patients (HealthDay) 04-19-11
BB Biotech backs Actelion in battle with Elliott (Reuters) 04-18-11
BB Biotech backs Actelion in fight with Elliott (Reuters) 04-17-11
Will Artists? Plan to Extract DNA from Dead Author's Feces Work? ( 04-15-11
Half EU states negative on GM foods (AFP) 04-15-11
Banking stem cells could save Japan nuclear workers (Reuters) 04-15-11
Doctor-turned-trader paid cash for stock tips (Reuters) 04-13-11
Certain Genes Could Add to Alcoholism Risk (HealthDay) 04-13-11
Doctor/trader charged with insider trading (Reuters) 04-13-11
Doctor-turned-trader paid cash for stock tips: prosecutors (Reuters) 04-13-11
Doctor-turned-trader allegedly paid cash for stock tips (Reuters) 04-13-11
The Key to a Long Life: Conscientious Habits (U.S. News & World Report) 04-08-11
Caffeine Craving Linked to Genetics ( 04-07-11
Genetically modified fungus could fight malaria (AP) 04-07-11
Coffee Addiction May Be Grounded in Genes (HealthDay) 04-06-11
Genetically Modified Soybean Crisis Has Controversial Side (ContributorNetwork) 04-04-11
Scientists Spot 5 New Alzheimer's Genes (HealthDay) 04-04-11
Heavy Beer Drinking, Genetics May Raise Risk of Stomach Cancer (HealthDay) 04-04-11
Sanofi wins control of Genzyme, CVRs fetch $2.35 (Reuters) 04-04-11
Sanofi gains control of Genzyme (Reuters) 04-04-11
Sanofi-Aventis says completes offer for Genzyme (Reuters) 04-04-11
Scientists find five new Alzheimer's risk genes (Reuters) 04-03-11
Scientists Spot 4 New Alzheimer's Genes (HealthDay) 04-03-11
Five new genes linked to Alzheimer's (AFP) 04-03-11
Scientists question claims in biotech letter (AP) 04-01-11
Eight ways Monsanto is destroying our health (Y! Green) 03-31-11
Argentine polo pony breeding boosted by biotech (AFP) 03-31-11
Anti-this, pro-that, all convene at White House (AP) 03-26-11
Progress Seen in Creating Eye Cells From Stem Cells (HealthDay) 03-24-11
New Treatment May Prevent Deadly Radiation Sickness ( 03-23-11
Major legal blow to European anti-GM crops lobby (AFP) 03-22-11
Europe court deals huge blow to anti-GM crops lobby (AFP) 03-22-11
Court deals major blow to European anti-GM crops lobby (AFP) 03-22-11
EU court deals blow to French-led anti-GM crops lobby (AFP) 03-22-11
Lawsuit challenges genetically modified alfalfa (AP) 03-21-11
Stem Cell Transplant May Help Aggressive MS: Study (HealthDay) 03-21-11
Shar-Peis' New Wrinkle: Skin Gene Also Can Make Them Sick ( 03-17-11
Stem Cell Therapy Shrinks Enlarged Hearts (HealthDay) 03-17-11
EU farm ministers in deadlock on GM foods: sources (AFP) 03-17-11
Gene Therapy May Ease Tremors in Parkinson's Patients ( 03-17-11
Gene Therapy May Help Reverse Parkinson's Symptoms (HealthDay) 03-17-11
Study: Gene therapy improves Parkinson's symptoms (AP) 03-17-11
Gene therapy shows promise for Parkinson's (Reuters) 03-16-11
Human Genome picks up rights to cancer drug for $50 (Reuters) 03-16-11
Stem cell researchers awarded $500K prize in NY (AP) 03-16-11
First New Lupus Drug in 50 Years Wins FDA Approval (ContributorNetwork) 03-11-11
Genetics is "Top of the Pops" in science research (Reuters) 03-10-11
Factbox: Autoimmune disease lupus wins new treatment (Reuters) 03-10-11
FDA clears new lupus drug, blockbuster sales seen (Reuters) 03-10-11
U.S. clears new lupus drug, blockbuster sales seen (Reuters) 03-09-11
New lupus drug wins U.S. OK, blockbuster sales seen (Reuters) 03-09-11
Mexico approves GM maize pilot project (AFP/File) 03-09-11
Genes May Affect Severity of Drug Addiction (HealthDay) 03-08-11
Mix of Genetics and Stress Can Impair Mental Abilities (HealthDay) 03-07-11
Big Human Genome lupus drug nears market (Reuters) 03-07-11
Big Human Genome lupus drug nears U.S. market (Reuters) 03-07-11
Biogen to build blood disorder drug franchise (Reuters) 03-04-11
Males 'Rev Up' Genes to Offset Shortcomings ( 03-03-11
Disgraced SKorea scientist tried to work for Libya (AP) 03-03-11
Choices to Be Made in Medical Research (ContributorNetwork) 03-02-11
U.S. Government Medical Experiments of the Recent Past Revealed (ContributorNetwork) 03-02-11
Panel told no guarantee against unethical research (AP) 03-01-11
Gene Therapy Against HIV Not a Proven Cure, Experts Say (HealthDay) 03-01-11
Guatemala STD study was 'wrong': US panel (AFP) 03-01-11
Commission Looks at Guatemala and Tuskegee Experiment Abuse Implications (ContributorNetwork) 02-28-11
Gene therapy raises hope for a future AIDS cure (AP) 02-28-11
Mass. company making diesel with sun, water, CO2 (AP) 02-27-11
Appeals court overturns sugar beet injunction (AP) 02-26-11
Shoppers wary of GM foods find they're everywhere (AP) 02-25-11
Scientists make transgenic fungus to fight malaria (Reuters) 02-24-11
Vertex shares soar on cystic fibrosis drug data (Reuters) 02-23-11
10 percent global rise in biotech crops: study (AFP) 02-23-11
10% more GM crops in the world in 2010: study (AFP) 02-22-11
EU agrees to allow traces of GM crops in EU animal feed (AFP) 02-22-11
Ecuadorean villagers lend clues to longevity (Reuters) 02-17-11
Sanofi to buy Genzyme for more than $20 billion (Reuters) 02-16-11
Dwarfism Mutation May Protect From Cancer, Diabetes (HealthDay) 02-16-11
Sanofi to buy Genzyme for over $20 billion (Reuters) 02-16-11
Drugs giant Sanofi agrees $20.1 bn Genzyme takeover (AFP) 02-16-11
Sanofi-Aventis to buy Genzyme for $20.1 bln cash (AP) 02-16-11
Sanofi to buy Genzyme for at least $20.1 billion (Reuters) 02-16-11
Sanofi-Aventis to buy Genzyme in $20.1B deal (AP) 02-16-11
Sanofi to buy Genzyme for $20.1 billion (Reuters) 02-16-11
Billion dollar boost for US health research? (AFP) 02-14-11
Obama budget would boost science, health research (AFP) 02-14-11
Success rates for experimental drugs falls: study (Reuters) 02-14-11
Don't expect genome breakthroughs yet, expert says (Reuters) 02-10-11
US trade chief urges Europe to open market to GM foods (AFP) 02-10-11
Sanofi says Genzyme takeover talks progressing (Reuters) 02-09-11
Study finds link between genes and depression (AFP) 02-08-11
Study links Yellowstone bison fate to genetic flaw (Reuters) 02-08-11
Sanofi-Genzyme takeover talks in final stretch (Reuters) 02-07-11
Experts: Contamination from GM alfalfa certain (AP) 02-07-11
Sanofi, Genzyme takeover talks enter final stretch (Reuters) 02-07-11
Genzyme, Sanofi boards meet to discuss deal (Reuters) 02-06-11
Genzyme, Sanofi boards meet to clinch $20 billion deal (Reuters) 02-06-11
USDA: Farmers can plant genetically modified beets (AP) 02-04-11
Japanese stem cell researcher wins top award (AFP) 02-04-11
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US stem cell research breaks new ground in 2010 (AFP) 12-30-10
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Docs Claim Transplant Cured Man of AIDS, But Experts Urge Caution (HealthDay) 12-15-10
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China quarantine bureau rejects U.S. corn cargo (Reuters) 11-02-10
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