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Research Highlights--
Stretching sensors by confinement--
Core promoters across the genome--
Exploring protein sequence?function landscapes--
Industrializing rare disease therapy discovery and development--
Situating brain regions among patent rights and moral risks--
Recent patents in single-cell analysis and microfluidics--
Fresh from the biotech pipeline?2016--
So you want to be a student entrepreneur?--
Novartis snaps up Selexys for sickle cell--
Drug pipeline: 4Q16--
GE to boost yields with Synpromics' synthetic promoters--
AACR makes public 19,000 cancer genomes--
Shire divests mRNA platform to RaNa--
Jun Wang's iCarbonX heads consortium using AI in health and wellness--
Grail to pour $1 billion into blood test to detect early cancer--
Spinal muscular atrophy approval boosts antisense drugs--
Roche breaks with PacBio, opts for Genia--
The problem with neoantigen prediction--
Cas9-triggered chain ablation of cas9 as a gene drive brake--
Precision and robustness of 2D-NMR for structure assessment of filgrastim biosimilars--
Evolving Japanese regulations on companion diagnostics--
Fresh from the biotech pipeline?2015--
Preparing for crises--
FDA approves three different multiple myeloma drugs in one month--
2015?another banner year for biotech--
Drug pipeline Q4 2015--
Chimera research under the spotlight--
Proteasome play C4 debuts--
Direct Genomics revives Helicos sequencing system for China's hospitals--
New partner for Galapagos JAK drug--
Biotechs target stagnant baldness market--
CRISPR patents to go on trial--
Bayer joins CRISPR--
Research not fit to print--
FDA approves 'farmaceutical' drug from transgenic chickens--
Obama's cancer moonshot--
NIH innovation investment pays--
Dogs, humans and lymphoma therapy--
Rebooting review--
IDO inhibitors move center stage in immuno-oncology--
Apple's ResearchKit frees medical research--
Pfizer's CDK4/6 inhibitor approved for advanced breast cancer--
NIH innovation investment pays--
Obama catapults patient-empowered Precision Medicine--
Bavarian Nordic's prostate vaccine hits pay dirt--
20-year-old EMA's birthday bash--
Nonbrowning GM apple cleared for market--
Around the world in a month--
Monsanto adds dicamba to its cache to counter weed threat--
Engineers of scent--
First Rounders Podcast: Kari Stefansson--
Academic partnerships 2014--
The quintessence of immunogenicity reporting for biotherapeutics--
Silence on the relevant literature and errors in implementation--
Response to Letter of Correspondence ? Bastiaens et al.--
Opportunities for drug repositioning from phenome-wide association studies--
Epigenomic annotation of genetic variants using the Roadmap Epigenome Browser--
Are the gene-patent storm clouds dissipating? A global snapshot--
Double-blind peer review--
Roche spends $1 billion on Foundation Medicine's tumor profiling--
Obama 2016 budget calls for Precision Medicine--
$1-million price tag set for Glybera gene therapy--
House proposes 21st Century Cures--
FDA's Hamburg steps down--
Amgen's bispecific antibody puffs across finish line--
Smartphone HIV test--
Myriad settles BRCA disputes and moves on--
First US biosimilar edges towards market--
Scotts' GM grass grows free from regulation--
Next-generation stem cell therapy poised to enter EU market--
Around the world in a month--
AstraZeneca adopts CRISPR across drug discovery--
FDA strips breakthrough status--
Shire bags NPS, including newly approved biologic for hypoparathyroidism--
Weight loss 'electroceutical' device wins FDA okay--
Drugging the gut microbiome--
Keys to the kingdom--
HIV immunity goes direct--
Rarefied drug pricing--
Genentech to salvage anti-MET antibody with subgroup analysis--
Fecal transplantation poses dilemma for FDA--
Better than breakthrough scheme snags--
Patenting natural products just got harder--
HIV treatment study clears virus, sends Sangamo stock soaring--
Illumina incubates innovators--
Oral immunotherapy approved--
Pfizer matchmakers in Asia--
Venter to sequence longevity--
Indiana jumps the biosimilars gun--
Around the world in a month--
Drug pipeline: 1Q14--
1Q14?Companies flush, investors snatch profits--
Going it alone--
Surveying the best in translation--
Reducing the burden of disclosure for public biotech companies--
iGEM 2.0?refoundations for engineering biology--
Sex-ratio-biasing constructs for the control of invasive lower vertebrates--
Genome editing for all--
Immune-checkpoint inhibitors march on, now in combinations--
Ablynx checkpoint agents lure Merck--
Mitochondrial medicine--
Leptin therapy gains FDA approval--
Epilepsy neurodevice approved--
AAV gene therapy continues to woo investors--
Cheerios alert--
Circadian rhythm drug approved--
Engineered tracheas, corneas and arteries enter clinical testing--
Fraunhofer to mine Sanofi microbial collection--
First royal to have genome sequenced--
Cancer trial assesses clinical benefit of gene-targeted treatment--
Ten large companies join NIH to speed up drug discovery--
Around the world in a month--
Drought-tolerant varieties begin global march--
Gene editing at CRISPR speed--
Academic-industry partnerships 2013--
First Rounders: Michael West--
HIV eradication?from Berlin to Boston--
Is this really the RNAissance?--
Markets, venture investors and big pharma interest in RNAi soars--
First integrin inhibitor since Tysabri nears approval for IBD--
GSK picks six cancer research centers--
Intercept price quadruples in a day--
Amgen and Regeneron push for a genetic renaissance in drug discovery--
BMS sells diabetes business--
First recombinant Factor XIII approved--
Around the world in a month--
Myriad diversifies, fights rearguard action on patents--
Microbes unite Novozymes and Monsanto--
Roche bets on alpha-synuclein for Parkinson's--
Acquiring orphans--
Startups on the menu: Circuit Therapeutics--
Interactive visualization and analysis of large-scale sequencing datasets using ZENBU--
OpenSWATH enables automated, targeted analysis of data-independent acquisition MS data--
ProteomeXchange provides globally coordinated proteomics data submission and dissemination--
From the analyst's couch: The outlook for biotech exits--
Nature Biotechnology's academic spinouts of 2013--
In this issue--
Search and development--
Milestone approval lifts Illumina's NGS from research into clinic--
Investor stampede for CARs--
Imbruvica?next big drug in B-cell cancer?approved by FDA--
Shire shifts towards rare diseases--
Illumina claims $1,000 genome win--
PARP inhibitors' revival--
Celgene's multibillion spree on Oncomed/NYC--
Master Protocol for squamous cell lung cancer readies for launch--
It's official: biologics are pharma's darlings--
Boston quartet revamps biopsies--
Setback for JAK2 inhibitors--
UK boosts discovery tools--
Around the world in a month--
Fresh from the biotech pipeline?2013--
Drug pipeline 4Q13--
2013?biotech back in the saddle--
Innovative startups 2013--
Biologic product identification and US pharmacovigilance in the biosimilars era--
Irresistible force meets immoveable object--
FDA approvals usher in the post-interferon era in HCV--
Sequenom falls after judge invalidates Down's patent--
NextCODE to mine Icelandic genetic wealth--
Genentech's glyco-engineered antibody to succeed Rituxan--
10,000 rare-disease genomes sequenced--
23andMe's designer baby patent--
Pfizer and Lilly shoulder novel pain-drug risks--
FDA halts then allows sales of Ariad's leukemia medication--
Millionaire's gift to San Diego--
FDA tows personalized line--
Around the world in a month--
Companion therapeutics--
The view beyond venture capital--
First Rounders Podcast: Harvey Berger--
Basic research is often best appreciated in retrospect--
GM food in the public mind?facts are not what they used to be--
The necessity of GM food for India--
A cancer trial scandal and its regulatory backlash--
What's fueling the biotech engine?2012 to 2013--
Do you really want to be a biotech board member?--
Startups on the Menu: Archimedes--
Just the facts, please--
Reply to Just the facts, please--
Science-based risk assessment requires careful evaluation of all studies--
The INN crowd--
Phase 3 data for PCSK9 inhibitor wows--
Appetite for cheaper biologics spreads across the map--
Regado's aptamer lines up against anticoagulants--
Mesoblast acquires Osiris' stem cell business--
Italy blocks controversial stem cell therapy--
Biocon's first-in-class anti-CD6 mAb reaches the market--
Monsanto buys Climate Corporation for $1.1 billion--
First-in-class guanylate cyclase stimulator approved for PAH--
JDRF teams with VC PureTech to promote startups--
J&J in trio of European deals--
GSK plows ahead with EMA malaria vaccine submission--
Around the world in a month--
Burning bright--
Receptive to replication--
Drugs with breakthrough status charm investors--
Otsuka snaps up cancer drugmaker Astex--
Biosimilars legislation state by state--
Newborns sequenced at NIH--
First-in-class anemia drug takes aim at Amgen's dominion--
Argos attracts unorthodox backers--
Monoclonal T-cell receptor drugs pique pharma's interest--
UCSD researcher shot by cofounder--
Anti-infective monoclonals step in where antimicrobials fail--
GM crop protection act fizzles--
Around the world in a month--
3Q13?IPOs continue to roar--
Drug pipeline 3Q13--
Vaccines for pandemics--
In search of dry powder--
Lack of detectable oral bioavailability of plant microRNAs after feeding in mice--
Reply to Lack of detectable oral bioavailability of plant microRNAs after feeding in mice--
Making the biotech IPO work--
Health technology assessments and innovation--
In need of an upgrade--
Amgen swallows Onyx whole--
Courts defer ruling on science--
China clampdown on GSK linked to drug costs--
First mass spectrometry diagnostic approved in US--
Scripps boosts research coffers by selling reagents to Sigma-Aldrich--
Elan's Irish tax allure--
Neurodevice startups target peripheral nervous system--
Korea's 9 billion injection--
Mars collaborates to sequence Africa's neglected food crops--
From the bottom of a DNA cocktail glass--
India's onslaught on drug patents continues--
Around the world in a month--
Big oil turns on biofuels--
Top US universities, institutes for life sciences in 2012--
What is the point of large-scale collections of human induced pluripotent stem cells?--
A proposal to use gamete cycling in vitro to improve crops and livestock--
The regulatory landscape for actively personalized cancer immunotherapies--
Contrary to popular belief--
J&J courts biotech in clusters--
Doubts raised over 'read-through' Duchenne drug mechanism--
Swedish deals surge--
Synthetic biology goes industrial--
Europe's first copy-cat antibody--
Amgen best-seller challenged by generics--
iPS cells in humans--
First Axl inhibitor enters clinical trials--
Monsanto waves white flag--
Forma skips tech transfer brokers--
Greenpeace campaign prompts Philippine ban on Bt eggplant trials--
Around the world in a month--
Biotechs to tap into Horizon 2020's $93 billion--
Drug pipeline 2Q13--
At the frontiers of lung fibrosis therapy--
Top 20 translational researchers in 2012--
Falling prices and unfair competition in consumer genomics--
The ethics of participant-led biomedical research--
Open to interpretation--
Myriad decision aftershocks ripple through biotech--
UCLA and GSK reconcile--
BARDA to pick and choose next-generation antibiotics--
French scorn Sunshine--
Melanoma combination therapies ward off tumor resistance--
Dengue clinches Takeda deal--
Indiana's game-changing venture--
Paper firm to improve poor farmers' crops--
Volunteer GM wheat, mischief or carelessness?--
Around the world in a month--
SARS-like virus reignites ownership feuds--
2Q13?an IPO revival--
Spreading biotech dollars around Washington--
Stock options and beyond--
Startups on the Menu--
Heritable gene targeting in the mouse and rat using a CRISPR-Cas system--
Simultaneous generation and germline transmission of multiple gene mutations in rat using CRISPR-Cas systems--
Targeted genome modification of crop plants using a CRISPR-Cas system--
Multiplex and homologous recombination?mediated genome editing in Arabidopsis and Nicotiana benthamiana using guide RNA and Cas9--
Myriad diagnostic concerns--
Thermo Fisher vies for Life Technologies' sequencing market--
cDNA is patentable, but not genes--
Investors start backing hearing loss treatments--
Innovators under 36, please--
First microRNA mimic enters clinic--
India blacklisted--
Crowdsourced contest identifies best-in-class breast cancer prognostic--
GSK shares spoils with Avalon--
Argentina cuts GM red tape--
Court injunction threatens clinical data transparency push--
Around the world in a month--
Fecal transplants to follow FDA rules--
Willem 'Pim' Stemmer 1957?2013--
Banking on cord blood stem cells--
University biotech patenting--
The case for semi-mandatory HPV vaccination in China--
Rapid growth of seaweed biotechnology provides opportunities for developing nations--
Read and assembly metrics inconsequential for clinical utility of whole-genome sequencing in mapping outbreaks--
Genomic testing reaches into the womb--
What price affordable access?--
SGLT2 inhibitors enter crowded diabetes space--
Million veterans sequenced--
Amgen announces oncolytic virus shrinks tumors--
Family offices bolster early-stage financing--
Japanese pharmas unite for poorest--
San Diego survives Amylin shock--
AstraZeneca juggernaut heads for Cambridge--
DuPont pays $1.75 for Monsanto next-gen traits--
Around the world in a month--
US Congress moves to 'protect' GM crop plantings--
$350 million in new funding for brain research--
Galecto Biotech--
Drug pipeline: 1Q13--
Inducing translation--
A personal account of translating discoveries in an academic lab--
The Langer Lab's secret sauce--
Startups on the menu--
The cancer megafund: a catalyst for disruptive innovation--
The cancer megafund: determinants of success--
Third oral MS drug wins FDA nod--
Do no harm--
Raising standards--
Drugmakers plow more resources into autism--
Billions spent on rare diseases--
Footrace to clinic heats up for T-cell nuclear receptor inhibitors--
Gleevec loses Indian patent battle--
Synthetic peptide allergy vaccine shows efficacy--
Second oral MS drug wins FDA nod--
Chronic fatigue first on FDA agenda--
FDA moves on breakthrough therapies--
Around the world in a month--
China overhauls drug regulation agency--
No-fee university licenses spur biotech partnerships--
Principia Biopharma--
1Q13'stocks reach all-time high--
Antimicrobial peptides stage a comeback--
Academic-industry partnerships 2012--
A P3G generic access agreement for population genomic studies--
When bad science makes good headlines: Bt maize and regulatory bans--
Bad doctor--
In this issue--
Laying better plans for mice--
Building a wall against biosimilars--
Companies 'going long' generate sequencing buzz at Marco Island--
FDA dashes Novo's hopes--
Mouse platforms jostle for slice of humanized antibody market--
Farmer threat to Monsanto recedes--
Biosimilars battle rages on, Amgen fights both sides--
Three deaths sink Affymax--
Monsanto buys microbes--
Sequestration to slash research grants and delay biosimilars--
Canadian visas woo entrepreneurs--
Spain nudges biotech from nest--
Japan punts on regenerative medicine--
Around the world in a month--
Urea cycle disorder drug approved--
Alliance to bolster translation of academic R&D assets--
Trends in microbiome research--
Brazil, Canada and South Africa bullish on agbiotech--
The startup bugs--
Life sciences venture capital in emerging markets--
Patent landscaping for life sciences innovation: toward consistent and transparent practices--
Longitudinal thinking--
Antisense battles small molecule for slice of rare lipid disorder market--
Industry pursues co-stimulatory receptor immunomodulators to treat cancer--
Amgen fined $762 million--
Biotech bonanza hits UK--
FDA okays IT-powered trial--
Personalized, sequencing-based immune profiling spurs startups--
Another blow for ALS--
SBIR widens cash net--
Drug-proof grapefruit--
Blockbuster dreams for Pfizer's CDK inhibitor--
Around the world in a month--
Water stress survivors--
Wyss Institute to rise in Merck Serono shell--
Drug pipeline: Q412--
Back on target--
Innovative startups 2012--
Dishing out cancer treatment--
Amgen punts on deCODE's genetics know-how--
Chinese investors tap US biotechs--
First novel anti-tuberculosis drug in 40 years--
Citizen microbiome--
Gilead widens cancer focus--
Isis inks two antisense deals--
Forty fight rust and rot--
Exelixis debuts in rare cancer--
First drug for short-bowel--
Startups, inventors cheer European unified patent--
Egg-free flu vaccines--
UK science's Christmas gift--
BioTime acquires Geron's stem cell program--
Brüstle patent holds up in Germany--
Industry backs biocatalysis for greener manufacturing--
All conflicts of interest in one site--
Around the world in a month--
2012?Bullish for big biotech--
Failure to launch--
Pfizer's first-in-class JAK inhibitor pricey for rheumatoid arthritis market--
MEK inhibitor nears approval--
Cardiac stem cell therapies inch toward clinical litmus test--
IOM smacks down California Institute of Regenerative Medicine--
Anthrax drug first antibacterial mAb to win approval--
India flouts patent for blockbuster biologic--
Kite and NCI partner on T cells--
Pan-African genomics--
Threat to global GM soybean access as patent nears expiry--
Banking iPS cells--
Algal biofuels questioned--
Around the world in a month--
There and back again--
The challenge of personal genomics in Germany--
The International Serious Adverse Events Consortium's data sharing model--
Lack of evidence for existence of noncanonical RNA editing--
Human embryonic stem cells commonly display large mitochondrial DNA deletions--
Knockout mice created by TALEN-mediated gene targeting--
The evolving landscape of plant varietal rights in the United States, 1930?2008--
Where have the flagships gone?--
Kits herald new wave of genomics diagnostics for cancer--
First gene therapy approved--
Companies in footrace to deliver RNAi--
Merck tests needle-free vaccines--
Linked-in for angels--
Orphans' matchmaker--
Bacterial shield for seeds--
Belgian biotech's clot-buster approved for aging eyes--
Chinese genomics giant BGI plots commercial path--
Cuts loom over research and industry following Obama re-election--
Around the world in a month--
FDA to oversee reporting of clinical trials--
Drug pipeline: Q312--
Q312: Biotech on a roll--
Weathering a storm--
Harmonizing policy on human genetic resources and benefit sharing--
Strengthening African R&D through effective transfer of tropical crop biotech to African institutions--
Can genomics boost productivity of orphan crops?--
A prototrophic deletion mutant collection for yeast metabolomics and systems biology--
In this issue--
Around the world in a month--
In this issue--
Around the world in a month--
Stranger in a strange land?--
Assuring the quality of next-generation sequencing in clinical laboratory practice--
Biotech crowdfunding paves way for angels--
The New York Genome Center--
The battle for sequencing supremacy--
Direct-to-consumer genomics reinvents itself--
GM phobia spreads in South Asia--
Media leaps on French study claiming GM maize carcinogenicity--
Opposition thaws for GM crops in Africa--
Around the world in a month--
Biosurveillance plan unveiled--
Calamitous HCV trial casts shadow over nucleoside drugs--
Deals center on self-reported patient data services--
Commission calls for genomic privacy--
Next-generation proteasome inhibitor approved in multiple myeloma--
Interest resparks in RNAi--
Miniature wireless sensors presage smart phone medicine--
Deal validates DARPins--
In this issue--
Knocking on the clinic door--
The battle for sequencing supremacy--
Direct-to-consumer genomics reinvents itself--
Stranger in a strange land?--
Assuring the quality of next-generation sequencing in clinical laboratory practice--
Media leaps on French study claiming GM maize carcinogenicity--
Opposition thaws for GM crops in Africa--
Around the world in a month--
Biotech crowdfunding paves way for angels--
The New York Genome Center--
Calamitous HCV trial casts shadow over nucleoside drugs--
Deals center on self-reported patient data services--
Commission calls for genomic privacy--
GM phobia spreads in South Asia--
Next-generation proteasome inhibitor approved in multiple myeloma--
Interest resparks in RNAi--
Miniature wireless sensors presage smart phone medicine--
Deal validates DARPins--
Biosurveillance plan unveiled--
In this issue--
Knocking on the clinic door--
Assuring the quality of next-generation sequencing in clinical laboratory practice--
Stranger in a strange land?--
Direct-to-consumer genomics reinvents itself--
The battle for sequencing supremacy--
The New York Genome Center--
Biotech crowdfunding paves way for angels--
Opposition thaws for GM crops in Africa--
Media leaps on French study claiming GM maize carcinogenicity--
GM phobia spreads in South Asia--
Commission calls for genomic privacy--
Deals center on self-reported patient data services--
Calamitous HCV trial casts shadow over nucleoside drugs--
Biosurveillance plan unveiled--
Deal validates DARPins--
Miniature wireless sensors presage smart phone medicine--
Interest resparks in RNAi--