News Archive of New York Times- Pharmaceuticals

A Dry Pipeline for Psychiatric Drugs08-20-13
Death Row Improvises, Lacking Lethal Mix08-19-13
A Musical Switch From Self-Pity to Gratitude08-18-13
Warning: This Pill May Be Dangerous to Your Health08-14-13
To Judge Sleep Aids, U.S. Looks at Drowsy Driving in the Morning08-14-13
Texas: After Illnesses, Compounded Drugs Are Recalled08-13-13
Sanofi Being Investigated for Bribery by China08-12-13
When a Co-Pay Gets in the Way of Health08-11-13
Lives Defined Daily by Prescription Drugs08-09-13
Sharp Rise Among Young in Emergency Care After Stimulant Use08-09-13
Crazy Pills08-08-13
Forced Drug Treatment08-05-13
Antibiotics Maker in Deals for 2 Rivals07-31-13
Pfizer Settles a Drug Marketing Case for $491 Million07-31-13
Merck Profit Plunges as Generics Take Market Share07-31-13
F.D.A. Strengthens Warnings on Lariam Anti-Malaria Drug07-30-13
Glaxo to Pay $45 Million to State Over Drug Marketing07-27-13
Medical Procedures May Be Useless, or Worse07-26-13
European Regulator Finds Little Risk in Diabetes Drugs07-27-13
China Details Allegations Against Glaxo07-27-13
Glaxo Replaces Chief of China Unit at Center of Bribery Inquiry07-26-13
Drug Companies Promise More Data Transparency07-25-13
Glaxo Chief Executive Addresses China Probe07-25-13
Answers About Rheumatoid Arthritis, Part 207-24-13
Glaxo Says Executives May Have Broken Chinese Law07-23-13
Defecting to Great Scientific Success07-23-13
F.D.A. Grants Exclusivity to Plan B One-Step07-24-13
Drug Research in China Falls Under a Cloud07-23-13
Files Suggest a Graft Case in China May Expand07-22-13
Answers About Rheumatoid Arthritis, Part 107-17-13
Johnson & Johnson Profit Rises on Strong Prescription Sales07-17-13
W.H.O. Recognition Is Boost for New Drugs07-16-13
A Cholesterol Breakthrough and Sharp Sharks07-16-13
For Drug Makers, China Becomes a Perilous Market07-17-13
Glaxo Used Travel Firms for Bribery, China Says07-16-13
In Mexican Pill, a Texas Option for an Abortion07-14-13
Do Clinical Trials Work?07-14-13
GlaxoSmithKline Accused of Corruption by China07-12-13
Valiant Leads Investment Round in Brazilian Pharmacy Benefits Firm07-11-13
My Life, Post Exposure 07-10-13
Bonanno Family Members Are Accused of Branching Out Online and Into Pills07-10-13
Roche Abandons New Diabetes Drug07-11-13
Rare Mutation Ignites Race for Cholesterol Drug07-10-13
Pennsylvania: Doctor Admits Drug Sales07-10-13
Painkiller Overdoses in Women07-08-13
A Glaxo Executive, Seeing Through a Sales Rep’s Eyes07-07-13
Full Disclosure Needed for Clinical Drug Data07-05-13
F.D.A. Rule Could Open Generic Drug Makers to Suits07-04-13
Women Hit Hard in Rising Toll From Painkiller Overdoses07-03-13
Few Signs of a Taste for Diet Pills07-02-13
F.D.A. Prefers Smaller Dosage of Merck Sleep Drug07-02-13
Spurious TB Drugs Pose a Threat07-02-13
Onyx Rejects Amgen's Takeover Bid, Then Places Itself on the Market06-30-13
An Orphan Jackpot06-30-13
GlaxoSmithKline Under Investigation by Chinese Authorities07-02-13
The Orphan Jackpot06-30-13
Onyx Explores a Sale After Rebuffing a Bid by Amgen06-30-13
Breaking the Seal on Drug Research06-30-13
Sex and the H.I.V. Morning-After Pill06-29-13
F.D.A. Approves a Drug for Hot Flashes06-29-13
A Damaging Decision on Generic Drugs06-29-13
Molly: Pure, but Not So Simple06-23-13
Supreme Court Takes Step Toward Hearing Abortion Case06-28-13
Diabetes Drug Maker Suspends Deal With Deen06-28-13
Deen Loses Endorsement Deal for Diabetes Drug06-28-13
Keeping Prescription Drugs Affordable06-27-13
Profit Rises, but Walgreen Falls Short of Estimates06-26-13
In 5-4 Ruling, Justices Say Generic Makers Are Not Liable for Design of Drugs06-25-13
Profiting From Pain06-23-13
E.U. Fines Drug Companies for Delaying Generics06-20-13
Proper Scrutiny for Drug Settlements06-19-13
Developing Drugs for Rare Diseases06-19-13
A.M.A. Recognizes Obesity as a Disease06-19-13
Supreme Court Says Drug Makers Can Be Sued Over ‘Pay-for-Delay’ Deals06-18-13
Battle for Elan in Doubt After Share Buyback Plan Is Approved06-17-13
Questcor Pays $135 Million for Rights to Competitor’s Drug06-15-13
Study Shows Pill Prevents H.I.V. Among Drug Addicts06-13-13
Obama Waves White Flag in Contraceptive Battle06-12-13
Healing the Overwhelmed Physician06-12-13
Horse Meat Plant Faces New Hurdle06-11-13
AstraZeneca in Deal for Pearl Therapeutics Worth Up to $1.15 Billion 06-10-13
The Chatter for Sunday, June 906-09-13
Developing New Antibiotics06-08-13
An Experimental Drug’s Bitter End06-07-13
F.D.A. Advisers’ Vote Is a Minor Victory for a Troubled Diabetes Drug06-07-13
Elan Finds Creative 'Poison Pill' to Defend Against a Hostile Bid06-06-13
Appeals Court Lifts Restrictions on Emergency Contraception06-06-13
Alzheimer's Drugs May Have Heart Benefits06-04-13
Promising New Cancer Drugs Empower the Body’s Own Defense System06-04-13
Men's Use of Hormone on the Rise06-03-13
F.D.A. Experts Find No Misconduct in Avandia Tests06-04-13
Pressure Grows to Create Drugs for ‘Superbugs’06-03-13
Obama’s Covert Trade Deal06-03-13
Merck Has Solid Results in a Cancer Drug Trial06-03-13
Two Studies Challenge Avastin’s Effectiveness Against a Rare Brain Cancer06-03-13
F.D.A. Looks to Reconsider Restrictions on Diabetes Drug06-03-13
Kidney Drug Found to Hold Off Relapses of Ovarian Cancer06-02-13
Health Law Is Fostering Competition, U.S. Says05-31-13
A Doctor Raises Questions About a Diabetes Drug05-31-13
No Impact Found for Stimulants on Later Drug Abuse05-30-13
Valeant Shows How M.&A. Can Favor the Brave05-28-13
Sunday Dialogue: Treating Mental Illness05-26-13
Britain Accuses Glaxo of Paying Rivals for Delay of Generic Antidepressant04-20-13
Ista to Pay $33 Million for Illegal Drug Promotion05-25-13
Abscesses Reported After Steroid Injections05-25-13
Cervical Cancer Vaccine05-24-13
Senate Committee Approves Bill on Compounding05-23-13
Unexcited? There May Be a Pill for That.05-26-13
New Drug May Help Some Asthmatics, Study Finds05-22-13
Alzheimer’s Treatment Failed Trial, Maker Says 05-08-13
Pills Tracked From Doctor to Patient to Aid Drug Marketing05-17-13
Melanoma Treatment Harnesses Immune System to Combat Cancer Cells05-16-13
Estimated Health Costs in Retirement Drop05-15-13
Generic Drug Maker Pleads Guilty in Federal Case05-14-13
Doctors' Lucrative Industry Ties05-13-13
Study Finds an Increase in Arsenic Levels in Chicken05-11-13
F.D.A. Rejects Request to Block Sales of Generic Painkiller05-11-13
Generic Biotech Drugs05-10-13
Living With Cancer: Good News Soup05-09-13
Promising Alzheimer’s Treatment Fails, Drug Maker Says05-08-13
Pfizer Turning to the Internet to Sell Viagra05-07-13
To Fight Pandemics, Reward Research05-05-13
Drug to Cut Cholesterol Is Approved by the F.D.A.05-04-13
Cost of Cancer Drugs05-04-13
U.S. to Defend Age Limits on Morning-After Pill Sales05-02-13
Exorbitant Prices for Leukemia Drugs05-02-13
Harvard Student’s Suicide as a Case Study05-01-13
When Attention Deficit Is a Problem on Campus05-01-13
F.D.A. Lowers Age for Morning-After Pill05-01-13
Joint Venture With China Lifts Pfizer’s Earnings05-01-13
Government Approves Drug for Rare Kidney Disease05-01-13
Valeant’s Talks to Take Over Another Drug Maker Are Said to Fall Through04-29-13
Valeant and Actavis Talks Fall Through, for Now 04-27-13
Another Alleged Drug Kickback Scheme04-28-13
U.S. Sues Novartis Again, Accusing It of Kickbacks04-27-13
Cancer Physicians Attack High Drug Costs04-26-13
Joint Effort Seeks Drugs for Autism04-25-13
Birth Control in Drugstores04-24-13
U.S. Accuses Novartis of Providing Kickbacks04-24-13
Is It Time for Off-the-Shelf Birth-Control Pills?04-21-13
The Loss of Generic OxyContin04-20-13
F.D.A. Rejects New Drug for Migraines04-17-13
F.D.A. Bars Generic OxyContin04-17-13
F.D.A. Chief Concedes Need for Policing of Compounders04-17-13
Drug Makers Use Safety Rule to Block Generics04-16-13
Breast Cancer Drugs Urged for Healthy High-Risk Women04-16-13
Elderly Patients Routinely Prescribed Risky Drugs04-15-13
India’s Ruling on a Novartis Drug: 2 Perspectives04-13-13
Checks Find Unsafe Practices at Compounding Pharmacies04-12-13
Worry Over Attention Deficit Cases04-10-13
Morning Sickness Drug Returns04-09-13
Ask Well: Remedies for Nail Fungus04-08-13
Wars on Drugs04-07-13
Health Policy Is in Flux, and So Are 2 Health Funds04-07-13
India’s Novartis Decision04-05-13
An MS Drug Takes a Feisty Approach Aimed at Younger Patients04-04-13
The Sharp Rise in A.D.H.D. Diagnoses04-04-13
Fall in Egyptian Pound Weighs Heavily on the Ill04-04-13
Want the Lowest Drug Price? Make Sure to Ask04-03-13
Diagnosis: Human04-03-13
Health Care Advocates Cheer Supreme Court Decision04-01-13
The Novartis Patent Case: The Full Supreme Court Ruling 04-01-13
Top Court in India Rejects Novartis Drug Patent04-02-13
More Diagnoses of Hyperactivity Causing Concern04-01-13
U.P.S. Will Forfeit $40 Million Over Illegal Drug Shipments03-30-13
Developing New Drugs03-30-13
F.D.A. Approves a New Diabetes Drug03-30-13
Doctor and Assistant Are Charged in Oxycodone Operation03-29-13
Antibiotics and the Meat We Eat03-28-13
3rd Oral Drug to Treat M.S. Is Approved by the F.D.A.03-28-13
Skepticism From Court in Drug Case03-26-13
Questions About Pet Health Care03-26-13
Justices to Look at Deals by Generic and Branded Drug Makers03-25-13
Report Card on Health Care Reform03-24-13
AstraZeneca Makes a Bet on an Untested Technique03-21-13
Justices Explore Fine Line on Generic Drug Injuries03-20-13
A Cure, in Essence, for H.I.V. in Some Adults03-19-13
Treating Early Alzheimer’s03-19-13
Seeking Profit for Taxpayers in Potential of New Drug03-19-13
U.S. Drug Costs Dropped in 2012, but Rises Loom03-19-13
Drugs for Early-Stage Alzheimer’s03-18-13
Clamor to Be Spared the Pain as Budget Cuts Descend03-14-13
F.D.A. Plans Looser Rules on Approving Alzheimer’s Drugs03-14-13
Wary of Attack With Smallpox, U.S. Buys Up a Costly Drug03-13-13
F.D.A. Raises Heart Alert on Antibiotic in Wide Use03-13-13
Eight States Approve Medication Standard03-13-13
Hold Generic Drug Makers Accountable03-11-13
Heart Device Misses Key Goal in Study03-10-13
Merck Replaces Its Research Chief03-08-13
Finding Hidden Side Effects, With Web Search Data03-07-13
Lax Policing of Doctor and Pharmacy Conflicts Is Found in Medicare Coverage Decisions03-05-13
F.D.A. Panel Advises Against Two Medicines to Treat Hot Flashes03-05-13
A Liability Challenge 03-05-13
The Competition Drug03-05-13
Payments to Doctors03-04-13
Cataloging Health Care's Excesses03-04-13
Blocking Medicine to Iran03-02-13
Anemia Drug Is Recalled After Allergic Reactions02-25-13
Asthma Drug Shows Promise in Treating Hives, Study Says02-25-13
Sedatives and Pranks Preceded Australia’s Olympic Flop02-23-13
Statin Drug Production Resumes at Ranbaxy02-23-13
F.D.A. Approves Breast Cancer Drug02-23-13
Making Some Painkillers Harder to Get02-22-13
Big Payout by Novartis Is Canceled02-20-13
Overdose Deaths Continue to Climb02-20-13
Finding Out Who Pays Your Doctor02-19-13
Drug Makers Increasingly Join Fight Against Doping02-19-13
Traces of Anxiety Drug May Affect Behavior in Fish02-15-13
A Workout Booster, and a Lawsuit02-14-13
Uphill Road for Plan to Cut Government’s Drug Costs02-15-13
Dispute Develops Over Discount Drug Program02-13-13
Rise in Drug Overdose Deaths 02-11-13
Novo Nordisk Shares Fall After Delay in Drugs’ Approval02-12-13
Irish Maker Sells Its Big MS Drug to Biogen02-07-13
Glaxo Plans to Cut Costs to Offset Weak Sales02-07-13
F.D.A. Demands More Tests of Novo Nordisk’s New Insulin to Gauge Heart Risks02-11-13
Treatment of A.D.H.D.02-07-13
Feeding a Disease With Fake Drugs02-05-13
A Tale of Adderall Abuse and Suicide02-05-13
Generics and Patient Safety02-05-13
Medicines Co. Buys Cholesterol Drug Rights02-04-13
A Drug Maker Objects02-04-13
Drowned in a Stream of Prescriptions02-03-13
Health Care’s Trick Coin02-02-13
Emergency Care for Allergy Attacks, Now in a New Shape02-02-13
Merck Delays Osteoporosis Drug02-02-13
Pfizer Spins Off Animal Health Unit in $2.2 Billion I.P.O. 01-31-13
European Officials Say Drug Makers Paid to Delay Generic Version02-01-13
Making ‘Every Patient Counts’ a Business Imperative01-31-13
F.D.A. Approves Genetic Drug to Treat Rare Disease01-30-13
Strong Gains for Pfizer and Lilly01-30-13
Biotech Firms, Billions at Risk, Lobby States to Limit Generics01-29-13
The Drug-Dose Gender Gap01-28-13
Keeping Blood Pressure in Check01-28-13
F.D.A. Panel to Vote on Restricting Drugs Like Vicodin01-26-13
Novartis Posts Increase In Profit on Flat Sales01-24-13
Vermont Lawmaker Moves to Repeal Protection for Drug Maker01-23-13
Allergan to Buy MAP Pharmaceuticals for $958 Million01-22-13
Amgen Gets a Gift From Congress01-23-13
Pancreatic Cancer Drug Found to Extend Life01-23-13
Medicare Pricing Delay Is Political Win for Drug Maker01-20-13
Police to Plant Fake Pill Bottles to Track Drugstore Robbers01-16-13
Roches Hires Academic to Take Lead on Research01-15-13
Man Taking Generic Drug Can Sue Branded Maker01-12-13
F.D.A. Advisory Panel Votes to Approve Diabetes Drug01-11-13
Children’s Flu Medicine in Short Supply01-10-13
Where Pills and Crime Collide01-10-13
F.D.A. Requires Cuts to Dosages of Sleep Drugs01-11-13
For Drug Users, a Swift Response Is the Best Medicine01-08-13
Massachusetts Plans Stricter Control of Compounding Pharmacies01-05-13
Biogen Gives Up on Drug for Lou Gehrig’s Disease01-04-13
Pill Could Join Arsenal Against Bedbugs12-31-12
Drug Makers Losing a Bid to Foil Generic Painkillers01-02-13
Biotech Players Lead a Boom in Cambridge01-02-13
Race and Medicine (2 Letters)--
The Confusion of Pill Coloring12-31-12
F.D.A. Approves New Tuberculosis Drug--
Questcor Finds Profits, at $28,000 a Vial12-30-12
F.D.A. Clears Anticlotting Drug by Bristol and Pfizer12-29-12
Drinking, Driving, Teenagers and New Year's Eve 12-27-12
From Bang to Whimper: A Heart Drug’s Story12-25-12
Drugs Aim to Make Several Types of Cancer Self-Destruct12-23-12
Image of the Day: Dec. 2112-21-12
Spencer Cox, AIDS Activist, Dies at 4412-21-12
Sales Growth Helps Rite Aid to First Profit Since 200712-21-12
Lilly Settles for $29.4 Million12-21-12
Merck Says Niacin Combination Drug Failed in Trial12-21-12
Amgen Workers Helped U.S. in Marketing Inquiry12-20-12
F.D.A. and States Discuss Regulation of Drug Compounders12-20-12
Amgen Agrees to Pay $762 Million in Drug Case12-19-12
Amgen Expected to Plead Guilty in U.S. Case12-18-12
Grapefruit Is a Culprit In More Drug Reactions12-17-12
New Cancer Treatments12-17-12
Quiet Doctor, Lavish Insider: A Parallel Life12-16-12
When the Doctor Is Not Needed12-16-12
F.D.A. Gives Early Approval to Drug for Rare Leukemia12-15-12
Lilly to Conduct Additional Study of Alzheimer’s Drug12-13-12
Drug Executive Faces Manslaughter Charges12-12-12
The 2,000-Year-Old Wonder Drug12-12-12
Coating on Aspirin Sets Off a Debate12-11-12
Let’s Gang Up on Killer Bugs12-10-12
Drugs Injected at the Racetrack Put Europe Off U.S. Horse Meat12-09-12
Justices to Take Up Generic Drug Case12-08-12
Living With Cancer: The Husks12-07-12
Queens Doctor Is Charged in Two Deaths12-07-12
Unused Pills Raise Issue of Disposal and Risks12-07-12
Lawsuit Challenges Ranbaxy’s Rights to Generic Drug12-07-12
One Man’s Battle Over Health Insurance12-07-12
Counterfeit Drugs12-06-12
Coating on Buffered Aspirin May Hide Its Heart-Protective Effects12-05-12
Generic Drug Makers See a Drought Ahead12-04-12
Ruling Is Victory for Drug Companies in Promoting Medicine for Other Uses12-04-12
Pharmaceuticals: GlaxoSmithKline Retains Top Ranking Measuring Outreach to Poor Countries12-04-12
A Health Insurance Detective Story12-02-12
Generic Drug Maker Stops Making Cholesterol Pill11-30-12
Counterfeit Medicines11-29-12
Brand-Name Drug Prices Rise Sharply, Report Says11-29-12
Late-Stage Cancers (1 Letter)11-27-12
A Stubborn Drug Shortage11-26-12
Hatching Ideas, and Companies, by the Dozens at M.I.T.11-25-12
Indian Company Recalls Generic Lipitor Doses11-24-12
A.D.H.D. Study Suggests Links Between Medication and Fewer Crimes11-22-12
Oversight Failures Documented in Meningitis Outbreak11-22-12
The Problem of Fake and Useless Drugs11-22-12
Counterfeit Medicines11-29-12
Brand-Name Drug Prices Rise Sharply, Report Says11-29-12
Late-Stage Cancers (1 Letter)11-27-12
A Stubborn Drug Shortage11-26-12
Hatching Ideas, and Companies, by the Dozens at M.I.T.11-25-12
Indian Company Recalls Generic Lipitor Doses11-24-12
A.D.H.D. Study Suggests Links Between Medication and Fewer Crimes11-22-12
Oversight Failures Documented in Meningitis Outbreak11-22-12
The Problem of Fake and Useless Drugs11-22-12
A.D.H.D. Study Suggests Links Between Medication and Fewer Crimes11-22-12
Oversight Failures Documented in Meningitis Outbreak11-22-12
The Problem of Fake and Useless Drugs11-22-12
Deadly Fake Medicines11-21-12
Brand-Name Drug Prices Rise Sharply, Report Says11-29-12
Late-Stage Cancers (1 Letter)11-27-12
A Stubborn Drug Shortage11-26-12
Hatching Ideas, and Companies, by the Dozens at M.I.T.11-25-12
Indian Company Recalls Generic Lipitor Doses11-24-12
Counterfeit Medicines11-29-12
Attacking Ailments With Small Doses11-09-12
F.D.A. Finds Safety Problems at Company Supplying Drugs11-13-12
Incredible Prices for Cancer Drugs11-13-12
Weighing the Evidence11-13-12
Saving a Program That Saves Lives11-14-12
Global Fund Sees Changes, Not All of Them Welcomed11-16-12
Drug Shortages Persist in U.S., Harming Care11-17-12
Deaths Stir a Dispute on Powers of F.D.A.11-20-12
Prosecutors Charge Former SAC Capital Trader in $276 Million Insider Scheme11-20-12
Deadly Fake Medicines11-21-12
Glaxo Opens Door to Data on Research10-11-12
As the Toll in the Meningitis Outbreak Rises10-11-12
My Lesson in the High Cost of Drugs for Pets10-10-12
Lawmakers Focus on Small Drugmakers as Meningitis Death Toll Rises10-10-12
Out-of-Control Compounding of Drugs10-10-12
Attention Disorder or Not, Pills to Help in School10-09-12
Eli Lilly Drug Shows Promise in Treating Mild Alzheimer’s10-09-12
Eli Lilly Drug Shows Promise In Treating Mild Alzheimer’s10-09-12
The Benefits of Valium10-08-12
Scant Oversight of Drug Maker in Fatal Meningitis Outbreak10-07-12
Valium Saved My Life10-06-12
Planning for Retirement? Don’t Forget Health Care Costs10-06-12
F.D.A. Says Avoid Drugs From Company Tied to Meningitis10-03-12
In a Drug Linked to a Deadly Meningitis Outbreak, a Question of Oversight10-05-12
Drug Shows Promise in Treating a Type of Muscular Dystrophy in Boys10-04-12
Drug Shows Promise in Treating Type of Muscular Dystrophy10-04-12
James E. Burke, 87, Dies; Candid Ex-Chief of Johnson & Johnson10-02-12
A Dangerous Remedy (2 Letters)10-02-12
International Donors Get Bayer to Cut Price 0f Implantable Birth Control for the Poor10-02-12
Valium’s Contribution to Our New Normal09-30-12
Russians Eagerly Participate in Medical Experiments, Despite Risks09-27-12
Guinea Pigs, for Their Health09-27-12
A Call for Caution on Antipsychotic Drugs09-25-12
Antibiotic Prescription? It May Depend on Where You Live09-25-12
Report Urges Update of Military Substance Abuse Strategies09-18-12
Jerome Horwitz, AZT Creator, Dies at 9309-21-12
Better Hepatitis C Treatment Is Costly for Prisons09-21-12
Rite Aid’s Second-Quarter Loss Narrows09-21-12
Swiss Drug Giant Picks Manhattan for Research Site09-20-12
Pill Found Promising In Treatment Of M.S.09-20-12
Drug Makers Join Efforts in Research09-20-12
Drug Makers in Joint Effort to Streamline Research09-20-12
Trauma: Manga as Medical Tool09-18-12
Fuel Pours In and the Beasts' Burden Grows09-19-12
Report Faults Military's Strategies on Drug and Alcohol Abuse 09-17-12
Many Struggling With Prescription Drug Costs09-13-12
The Trials of Cancer Trials09-13-12
Popular Antibiotics May Carry Serious Side Effects09-10-12
Valeant Sticks to Torrid Pace of Deal-Making09-04-12
Medicare Part D Premiums Holding Steady09-05-12
Mylan Invests in EpiPen as Child Allergies Increase09-07-12
Valeant to Buy Medicis, Maker of Dermatology Drugs09-03-12
Use of Antibiotics in Animals Raised for Food Defies Scrutiny09-03-12
Gr?thal Group Apologizes to Thalidomide Victims09-01-12
F.D.A. Approves Prostate Cancer Drug08-31-12
F.D.A. Approves Drug for Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome08-30-12
J.&J. Unit Settles State Cases Over Risperdal08-30-12
J.&J. Unit Settles State Cases Over Risperdal08-30-12
Humira From Abbott Supported for Ulcerative Colitis08-28-12
AstraZeneca’s Next C.E.O. Is Pascal Soriot of Roche08-28-12
F.D.A. Approves Once-a-Day Pill for H.I.V.08-27-12
Private Medicare Plans Find Success Despite Democrats’ Warnings08-25-12
How Long Do You Want to Live?08-25-12
Mixed Results in Lilly Test of Alzheimer’s Drug08-24-12
Bristol-Myers Ends Work on Hepatitis C Drug08-23-12
Clues to Fighting Cancer Are Found in the Genes of Yeast08-21-12
Get Antibiotics Off the Farm08-19-12
Amgen, Citing Weak Results, Halts Study of a Cancer Drug08-10-12
Pfizer Animal Health Unit Files for I.P.O.08-13-12
Beware the Nocebo Effect08-10-12
Amgen, Citing Weak Results, Halts Study of Pancreatic Cancer Drug08-09-12
Bristol Executive Is Accused of Inside Deals08-03-12
Prescription Skin Creams Jump in Price08-09-12
Pfizer Settles U.S. Charges of Overseas Bribery08-07-12
Alzheimer’s Drug Trials Halted by Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer08-06-12
Novartis and Penn Unite On Anticancer Approach08-06-12
China Arrests 2,000 in Counterfeit Drug Crackdown08-05-12
2,000 Arrested in China in Crackdown on Counterfeit Drugs08-05-12
Bristol-Myers to Suspend Hepatitis C Drug Study08-02-12
A Focus on AIDS, Past and Present08-02-12
Drug Settlements08-02-12
Ancestral Remedies to the Rescue08-01-12
Cost-Cutting Helps Pfizer Beat Expectations07-31-12
Imagine a World Without AIDS07-27-12
Helping Patients in Need07-27-12
The Long, Uphill Battle Against AIDS07-27-12
Baldness Battle, Fought in the Follicle07-28-12
For Big Drug Companies, a Headache Looms07-26-12
Deals to Keep Generic Drugs Off Market Get a Court Rebuff07-26-12
‘Pay-for-Delay’ Drug Case Moves Forward07-25-12
Eli Lilly and Bristol-Myers Profits Fall on Generic Drug Competition07-25-12
Doctors Petition for Limits on Painkillers07-25-12
Doctors Petition F.D.A. for Painkiller Limits07-25-12
The Challenge of Comparing Discount Drug-Card Prices 07-24-12
Alzheimer’s Drug Fails Its First Big Clinical Trial07-23-12
Antiretroviral Drug Resistance Growing for Africa AIDS Cases07-23-12
Glaxo and Rival Drug Firm Are Said to Be Near a Deal07-16-12
F.D.A. Approves Afinitor and Kyprolis for Breast Cancer and Myeloma07-20-12
Kerry Kennedy Cites Possible Seizure in Car Crash07-17-12
Some Legal Clarity on Generic Drugs07-17-12
F.D.A. Approves Qsymia, a Weight-Loss Drug07-17-12
Trial Hints Baxter’s Gammagard Can Slow Alzheimer’s07-17-12
Dozens Are Charged in Medicaid Drug Scheme07-17-12
U.S. Priority on Illegal Drugs Debated as Pill Abuse Rises07-16-12
Drug Approved to Fight H.I.V. Infection07-17-12
Despite Deal With TPG, Speculation That Par Could Garner Higher Bids07-16-12
Glaxo to Buy Human Genome Sciences for $3 Billion07-15-12
Glaxo Is Said to Be Near a Deal for Human Genome Sciences07-15-12
Glaxo Is Said to Be in Friendly Talks to Buy Human Genome Sciences07-15-12
Jokers Wild07-15-12
Dear F.D.A.: Stop Drugging Animals07-13-12
Drug Makers’ Growth Is Linked to Emerging Markets07-12-12
Rare Gene Mutation Is Found to Stave Off Alzheimer’s07-11-12
Drug Makers’ Growth Seen in Emerging Markets07-12-12
Some Doctors Cash In by Being Their Own Pharmacist07-11-12
Some Physicians Making Millions Selling Drugs07-11-12
F.D.A. Rejects Mandatory Training in Painkillers for Doctors07-09-12
F.D.A. Expedites Review of New Uses for Xarelto, an Anticlotting Drug07-09-12
Drug Firm Guilty In Criminal Case07-03-12
OxyContin’s Effect on Children in Testing by Purdue Pharma07-06-12
Three Mutual Funds That Turned Back the Tide of Losses07-07-12
Many Fatal Overdoses Linked to Methadone07-09-12
Bristol-Myers Squibb to Buy Amylin for $7 Billion06-30-12
India May Provide Free Drugs at State-Run Hospitals07-05-12
OraQuick At-Home H.I.V. Test Wins F.D.A. Approval07-03-12
The Consumer: Combating Acid Reflux May Bring Host of Ills06-26-12
Childhood: Fewer Drugs for Allergies, More for A.D.H.D.06-26-12
More Women Seek Over-the-Counter Sexual Remedies07-02-12
Quad Once-a-Day Pill Tests Better Than Other Regimens07-02-12
GlaxoSmithKline Agrees to Pay $3 Billion in Fraud Settlement07-02-12
Saddened Town Recalls History With Drug Giant Roche07-01-12
Arthritis Drug Study06-29-12
In Health Care Ruling, Investors See a Mixed Blessing06-28-12
Insurance Stocks, Including Cigna and Aetna, Flag; Hospital Shares Gain06-28-12
Diet Drug Gains F.D.A. Endorsement06-27-12
F.D.A. Delays Action on Eliquis From Pfizer and Bristol-Myers06-25-12
Combating Acid Reflux May Bring Host of Ills06-25-12
Roche to Shut Down Former U.S. Headquarters, After 83 Years06-26-12
Prescription Drug to Aid Weight Loss Wins F.D.A. Backing06-27-12
Pediatric Prescriptions Down for Allergies, Up for A.D.H.D.06-25-12
In Documents on Pain Drug Celebrex, Signs of Doubt and Deception06-24-12
Newswallah: Long Reads Edition06-24-12
Former N.F.L. Quarterback Leaf Sentenced to Addiction Treatment06-20-12
Roche and Seaside Team Up to Develop Autism Drugs06-19-12
Move to Restrict Painkillers Founders in Congress06-18-12
Genentech Breast Cancer Drug Wins Approval06-09-12
Justices Back Drug Industry on Overtime06-18-12
Texas Medicaid Overhaul Means Pain for Some Pharmacists06-14-12
E-Mails Highlight Extent of Obama’s Deal With Industry on Health Care06-08-12
When Children Take Drugs to Succeed06-11-12
Experimental Surgery Targets Stubbornly High Blood Pressure06-11-12
Genentech Wins Approval For New Breast Cancer Drug06-08-12
Johnson & Johnson Reserves Funds for Settlement06-08-12
In New Mexico, Battling Prescription Drug Use That Leads to Overdoses06-08-12
Drug Maker Endo Gets Input in House Bill on Generics05-30-12
CITY ROOM; 14 Are Accused in Operation Of Open-Air Drug Markets05-24-12
Game Is Designed to Help Doctors to Spot Drug Abuse05-26-12
Glaxo Said to Aim to Replace Human Genome's Board05-31-12
A New Class of Cancer Drugs May Be Less Toxic05-31-12
Drug Helps Immune System Fight Cancer06-01-12
Painkillers Add Costs and Delays to Workplace Injuries06-02-12
In Study, Drug Delays Worsening of Breast Cancer, With Fewer Side Effects06-03-12
Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease Shows Promise06-03-12
GlaxoSmithKline Melanoma Drug Prolongs Patients’ Lives06-04-12
Cheap vs. Expensive Drugs06-04-12
Deal Announced on Reporting of Prescriptions in Real Time06-05-12
Miralax, a Drug for Adults, Is Popular as a Children’s Remedy05-25-12
Senate Backs Bill to Speed Drugs and Avert Shortages05-24-12
Senate Passes Bipartisan Bill on New Medicines05-24-12
F.D.A. Panel Votes Against Expansion of Anticoagulant05-23-12
Fake and Substandard Drugs Grow as Threat to Fight Malaria05-21-12
Tailoring Treatments for Alcoholics05-21-12
A New Attack on Alzheimer’s05-20-12
A Stem-Cell-Based Drug Gets Approval in Canada05-17-12
WELL; F.D.A. Is Wary Of Lengthy Use Of Bone Drugs05-10-12
Zytiga, a Prostate Cancer Drug, Does Well in Trial05-17-12