News Archive of FierceVaccines

Merck, J&J, Pfizer consider joining Zika vaccine race02-03-16
Pfizer's vaccine sales leap in 2015 thanks to Prevnar 1302-02-16
Affinivax nets another $2.5M from Gates Foundation to advance Prevnar competitor02-05-16
UT Southwestern team creates new drug that could aid in vaccine development02-03-16
NCI's Cancer Centers join in HPV vaccination push02-03-16
As corporate restructuring looms, Sanofi's vaccines deliver in 201502-09-16
GSK's vax revenues jump in 2015 while profit, margin slip02-05-16
GlaxoSmithKline signs two new vaccine R&D partnerships02-10-16
Bavarian Nordic launches MRSA vaccine effort with partner Evaxion02-10-16
Zika update: Vaccine race swells, PaxVax CEO on how to stop 'chasing epidemics'02-10-16
Study: Serum Institute's powdered measles vaccine inferior to traditional jab04-16-15
Healthcare systems could benefit from covering HPV vaccine in boys, study says04-16-15
Merck takes its Ebola vaccine to Phase III in Sierra Leone04-16-15
Aduro swings for the fences with $119M IPO04-15-15
Janssen looks to Ichor's electroporation delivery system for hep B jab04-14-15
AstraZeneca's MedImmune gets RSV candidate fast-tracked04-13-15
Duke University scores $20M from NIH to develop HIV vaccine04-09-15
Kathrin Jansen named head of Pfizer vaccine R&D04-09-15
Sanofi 'flipping the model' for high-stakes dengue rollout04-09-15
Northwest Bio gets $40M more for controversial brain cancer vaccine04-09-15
Sanofi teams up with VBI Vaccines to improve vaccine stability04-07-15
GSK relocates vaccine R&D to Maryland with new global center04-07-15
Analysts: GSK shingles vaccine could steal market share from Merck's Zostavax04-02-15
Pfizer pulls vaccines sales business out of China04-02-15
Teva signs 5-year contract to supply DOD with adenovirus vaccine04-02-15
GlaxoSmithKline and Merck Ebola vaccines succeed in Phase II Liberian trials04-01-15
Sanofi, Merck win EMA nod for Gardasil 904-01-15
GSK finally seals U.K. Bexsero deal for £20 per dose03-30-15
GlaxoSmithKline takes TB vaccine to Phase IIb03-26-15
Sanofi continues pediatric vaccine push with FDA Quadracel nod03-26-15
Chinese Ebola vaccine based on current strain looks safe in PhI 03-26-15
Emergent BioSolutions nabs government funds to test new-and-improved Anthrax vaccine03-26-15
Germany's cost watchdog decides Valeant's Provenge has added benefit after all03-24-15
GSK, U.K. 'hopeful' they can strike a Bexsero price deal soon03-23-15
Cancer vaccine maker Aduro files for $86M IPO03-19-15
Sanofi's Shantha ready to supply 37 million doses of long-delayed pentavalent jab03-18-15
Allergy Therapeutics scores $30M to finish grass allergy vaccine03-19-15
GSK to test Ebola jab with booster from Emergent BioSolutions03-18-15
England to provide GSK MenW vaccine to 3 million teens03-13-15
More vaccines deals for Pfizer? It wouldn't say no, exec says03-13-15
Combo-happy Diamyd launches new diabetes vaccine trial in children03-12-15
Analyst: Ebola vaccine developers 'need to weigh risks' as cases dwindle03-12-15
Smallpox vaccine helps Bavarian Nordic net first full-year profit in 5 years 03-12-15
Gates Foundation puts $52M behind CureVac, following Sanofi, Boehringer's lead03-12-15
Takeda transfers HPV vaccine rights as it continues globalization push03-11-15
Bharat's $1 rotavirus vaccine rolls out in India to challenge GSK, Merck03-10-15
Bristol-Myers bets $1B on Bavarian Nordic cancer vaccine03-05-15
Pfizer scores new Prevenar indication in Europe03-05-15
J&J, Merck to advance Ebola vaccines in Africa, but their fate rests in WHO's hands03-05-15
With 77 layoffs, Valeant gets to work squeezing costs from Dendreon03-04-15
CIA abandons use of vaccine programs for spying05-21-14
Kymab, Gates Foundation to team up for malaria, HIV antigen discovery05-19-14
Sanofi C. diff vaccine shows immune response in PhII trial05-19-14
Mayo Clinic: Massive dose of measles vax killed cancer05-15-14
Computer model can boost child vaccination rates while cutting costs05-15-14
MERS an 'emerging market opportunity,' Novavax CFO says05-15-14
People most in need of Merck's shingles jab often not vaccinated05-15-14
Sanofi steps up meningitis marketing amid lagging Menactra sales05-13-14
Pfizer prepares to file for approval with positive PhII MenB data05-09-14
Glaxo, Sanofi ready to supply vaccines amid polio emergency05-08-14
AstraZeneca merger could bring the vaccines heft Pfizer's been looking for05-08-14
Parents not always swayed to vaccinate children during disease outbreaks05-08-14
Insurance companies thwart uptake of Merck's Gardasil in boys05-08-14
Sanofi's Shan5 overcomes manufacturing setback to score thumbs up from WHO05-05-14
Positive H7N9 data could help Novartis hawk flu vax business05-02-14
Takeda wins $70M from Japan to bump up H5N1 vaccine production05-01-14
Looking to sales growth, Merck rolls out vaccine adherence plan05-01-14
Pentaxim supply delay weighs down Sanofi earnings04-29-14
Sanofi turns out positive PhIII data in quest for dengue blockbuster04-28-14
Need for malaria vaccine grows as climate change threatens disease spread04-25-14
Experts: MERS vaccine is possible--but is it worth it?04-25-14
Tetanus shot stored at higher temperatures as effective as cold chain-stored jab04-24-14
Sinovac scores $9.6M Chinese grant for new hand, foot and mouth disease vaccine04-24-14
Immune discovery puts vaccine for H. pylori closer in sight04-24-14
MERS vaccine to ease outbreak within 6 months, virologist says04-24-14
Takeda wins $70M from Japan to bump up H5N1 vaccine production05-01-14
Looking to sales growth, Merck rolls out vaccine adherence plan05-01-14
Pentaxim supply delay weighs down Sanofi earnings04-29-14
Sanofi turns out positive PhIII data in quest for dengue blockbuster04-28-14
Need for malaria vaccine grows as climate change threatens disease spread04-25-14
Experts: MERS vaccine is possible--but is it worth it?04-25-14
Tetanus shot stored at higher temperatures as effective as cold chain-stored jab04-24-14
Sinovac scores $9.6M Chinese grant for new hand, foot and mouth disease vaccine04-24-14
Immune discovery puts vaccine for H. pylori closer in sight04-24-14
MERS vaccine to ease outbreak within 6 months, virologist says04-24-14
Novartis bids farewell to vaccines with $7.1B sale to GSK04-22-14
U.K. health secretary asks Novartis CEO for Bexsero price cut04-21-14
Merck, Sanofi hope for sales expansion with two-dose Gardasil switch04-17-14
Ebola deaths rise to 135 as vaccine research lags04-17-14
Sanofi and Pitt join up to test wannabe dengue blockbuster04-17-14
New Novartis director will implement Bexsero on U.K. immunization program04-16-14
Whooping cough mutations may be weakening vaccine effectiveness04-16-14
Dynavax initiates PhIII study it hopes will quell FDA's safety concerns04-16-14
Report: Emergency flu vaccine manufacturing site will be online by 201704-10-14
Chili's cancels fundraiser for anti-vax org; EU approves Joint Procurement; Cash incentives up hep B vax rates for drug users;04-10-14
Colorado Senate hears vaccine bill testimony04-10-14
WHO offers road map for new vaccine introduction04-09-14
Merck KGaA lung cancer vaccine gets a second shot with start of PhIII trial04-09-14
Novartis' Bexsero wins FDA 'breakthrough' status04-07-14
Amgen's closely watched melanoma prospect misses PhIII survival endpoint04-04-14
Mutations during vaccine making weakened last year's flu jab04-03-14
GSK will tailor vaccine portfolio, improve access as part of wider Africa initiative04-03-14
GlaxoSmithKline admits defeat in PhIII cancer vaccine trial04-02-14
CDC: Flu vaccination cuts children's risk for intensive care hospitalization04-02-14
Trump's Twitter tirade blames vaccines for autism increase03-31-14
Vaccines sale figures into Baxter's breakup plans03-27-14
Colorado vaccine bill: Necessary education or treating parents like 'idiots?'03-27-14
Buzz: Baxter is considering selling its vaccine unit03-27-14
'Breakthrough' nod for Pfizer MenB candidate sets up showdown with Bexsero03-25-14
Government H5N1 vaccine orders drive jump in sales at Sinovac03-25-14
PhIII fail further dents hopes for GSK's cancer vaccine03-25-14
Novartis' Bexsero wins U.K. recommendation in government U-turn03-25-14
Sanofi inks a Korean alliance to develop a pneumococcal vaccine03-20-14
Circassia begins trading in London following successful IPO03-20-14
Failure of sexual health clinics to offer HPV vaccine leaves high-risk groups vulnerable03-19-14
Survey: 1 in 5 Americans think doctors know vaccines cause autism03-18-14
Amgen posts positive PhIII data as judgement day for cancer vax bet nears03-17-14
Novartis to submit Bexsero to FDA in Q203-17-14
Analysts offer mixed reactions to Pfizer's Prevnar 13 data closeup 03-13-14
U.K. mulls adopting a 2-dose model for HPV vaccination03-13-14
ImmusanT waits on early clinical data for its celiac disease vaccine03-13-14
Northwest Bio, NewLink proceed with cancer vax trials to mixed reviews03-13-14
Study: Vaccinating diabetics against flu cuts risk of death by 28%03-10-14
Daiichi misses H5N1 vaccine production goal after low yields slash output03-10-14
Sanofi makes inactive polio vax available to poor countries for a buck a dose03-06-14
Antibody discovery opens new avenue for HIV vaccine development03-06-14
Study: Merck's Gardasil halves risk of precancerous lesions03-06-14
Report: U.K. facing $100M compensation payout relating to GSK's swine flu vaccine03-04-14
Study: Pro-vaccine messages can intensify immunization opposition03-04-14
CDC reports switch to two-dose regimen of Merck's chickenpox vaccine a success03-03-14
CDC is 'not unduly alarmed' by cases of a polio-like illness in California02-27-14
Taiwan's Adimmune targets June start for mass production of bird flu vaccine02-27-14
MMR vaccine linked to fall in respiratory-related hospitalizations02-26-14
H1N1's dominance this flu season makes quadrivalent vaccines' broader protection moot02-24-14
Data mining study links seasonal flu vaccine to 24% drop in likelihood of stroke02-24-14
Pfizer reports its huge trial of Prevnar has met its primary and secondary goals 02-24-14
India is pushing GSK and Merck to slash the cost of HPV vaccines02-19-14
Chinese researchers see pandemic potential in bird flu virus reassortment02-19-14
WHO reports success in distributing vaccines at ambient temperatures02-19-14
Novartis' Bexsero sparks debate about transatlantic vaccine approvals02-19-14
CDC researchers: Measles outbreaks cost U.S. health authorities up to $5M in 201102-19-14
Dynavax's hep B vaccine plans derailed by European request for extra safety data02-19-14
Global measles deaths have dropped 78% since 200002-13-14
Crowdfunded HIV vaccine project draws criticism from scientists02-13-14
The President's Cancer Panel is pushing for increased use of Merck and GSK's HPV vaccines02-13-14
CDC: Adult vaccination rates are still well below targets02-12-14
U.S. flu season slowly winding down after hitting some states hard02-12-14
Quadrivalent flu vaccines drive surge in sales at AstraZeneca, GSK and Sanofi02-12-14
NIH leaders view HIV vaccine as essential to ending AIDS pandemic02-06-14
GSK is refusing to write off its cancer vaccine despite last year's PhIII flop02-06-14
Circassia to test U.K. investors' appetite for risk with a $285M IPO02-06-14
Buzz: Novartis mulls selling its vaccine unit as swap deal with Merck stalls02-05-14
Study: Merck's and GSK's HPV vaccines don't encourage risky sex02-04-14
CDC finds rare cases of nurses injecting GSK and Merck's oral rotavirus vaccines02-04-14
Pfizer pins hopes on vaccine data to kickstart revenue growth01-30-14
Novartis: We cannot keep shipping Bexsero under investigational license01-30-14
Production problem prompts GSK to stop worldwide deliveries of chickenpox vaccines01-29-14
U.K. set to fall well short of flu vaccine uptake targets01-29-14
Survey: Antivaccine views have little correlation with politics01-29-14
NIH infecting volunteers with flu to discover how the immune system works01-28-14
The political causes of the Syrian polio crisis01-23-14
NIH backs New York MERS-CoV vaccine development program01-23-14
Biotechs trumpet pandemic vaccine deals and data as the H7N9 bird flu threat grows01-22-14
Map of vaccine-preventable diseases shows scale of problems facing the West01-22-14
Study: Tightening vaccine exemption laws would cut cases of whooping cough01-21-14
How vaccines helped India defeat polio while Pakistan become a reservoir for the virus01-20-14
BIO and Sanofi are pushing FDA to tweak drug shortage rule for vaccines01-16-14
Astellas and Takeda continue to advance vaccine strategies01-16-14
CDC, FDA studies link Merck and GSK rotavirus vaccines to bowel blockages01-15-14
Dendreon consultant raises $8M for cancer vaccine startup01-14-14
Buzz: Merck and Novartis trying to iron out details of business unit swap01-13-14
AC Immune begins first trial of a tau-targeting Alzheimer's vaccine01-13-14
Protein Sciences calls on Connecticut to buy its flu vaccine01-09-14
Students in California are still waiting for Novartis' Bexsero to arrive01-09-14
H1N1 deaths drive a surge in demand for flu vaccine01-09-14
China gives hep B vaccine a clean bill of health but suspicions remain01-09-14
Study finds giving Prevnar and flu vaccine together raises risk of fever01-07-14
Astellas inks deal to create a portfolio of vaccine-focused biotechs01-06-14
FIT Biotech is set to start a Phase III HIV vaccine trial01-02-14
Argos to test investor appetite for cancer vaccines with a $60M IPO01-02-14
New Chinese quality standards raise the risk of a hep B vaccine shortage01-02-14
Falsified AIDS vaccine data lands researcher an NIH funding ban 01-02-14
Genocea files IPO papers in a bid to raise $75M for vaccine development01-02-14
CDC warns H1N1 virus is causing severe flu in young adults01-02-14
California calls for unapproved Bexsero to stop its meningitis outbreak12-19-13
Schulman leaves Pfizer weeks before start date of new top vaccine job12-19-13
CDC: Vaccines prevented 6M cases of flu, 79,000 hospitalizations last year12-18-13
Moderate alcohol consumption acts as vaccine adjuvant in monkeys12-18-13
Genocea begins a PhI trial of its rival to Pfizer's Prevnar12-11-13
Moderate alcohol consumption acts as vaccine adjuvant in monkeys12-18-13
Agenus stock jumps on Phase II brain cancer vaccine data12-18-13
California calls for unapproved Bexsero to stop its meningitis outbreak12-19-13
Schulman leaves Pfizer weeks before start date of new top vaccine job12-19-13
CDC: Vaccines prevented 6M cases of flu, 79,000 hospitalizations last year12-18-13
Physician failings raise doubts about the potency of U.K. vaccines 12-13-13
Lundbeck teams with Otsuka on Alzheimer's vaccine development12-12-13
GSK shares data from pivotal PhIII trial of quadrivalent flu vaccine 12-12-13
Novartis awaits pivotal Bexsero decisions in Canada and Europe12-11-13
Genocea begins PhI trial of its rival to Pfizer's Prevnar12-11-13
AstraZeneca eyes 2014 EU launch for 4-in-1 flu vaccine after winning approval12-09-13
Pentagon tasks Pfizer with radically rethinking vaccine development12-09-13
PaxVax raises $22M for PhIII trial of cholera vaccine 12-05-13
CDC considers expanding use of Bexsero as meningitis outbreak spreads12-05-13
TB vaccine shows promise in preventing MS12-05-13
Nonprofit crowdfunding tech-enabled HIV vaccine project12-05-13
Whooping cough vaccine fails to stop spread of disease in FDA animal study12-05-13
The argument for vaccinating: 100M cases of disease prevented in U.S.12-04-13
Value of Pentagon-backed vaccine plant questioned11-27-13
GAVI adds support for inactivated polio vaccine11-27-13
Sanofi hunting for bolt-on vaccine deals11-27-13
Ranbaxy reportedly ready to sell vaccine unit11-26-13
Novartis struggling to find vaccine acquisition targets for $5B war chest11-26-13
FDA approves GSK's adjuvanted bird flu vaccine for stockpile11-23-13
PhI data puts Novartis on track to deliver H7N9 vaccine11-21-13
European Union prepares to back vaccine stability project11-21-13
China's climate diversity creates flu vaccination complications11-21-13
U.S. gathers vaccine researchers to talk bioterrorism threat Q fever11-20-13
WHO updates malaria roadmap with 2030 vaccine goals11-20-13
CDC to import unapproved Novartis jab to stem Princeton meningitis outbreak11-18-13
U.K. adds schools to flu data gathering project11-14-13
Novavax presents positive Phase I data for H7N9 vaccine11-14-13
Dendreon to lay off more staff as Provenge disappoints. Again11-14-13
Polio outbreak sparks fears refugees will carry virus to Europe11-12-13
Novartis to sell first piece of vaccine unit in $1.7B deal11-12-13
Agenus, Sanofi-NIH collaboration race to develop genital herpes vaccine11-12-13
Shipping snafu prompts Navy review of vaccination procedures11-07-13
WHO massively scales up Middle East polio immunization plan11-07-13
European scientists join Sanofi, Pfizer in C. diff vaccine race11-07-13
Study finds one HPV vaccine dose gives strong, durable immune response11-06-13
Takeda, Boehringer invest to move CMV vaccine into clinic11-06-13
Merck readies FDA submission for son of Gardasil11-06-13
Gates Foundation backs Brazilian measles and rubella vaccine10-31-13
GSK, Sanofi join Gates Foundation vaccine R&D initiative10-31-13
ACIP recommendation gives Novartis a new growth opportunity10-29-13
Vaccines a rare bright spot in Merck's gloomy financials10-29-13
Dendreon reportedly seeking buyer for struggling business10-29-13
Sanofi makes case for Fluzone superior clinical benefit label10-28-13
Timing of first measles vaccine dose linked to effectiveness10-24-13
Meta-analysis links flu vaccine to lower risk of heart attack and stroke10-24-13
Inside the minds of the anti-vaccine elites10-23-13
Finnish team talks up prospects of Type 1 diabetes vaccine10-23-13
Study finds herd immunity protects babies against whooping cough10-23-13
Taliban anti-vaccine push raises risk of polio outbreak10-22-13
Merck, Sanofi report on first vaccine in European pilot project10-17-13
IOM releases modeling software for vaccine prioritization10-17-13
Cost of rabies vaccine limiting use in Africa10-17-13
India to expand use of pentavalent vaccine after safety thumbs-up 10-16-13
Novartis cuts jobs in Cali as eastward shift continues10-15-13
U.K. court orders sisters to receive MMR vaccine10-15-13
Galena sues co-inventor of breast cancer vaccine10-10-13
WHO prequalification moves China into global vaccine arena 10-10-13
Novartis opening vaccine R&D lab in North Carolina 10-10-13
HIV trial follow-up quashes fears of infection risk10-08-13
GSK targets 2015 launch for malaria vaccine10-08-13
Takeda's norovirus vaccine misses endpoint in early-phase trial10-07-13
CDC reports across-the-board rises in flu vaccine uptake10-03-13
Roche targets cancer vaccine partnerships10-03-13
Researchers highlight knowledge gaps hindering cancer vaccines 10-02-13
Vaccines spared as Merck takes ax to R&D10-02-13
NIH expands vaccine clinical trial network10-01-13
Government shutdown forces CDC to halt seasonal flu program10-01-13
H7N9 vaccine may prove too little, too late09-26-13
Merck KGaA lung cancer vaccine to re-enter Phase III09-26-13
GSK, Merck and Pfizer join JP Morgan vaccine investment fund09-26-13
Pandemic leads researchers to universal flu vaccine 'blueprint'09-25-13
European prices reapply old pressures to vaccine makers09-24-13
U.K. gov makes U-turn on link between GSK vaccine and narcolepsy09-24-13
Visterra advances universal flu antibody to cusp of Phase I09-19-13
NIH trialing Sanofi H7N9 vaccine with GSK, Novartis adjuvants09-19-13
India gives 114 kids the wrong vaccine in polio mix-up09-19-13
Brain cancer vaccine data gives Agenus' stock a boost09-19-13
Unvaccinated clusters bear brunt of bad year for measles in U.S.09-16-13
Study links delayed vaccines to increased risk of whooping cough09-16-13
Low uptake of Merck's Zostavax costing healthcare systems09-12-13
Meningitis cases fall 94% following vaccine introduction 09-12-13
Early-phase HIV vaccines advance on positive data09-12-13
Pfizer details plans to expand vaccine portfolio beyond Prevnar09-11-13
Implant aims to end logistical challenges of cancer vaccines09-09-13
PhIII data dents GSK's hopes for cancer vaccine 09-09-13
Israel may drop planned HPV vaccination program09-05-13
FDA clears Merck plant to produce shingles vaccine ingredient09-05-13
Doctors warn plethora of flu vaccines may confuse patients09-05-13
Researchers promise renewed push to build on Thai HIV trial success09-05-13
CDC reports strong uptake of Merck's Gardasil in boys09-04-13
PATH defends itself against Indian criticisms of HPV project09-04-13
Novartis begins shipping flu vaccines ahead of crucial season08-29-13
International Vaccine Institute inks Indian alliances08-29-13
Analysis finds most vaccines safe during breastfeeding08-29-13
Herd immunity from GSK, Merck vaccines cutting hospitalizations08-28-13
Low vaccination rate at megachurch linked to measles outbreak08-27-13
Sanofi to return to FDA with new flu vax data08-27-13
Sanofi delays return of vaccines after testing 'anomaly' 08-22-13
Israel takes polio vaccine push nationwide08-22-13
GSK-backed study links flu vaccine to lower risk of heart attack08-22-13
Improved vaccines mean flu immunization can start earlier08-21-13
Vaccine refusers to miss out on tax benefits under Australian plan08-19-13
India to investigate safety of pentavalent vaccines08-19-13
Pandemic immune response hints at potential universal flu vax08-15-13
Weak Provenge sales send Dendreon shares tumbling08-15-13
Vaccine calms fears of meningitis becoming AIDS-like epidemic08-15-13
Clinical trial to test whether BCG vaccine cuts risk of allergies08-14-13
Study reconfirms safety of flu vax in pregnant women08-12-13
Incredulity turns to praise as malaria vax posts positive PhI data08-09-13
PharmAthene to add antibody assets in Theraclone merger08-08-13
Flu vaccine tablet developer raises $20M08-08-13
Dana-Farber sees promise in leukemia vaccine trial08-08-13
Israel buys 500,000 polio vaccines for immunization push08-07-13
Sanofi advances C. diff vaccine into Phase III08-07-13
GSK adding 2-D barcode to 4-in-1 flu vaccine packaging08-06-13
Merck warns of significant drop in Japanese Gardasil sales08-01-13
GSK publishes patient-level data from vaccine trials08-01-13
Sanofi, MedImmune begin shipping flu vaccines08-01-13
GSK, Pfizer commit more vaccines to Unicef program07-31-13
National action plans needed to stop hepatitis B, WHO says07-30-13
CDC: U.S. 'dropping the ball' on HPV vaccinations07-30-13
Indian ethics journal pushes for ban on Crucell vaccine07-25-13
Serum targets Merck, Sanofi stronghold with TB vax deal07-25-13
U.K. rejection of Bexsero hits Novartis vaccine unit07-25-13
Lupin eyes vaccine growth after in-licensing Merck shot07-24-13
GSK planning joint venture to tap into Chinese vaccine demand07-24-13
Study suggests GSK's Cervarix can prevent throat cancer07-23-13
Gates-backed device extends cold chain to rural areas07-18-13
Bio Farma taps Artes for VLP technology07-18-13
Mitsubishi Tanabe set to buy for Medicago for VLP technology07-18-13
ABC's appointment of Jenny McCarthy sparks media furor07-17-13
New data supports vaccinating gay men against HPV 07-16-13
Sanofi starts up dengue vaccine plant to maintain edge over Takeda07-15-13
Manufacturers prepare for resurgence of H7N907-11-13
Pfizer's Prevnar drives big fall in hospital visits07-11-13
Indian agency objects to Mylan vaccine plant deal07-11-13
Robot eases kids' vaccination distress in study07-10-13
Novartis inks typhoid vax licensing deal with Biological E07-09-13
U.K. mumps outbreak linked to waning MMR protection07-09-13
Study: Use of 2D barcodes could save healthcare $300M07-03-13
Novartis and Sanofi nab DoD vaccine contracts07-03-13
Polio discovery prompts Israeli vaccination push07-03-13
Merck KGaA: Lung cancer vaccine not dead07-03-13
Reliance on NIH threatens HIV vaccine funding07-02-13
EU decision a rare positive for Dendreon 07-02-13
Type 1 diabetes vaccine impresses in early study06-27-13
Corruption alleged as Indian vaccine shortage continues06-27-13
ACIP rules on GSK, Novartis and Sanofi vaccines06-26-13
Japan faces vaccine shortage in struggle to control rubella06-26-13
Takeda tackling norovirus in bid to grow vaccine biz06-26-13
New York making it easier to get Novartis, Sanofi shots06-26-13
GSK's rotavirus vaccine as effective as Merck shot06-20-13
Tax loophole eyed ahead of launch of Sanofi, GSK, AstraZeneca quadrivalent shots 06-20-13
CDC finds vaccines halved HPV infections in teenage girls06-20-13
Japan withdraws recommendation of Merck and GSK HPV jabs06-19-13
HPV vaccine pioneer targeting skin cancer jab06-19-13
CDC readies for 4-in-1 flu vaccines06-19-13
HHS weighs H7N9 vaccine stockpiling options06-13-13
Gates-backed vaccine slashes African meningitis deaths 06-13-13
FDA setback sends Dynavax shares tumbling again06-12-13
FDA clears Sanofi to compete for 4-in-1 flu vaccine market06-12-13
Oral vaccine aims to end dreaded Delhi belly06-12-13
Latin American cancer vax races Big Pharma rivals06-12-13
Cancer vaccines report mixed fortunes at ASCO06-06-13
FDA lifts clinical hold on anthrax vaccine06-06-13
HPV vax awareness uneven despite Merck ad blitz06-05-13
Novavax makes $30M bid for adjuvant business06-05-13
U.S. pathogen team to locate in China CDC06-05-13
More New Yorkers skipping vaccines on religious grounds06-05-13
H7N9 shows resistance to Roche's Tamiflu05-30-13
Gates-inspired gene therapy gives pandemic protection05-30-13
Virus patent sparks debate at WHO meeting05-29-13
Chinese HFMD vaccine impresses in Phase III05-29-13
Study links GSK's swine flu vax to narcolepsy in adults05-29-13
Researchers seek fresh approach to HIV vaccine05-29-13
Pfizer lays out MRSA vaccine battle plan 05-23-13
Sanofi edges closer to universal flu vaccine05-23-13
Analyst tips cancer immunotherapies, like GSK's, for explosive growth05-23-13
Inertia at Pakistan's NIH threatening vaccine programs05-23-13
Pfizer points to pandemic potential of Prevnar 1305-21-13
Old whooping cough vax linked with better protection05-21-13
Taliban drops campaign against polio vaccine05-16-13
Human-to-human coronavirus spread looks likely05-16-13
Novartis taps synthetic biology to speed vax development05-16-13
Indian rotavirus vax set to undercut GSK and Merck05-15-13
Media reports used to track global vaccine backlash05-15-13
Cash injection raises hopes of diabetes vaccine 05-15-13
CDC continues to build defenses in H7N9 lull05-09-13
GSK, Merck agree on HPV vax discount with GAVI05-09-13
Heroin vaccine keeps rats clean05-09-13
GSK anonymously listens to online vax talk, then mines data for nuggets 05-08-13
Takeda takes on Sanofi with $250M dengue buyout05-08-13
Sanofi sees Shantha Biotech's Shan5 back in 201405-07-13
H7N9 may have evolved from four origins05-02-13
Pfizer hits bump on Prevnar 13 growth curve05-02-13
GSK, Sanofi vaccines proving effective in measles outbreak05-02-13
Merck's Gardasil looks effective in two-shot regimen05-01-13
U.K. vaccine expansion a boon for GSK and Merck05-01-13
Search goes on for HIV vaccine after NIH trial nixed 04-30-13
Novartis expands cell culture site to bolster biodefense04-25-13
Possible measles-related death in Wales as outbreak spreads04-25-13
Pfizer's Prevnar 13, GSK's Synflorix pump up vaccination cost04-24-13
China's response to H7N9 earns WHO praise04-24-13
No link between vaccines and Guillain-Barré in big study04-24-13
Panacea Biotec accused of selling expired vaccines04-24-13
Vaccine choices swayed by social networks04-18-13
India's Biological E pentavalent vaccine takes on GSK, J&J04-18-13
H7N9 cases jump, some show resistance to Roche's Tamiflu04-18-13
ITS eyes Big Pharma suitors as universal flu vaccine advances04-18-13
Polio eradication push nearing endgame again04-18-13
Vaccine campaign struggling to contain measles outbreak04-17-13
China expects H7N9 vaccine in 7 months04-11-13
Vaccination rates show missed opportunity for Merck's Zostavax 04-11-13
U.S. works with Inovio in prep for bioterrorism vaccinations04-11-13
Ovarian cancer vax makes good start on long slog to approval04-10-13
Negative vaccine views spread like viruses on Twitter04-10-13
H7N9 an early test for revised U.S. pandemic preparations04-09-13
JAMA paper delves into Merck staph vaccine flunk04-04-13
Adimmune, other vax makers alert to stealthy bird flu04-04-13
Text message campaign fails to boost vaccination rate04-04-13
U.S. keeping rubella at bay as virus takes toll globally04-04-13
Autism argument again undermined by vaccine data04-03-13
Merck vax condemning pox to past04-03-13
Measles outbreak shows need to up vaccination rate03-28-13
Particle accelerator aids synthetic vaccine development03-28-13
Swedish study adds to data linking GSK vax to narcolepsy 03-28-13
GSK vaccine plant helps U.S. arm for biodefense03-27-13
Taboo topics: Sex, politics, religion... and vaccines?03-27-13
FDA moves decision day for GSK pandemic vaccine, but why?03-27-13
Vaccines hold key to cutting malnutrition, GAVI CEO says03-21-13
GSK malaria vaccine continues on bumpy road03-21-13
U.K. smallpox rethink prompts stockpiling criticisms03-20-13
Anthrax vax vexes bioethics committee03-19-13
Struggle against HPV vaccine skepticism intensifying03-19-13
Flexible flu threatens pandemic preparedness03-19-13
Top 5 Vaccine Companies by Revenue - 201203-14-13
Lancet study links H1N1 vaccine to Guillain-Barré syndrome03-14-13
Experts weigh in on smallpox preparedness03-14-13
Vaccines falter in fight against whooping cough 03-14-13
Protein Sciences plans for battle with vaccine giants03-13-13
Biovest bankruptcy shows travails of cancer vaccine development03-13-13
Narcolepsy link raises doubts about next-gen adjuvants03-11-13
Smallpox vaccination leads to sexually transmitted infection03-07-13
EMA opens debate on pig products in vaccines03-07-13
Study pins cancer vaccine failures on self-sabotaging adjuvant03-07-13
Sequester cuts set to hit vaccines03-07-13
GSK suing Hospira over vaccine supply quality03-05-13
Novartis encouraged by typhoid vaccine progress03-04-13
FDA panel endorses quadrivalents, setting stage for new flu market 02-28-13
U.K. too finds link to GSK's Pandemrix, narcolepsy02-27-13
Is it too soon to quit on Nabi's nicotine vaccine?02-27-13
Seasonal flu vaccine only 56% effective02-26-13
Sanofi Pasteur MSD 6-in-1 shot gets EMA nod02-26-13
After rejection, Dynavax to shoot for limited hep B vaccine approval02-25-13
Rising vaccine prices mean fewer children immunized02-21-13
NIH-funded researchers test Shigella vaccine02-21-13
Indian court: Sanofi doesn't owe taxes on Shantha merger02-21-13
Universal flu vaccine still 5 to 10 years away02-21-13
HealthMap helps patients locate nearby vaccination sites02-19-13
Australia begins vaccinating boys for HPV02-19-13
Jennerex therapy shrinks tumors in liver cancer patients02-14-13
New whooping cough strain may resist vaccine02-14-13
Study: Untreated depression decreased effectiveness of shingles vaccine02-14-13
PharmaJet needle-free injector nabs WHO nod02-13-13
EMA: Intercell can market Ixiaro in EU02-12-13
GSK flu vaccine additive under the microscope02-12-13
European Commission funds malaria vaccine research02-07-13
Global health funding slows amid financial concerns02-07-13
Parents supportive of vaccinating boys for HPV02-06-13
Gates-backed researchers explore pain-free vaccine technology02-06-13
Merck, GSK partner with GAVI to provide low-cost HPV vaccine02-05-13
Despite setback, TB vaccine study is a step in the right direction02-05-13
MIT explores DNA vaccine delivery01-31-13
Polio vaccine dose reductions could cut costs01-31-13
Life establishes international flu network01-31-13
CDC: Adult vaccination rates 'unacceptably low'01-30-13
FDA expands use of Pfizer's Prevnar 1301-29-13
GSK, Biological E partner on childhood vaccine01-29-13
U.N. excludes vaccine preservative from mercury treaty01-24-13
Researchers set to resume lab-bred bird flu studies01-24-13
Study: Almost half of U.S. children get vaccines late01-24-13
Heightened flu season turns focus on vaccine advancements01-23-13
Evidence mounts for GSK flu vaccine link to narcolepsy01-23-13
Novartis lands EU approval of meningitis B vaccine Bexsero01-22-13
CDC: Flu hits epidemic level in U.S.01-17-13
IOM confirms safety of childhood vaccine schedule01-17-13
Novartis rides high on Bexsero study results01-17-13
Protein Sciences nabs Flublok approval01-17-13
Major FDA vaccine approvals of 201201-17-13
Vaccine stakes upped as dengue dubbed fastest-spreading tropical disease01-16-13
Flu vaccine, Tamiflu shortage as influenza sweeps U.S.01-14-13
PATH, Inovio zero in on DNA malaria vaccine01-10-13
Widespread, early flu season grips United States01-10-13
HPV-related cancers up despite vaccines from Merck, GSK01-09-13
Altravax pulls in $1.2M from NIH01-09-13
Pfizer wins Prevenar 13 expansion in EU01-08-13
India's vaccine prices soar as private companies gain ground01-07-13
Sanofi Pasteur, Sutro team up on vaccine candidates01-03-13
Study: More flu vaccine benefits people with HIV01-03-13
HIV therapeutic vaccine shows promise01-03-13
Typhoid vaccine recall results in shortage in U.K.01-02-13
Emergent, VaxInnate sign pandemic flu vaccine deal 12-31-12
Gates Foundation promotes use of oral cholera vaccine12-27-12
FDA extends approval of Roche's Tamiflu12-26-12
Georgia State scientists investigate universal flu vaccine12-20-12
Nuron Biotech nabs $80M from HealthCare Royalty Partners12-20-12