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Pfizer builds on early Ibrance lead as Novartis, Lilly rivals inch closer02-08-16
Some top GSK investors aren't sold on a breakup--and they're backing CEO Witty, too02-08-16
After a big 2015, Regeneron predicts slowing 2016 sales for launch superstar Eylea02-09-16
Top Senate Democrat grills HHS about opioid panel's alleged ties to industry02-09-16
Sanofi's outlook less than sunny as key diabetes franchise continues to sag02-09-16
Actelion exceeds profit estimates as Opsumit, Uptravi make up for aged Tracleer02-09-16
FDA warning letter puts Ipca Labs under fire for widespread data manipulation02-09-16
Sanofi scarce on turnaround details, but left a few needles in the Q4 haystack02-09-16
FDA vote sets stage for J&J and Pfizer battle over Remicade's $6.5B in sales 02-10-16
Novartis defies naysayers with newfangled pay-for-performance deals on Entresto02-10-16
Hikma slashes $535M from offer price for Boehringer's U.S. generics biz 02-10-16
Medicare may experiment with caps to cancer-drug reimbursements02-10-16
Recent controversy hasn't hurt brand value for Pfizer, Valeant: report02-10-16
Big Pharma shells out big campaign dollars to presidential candidates02-11-16
Mylan snags Meda, advances its OTC ambitions, with $7.2B deal02-10-16
Sanofi tried and failed with Afrezza. Why does MannKind still think it can win?02-10-16
Incyte bags more Jakafi studies in solid tumors, but maintains hope for combo success02-11-16
With Baxalta in hand, Shire's not looking to buy. But sell? Maybe02-11-16
Imprimis targets another Shkreli price hike with compounded rival to $30-per-pill Thiola02-11-16
Teva's Copaxone finally succumbs to copycats, putting a drag on 2015 sales02-11-16
BMS' PD-1 drug Opdivo continues on stellar trajectory04-17-15
Merck KGaA shareholders rewarded for hard work of turning company around04-17-15
Analyst: Vivus generic threats a positive for obesity market04-17-15
GSK closing Pittsburgh office, putting 275 jobs at risk04-16-15
BMS, focused on immuno-oncology, turns Erbitux over to Eli Lilly 04-16-15
Bad news, Teva--Sandoz has an FDA nod for generic Copaxone. But when will it launch?04-16-15
Sanofi expands PA vaccine facility to prepare for dengue launch04-16-15
Careful, European drugmakers. Fitch says M&A may be a bit too heated04-16-15
AbbVie moves closer to Japan's crowded hep C field with priority review nod04-16-15
New drug partnerships in Cuba? Regeneron's chief will be on the spot04-16-15
Pacira's Exparel marketing falls under Justice Department microscope04-16-15
Otsuka scrambles to persuade judge to block Abilify copycats04-16-15
Gilead's hep C drugs make it king of the hill in U.S. drug sales 04-15-15
Could a restructuring help protect AbbVie when revenue troubles hit?04-15-15
Pfizer's Ibrance shines in latest breast cancer study04-15-15
Congress spurs feds to investigate sky-high generic drug prices04-15-15
Novartis has fresh data to support newly acquired CLL drug Arzerra04-15-15
Novartis has fresh data to support newly acquired CCL drug Arzerra04-15-15
Onglyza's label should flag heart failure risks, FDA panel says04-14-15
Takeda taps Lilly exec to run U.S. unit, adding a woman to its all-male exec team04-14-15
Record new drug sales give a mega-boost to U.S. drug spending04-14-15
California health insurance exchange calls for copay caps on pricey meds04-14-15
Merck's Frazier joins top-paid pharma CEOs with a $25M package04-14-15
Actavis says it'll lose $200M in Namenda sales if appeals court nixes a 'hard switch'04-14-15
Currency hurts, Olysio plummets, but J&J pharma growth carries on04-14-15
Valeant CEO's 2014 pay pales in comparison to new EVP's $50M-plus04-13-15
Actavis chairman joins Zoetis board under deal with activist investor Ackman04-13-15
Medicaid drug-spending hikes rile lawmakers, but there's no end in sight04-13-15
With U.S. sales suffering, GSK plots changes to quota-free pay model04-13-15
Zoloft lawyers accuse Pfizer of hiding birth-defect risks04-13-15
Sanofi won't discount Toujeo to Lantus 04-13-15
AstraZeneca's Onglyza 'mortality' risks noted by FDA reviewers04-10-15
Allergan drops Valeant-Ackman insider trading lawsuit04-10-15
Vertex's Kalydeco combo could run payers $10M-plus per life, PBM figures04-10-15
Study says no good has come from FDA's action on gout drug colchicine 04-10-15
Will Mylan's $29B bid spur other Perrigo suitors to enter the fray?04-10-15
Eisai to shed 450 jobs as it pares down U.S. workforce by one-fourth04-09-15
Natco brings its scrappy style to U.S. with Copaxone, Revlimid knockoffs04-09-15
Head of Indian pricing authority pushed out after price hikes04-09-15
Vermont governor demands price cut for Amphastar's overdose antidote04-09-15
States limit access to hep C meds amid pricing battle04-09-15
AZ's Onglyza has most to lose at FDA safety confab, analysts say04-09-15
Was Mylan's $29B Perrigo bid a takeover defense? Analysts say yes04-09-15
Actavis, Ironwood mount second DTC push for GI med Linzess04-08-15
Mylan makes a pass at Perrigo with $205-per-share buyout offer04-08-15
Roche nabs EU approval for Avastin for cervical cancer04-08-15
Mid-cap biotech beats most of the big dogs with 21.9% revenue growth04-08-15
Watch out for a two-front hep C price war when Merck's combo hits04-08-15
Novo's Tresiba news injects uncertainty in insulin market, particularly for Sanofi 04-08-15
Hospira, soon to be part of Pfizer, spanked again by the FDA 04-07-15
Shire could use boost from adult ADHD med to hit $10B goal04-07-15
Should 500K more young people be on statins? Guidelines say yes, JAMA reports04-07-15
AdverseEvents: Analysis of side-effect reports turns up troubling safety signals for Novartis, Eisai drugs04-07-15
No real rationale for rising cancer drug prices, JAMA researchers conclude04-07-15
The largest biopharma layoffs of 201404-07-15
Watch out, Valeant. Concordia's joining the buy-to-grow pharma business04-07-15
J&J, Novartis lead pharma companies by market cap04-06-15
Shire's Lialda, Gattex are hedge funder's latest patent targets04-06-15
CEO Dekkers' legacy at Bayer? Embracing risk, à la its American rivals04-06-15
Why didn't J&J buy Imbruvica partner Pharmacyclics? It wants hot drugs cheap, CEO says04-06-15
Amgen CEO Bradway collects a $14M pay package on record-breaking revenue04-06-15
Valeant starts $500M in Salix cost-cutting with 250 layoffs04-06-15
Pfizer shutters vaccine sales business in China after Prevenar setback04-02-15
GSK shingles shot might trump Merck's Zostavax, analysts say04-02-15
India likely to extend price caps to more HIV, TB meds: Reuters04-02-15
Teva takes another swing at generic Copaxone with new FDA petition04-02-15
Watch out, pharma. Fitch says the M&A party could come with a hangover 04-02-15
BMJ: Novartis tried to 'scupper' trials to protect Lucentis from cheap Avastin 04-02-15
Actavis execs up for $101M in merger-related bonuses, if investors approve04-01-15
Feds say Teva used kickbacks to push up Copaxone, Azilect sales04-01-15
UCB hands over South Asia branded drugs to Dr. Reddy's in latest slimdown plan04-01-15
Celltrion revs up Remicade biosim for U.S. rollout this year04-01-15
Takeda offers $2.2B to settle Actos cases, sources tell Bloomberg04-01-15
What's an Allergan career worth? $534M in cash, if you're ex-CEO David Pyott03-31-15
Indian pharma exec: Compulsory licensing cost us $10B in investment03-31-15
Heavyweight PBMs mean trouble for Big Pharma's pricey new meds03-31-15
Judge tosses Abilify kickback claims, but puts BMS on notice for firing whistleblowers03-31-15
Watch out, Pomalyst: Amgen gets quick FDA review for lucrative new Kyprolis use03-31-15
Abbott puts one-third of its $6B Mylan stake on the block03-31-15
Gilead's huge Sovaldi payoff yields a nice 23% pay hike for CEO03-30-15
Sanofi would be just fine without more M&A, chairman says03-30-15
Medicare takes $4.5B cost hit from superstar hep C treatments03-30-15
Teva finally joins the M&A fray with $3.2B Auspex buyout03-30-15
Pfizer's Lyrica patent fight in England puts NHS docs, pharmacists on defensive03-30-15
Lilly execs take $3M hit to 2014 bonuses, but the pay freeze thaws for 201503-30-15
Horizon scoops up Hyperion and its rare disease portfolio for $1.1B03-30-15
Indivior CEO looks beyond 2015 after troubled Reckitt pharma unit's spinoff01-02-15
Vertex gets 500-patient boost with FDA's newest Kalydeco nod12-30-14
Novo searching for new CEO with Sørensen out as soon as next year12-29-14
Roche builds CLL case for Gazyva in two-horse race with GSK12-26-14
Actavis goes 1-for-2 with FDA as regulators knock blood pressure combo12-26-14
Continuous manufacturing reaches a turning point12-24-14
Get ready to negotiate, drugmakers: Payers are armed for drug-pricing battle12-24-14
Bayer shuffles agency assignments to fold in Merck OTC brands12-24-14
Get out your binoculars for FiercePharma's traditional holiday trend-spotting12-24-14
Slimdown craze still on, with sales and spinoffs galore. Slim fast? Not necessarily12-24-14
Limited attention span? Focus on these market shake-ups in 201512-24-14
Will biopharma keep riding that mammoth M&A wave? Short answer's yes12-24-14
Sanofi strikes out in bid to escape France's $49M Plavix antitrust fine12-23-14
Justice Department sues Omnicare for rigging kickbacks with Abbott12-23-14
Does the AbbVie-Express Scripts pact signal drug-price Armageddon?12-23-14
With Opdivo approval, Bristol-Myers arms for PD-1 battle against Merck's Keytruda12-23-14
Want to place biopharma bets for 2015? JPM flags Alexion, BioMarin and Bristol-Myers 12-23-14
SEC says insider made $10M on Abbott, CFR deal12-22-14
Pharma call centers staffing for savvy consumers12-22-14
Cubist has its Zerbaxa OK. Can Merck make the launch justify its $9.5B buyout?12-22-14
Eisai gets EMA nod for Lenvima just weeks after FDA approval 03-27-15
BioMarin shares climb on Shire takeover buzz03-27-15
Baxter pays execs more than $8.5M to stick it out through pharma spinoff03-27-15
Novo Nordisk's Tresiba news a black cloud for Sanofi's new CEO03-27-15
Orexigen's Mysimba catches up to Saxenda at EMA finish line03-27-15
Genentech project to add 100 jobs 03-27-15
Dr. Reddy's shopping for deals up to $1B as it expands in injectable meds03-26-15
The FDA's kinder, gentler attitude toward India hasn't stopped tough enforcement moves03-26-15
Hey, European countries--join forces to bring down drug prices, WHO suggests03-26-15
J&J CEO Gorsky sees 'new horizon' in China, despite slowing growth03-26-15
Amgen doubles down on bid to block Novartis' biosimilar Neupogen03-26-15
What does Merck's $10B buyback plan say about pharma M&A?03-26-15
Geriatrics experts call for halt to Low-T consumer ads03-25-15
Amoun Pharma investors make another run at a $700M-plus sale03-25-15
Legal fallout from Valeant's failed Allergan siege? Experts debate03-25-15
Cipla revs up for generic Sovaldi launch in India03-25-15
Sun doubles in size as it completes Ranbaxy buyout03-25-15
The $600 million man: Gilead CEO's stock gains push compensation way past estimates03-25-15
Which diseases are driving drug spending hikes? It's not just hep C03-24-15
Novo Nordisk unloads autoimmune project to Bristol-Myers03-24-15
Merck's Keytruda bests BMS' Yervoy in head-to-head melanoma trial03-24-15
GlaxoSmithKline tags 180 sales-and-admin jobs for cutting in NC03-24-15
FDA lets Lilly's long-acting Zyprexa off the hook in patient deaths03-24-15
AbbVie's $21B buyout puts Pharmacyclics execs in line for $4B payoff03-24-15
Regeneron chief nabs $42M, but he'll have to pay his own club fees this year03-23-15
Jury: Boy didn't prove J&J drug caused his breast growth03-23-15
Daiichi Sankyo starts layoff drive with 16% cuts at HQ03-23-15
With MenB vaccine Bexsero in hand, GSK aims for a price deal in England03-23-15
Gilead warns of fatal reaction to Sovaldi, Harvoni and heart drug 03-23-15
AbbVie CEO pads $16M paycheck with $500K in jet travel03-23-15
FDA hustles on opioid guidance to avoid budget meddling 03-20-15
Biogen Alzheimer's drug reignites excitement 03-20-15
Hedge fund patent challenges are growing by the numbers, and drugmakers aren't happy03-20-15
Merck KGaA to tap Oschmann as new CEO, sources report03-20-15
Judge says Novartis can launch biosimilar of Amgen's Neupogen 03-20-15
GSK's Breo for asthma? FDA panel says yes--but only in adults03-19-15
Sanofi's Shantha prepared to deliver 37M doses of long-delayed pediatric vaccine 03-19-15
Departed Salix execs score $47M with Valeant buyout03-19-15
Big Pharma's market cap stars of 2014: Lilly, AbbVie, AstraZeneca03-19-15
Sanofi's diabetes franchise one step closer to U.S. Lyxumia launch03-19-15
Daiichi shells out $200M-plus to help AstraZeneca launch Movantik03-19-15
Bristol-Myers chief's last 'paycheck' as CEO is a doozy at $27M03-18-15
Actavis job-cutting drive hits 400-plus on Long Island03-18-15
Pernix figures 1 + 1 + 1 equals more than three with new Zohydro salesforce03-18-15
Novartis faces more gender-bias claims with $110M Alcon suit03-18-15
England's Cancer Drugs Fund changes its tune, holds onto Novartis' Afinitor 03-18-15
Gilead to require proof of citizenship to buy Sovaldi in poor countries 03-18-15
Top 15 pharma companies by 2014 revenue03-18-15
Japanese doc testifies about inflating placebo counts in Diovan trial03-17-15
Old Allergan CEO Pyott won't join New Allergan's board03-17-15
Novartis to pay record $12.6M to settle HHS price-reporting claims03-17-15
Endo's shown it's willing to spend. But with Salix gone, what's left worth buying?03-17-15
Hep C meds cost-effective, but affordable? With new 46% discounts, maybe03-17-15
Imbruvica cocktail stalls CLL in new trial, raising hopes for bigger market03-17-15
All clear for Actavis to become Allergan as EU watchdogs approve $66B merger03-16-15
Another strike against Merck's sugammadex as FDA nixes advisory panel confab03-16-15
Pfizer chief gets a pay boost, but two underlings get bigger ones03-16-15
Teva buy Mylan? It's not happening, BMO analyst says03-16-15
Can AstraZeneca expect big things from long-awaited Brilinta data? Maybe not, analysts say03-16-15
Sorry, Endo. Valeant's back on top with $173-per-share Salix bid03-16-15
China's drug approval backlog swells as it gets nearly 9,000 applications in 201403-13-15
J&J, GSK in legal dust-up over Flonase allergy claims03-13-15
Newly beefed-up Par Pharma files for an IPO03-13-15
Cancer Drug Fund has failed, ex-health minister says: PMLive03-13-15
Takeda gets thumbs-up from U.K. cost gatekeeper for discounted Entyvio03-13-15
Glaxo to reap $890M as it halves stake in South Africa's Aspen03-12-15
Colorado lawmakers pass biosim substitution bill03-12-15
Cost watchdogs back Novartis' Xolair for big new market in chronic hives03-12-15
Watchdog groups decry FDA's move to let reps hand out journal articles03-12-15
J&J boosts CEO pay to $25M, doubles R&D chief's haul03-12-15
UPDATED: Endo aims to lure Salix from Valeant with $175-per-share offer03-11-15
Should Teva buy Mylan? 'Close call,' analyst says03-11-15
Hopeful Merck execs talk up early Belsomra launch results03-11-15
Merck's Keytruda snags inaugural approval in U.K.'s early-access scheme03-11-15
AstraZeneca adds hefty share grant to CEO's £3.5M pay 03-11-15
Ambitious Bayer puts up $27B sales goal for 2017, with OTC carrying a big load03-11-15
Zogenix jettisons controversial pain med Zohydro for $100M-plus03-10-15
J&J pleads guilty, pays $25M tied to metal-tainted Children's Tylenol03-10-15
Can Apple's new ResearchKit really transform drug R&D?03-10-15
Drug spending surged 13% last year, with pricey hep C meds leading the charge03-10-15
FDA keeps black box on Pfizer's Chantix, adds new warning about alcohol03-10-15
Activist investor Ackman nabs $3B-plus stake in former takeover partner Valeant03-10-15
New Bristol-Myers CEO on tap for $8.7M-plus pay package03-10-15
Concordia scores ex-Big Pharma drugs in $1.2B Covis buyout03-10-15
Astellas scores FDA approval for life-threatening fungus-fighter03-09-15
Opdivo's survival benefit inspired FDA to act fast on NSCLC approval: Pazdur03-09-15
Three launches this year just the beginning of Teva turnaround, CEO says05-21-14
FDA officials say they're 'serious' about pharma's free speech05-21-14
Jury's out in Las Vegas after 3-month trial over Actos cancer risks05-21-14
Top payer group shoots down Gilead's hep C drug Sovaldi on price05-21-14
Second-line use, crowded market won't keep Takeda's Entyvio from blockbuster run05-21-14
Who gets the likes when it comes to job hunting? Think J&J, Novartis and Biogen Idec05-21-14
Emerging market playbook: Egypt's Amoun Pharma puts itself on the block05-21-14
Pyott's 'conflict of interest' thwarting Valeant's buyout efforts, Ackman says05-20-14
FDA nails Sun plant for same data deletions found at Ranbaxy05-20-14
Side effect analysis suggests Gilead's hep C wonder Sovaldi is safer than rivals, too05-20-14
GlaxoSmithKline's Arzerra flunks lymphoma trial, dashing plans for expanded use05-20-14
What next for Pfizer? Perhaps a return to the popular breakup idea05-20-14
Top China pharma exec takes his life during government probe05-20-14
Can frugal Valeant keep 'pipeline in a drug' Botox pumping up new uses?05-19-14
How did AstraZeneca make the Pfizer bid a Harry vs. Voldemort story?05-19-14
Roche unveils more plans for plant expansions in Switzerland05-19-14
Emboldened by their GSK probe, Chinese officials step up pharma snooping05-19-14
First, bribery. Now, China floats tax-evasion accusations against GlaxoSmithKline05-19-14
Valeant's $47B Allergan buyout could spawn a break-up, CEO tells investors05-19-14
FDA forces Lunesta dosage drop over dozing fears05-16-14
Abbott picks off Chile's CFR for $3B05-16-14
Xinhua: Multinationals, beware--or end up like Glaxo05-16-14
Kindred to scale back animal research05-16-14
Takeda wins another Actos verdict weeks after losing big in federal court05-16-14
Sweden politely excoriates Pfizer over megamerger with AstraZeneca 05-16-14
U.K. court cuts Alimta exclusivity short, threatening Lilly's European sales05-15-14
Hospira grabs market for cancer drug in Canada after competitor ordered to halt production 05-15-14
U.S. court bats away Teva's last-ditch pitch against Copaxone generics05-15-14
GlaxoSmithKline exec blindsided by Chinese bribery charges: Reuters05-15-14
CDC backing for preventive Truvada could multiply Gilead's scripts 50-fold05-15-14
Novartis settles Sun Pharma suit, winning 7-month reprieve from generic Gleevec05-15-14
Pearson, Ackman appeal to shareholders after Allergan rejects Valeant's $47B offer05-14-14
Words, words, and overheated words fly as U.K. officials keep grilling Pfizer05-14-14
FDA finds Boehringer Ingelheim's Pradaxa safer than warfarin in most ways05-14-14
With DTC on a roll, Eisai plots another 200-rep boost to Belviq sales team05-14-14
China speaks on GSK bribery charges, and the word isn't good05-14-14
Prepping for $25B merger, Actavis taps Forest CEO Saunders to lead combined company 05-14-14
Blockbuster sales of Insys painkiller raise suspicions of off-label marketing05-14-14
AstraZeneca trumpets diabetes duo's victory in Phase III05-13-14
Sanofi hopes to make a splash with new meningitis vax initiative05-13-14
Lilly decries $450M award in Brazil as based on bad science, fuzzy math 05-13-14
Today's need-to-know on the Pfizer-AstraZeneca drama? It's all right here05-13-14
Chinese officials to shed some light on Glaxo probe at press briefing05-13-14
Merck sells some eye-drug assets to Japan's Santen Pharma for $600M05-13-14
Shire pledges $260M-plus in deal for liver-focused Lumena05-12-14
On a quest to double sales, Akorn snags specialized rival VersaPharm in $440M deal05-12-14
Desperate to ward off Copaxone copies, Teva sues FDA05-12-14
Parsing Pfizer's deal talk isn't an exercise. It's the tell on AstraZeneca's future05-12-14
Japanese officials: Novartis failed to report side effects of leukemia drug05-12-14
Allergan board dismisses Valeant bid, but is it running out of options?05-12-14
Actavis slaps struggling Vivus with generic threat05-09-14
Merck gets approval for Zontivity for reducing stroke and heart attack risks05-09-14
Pfizer's move on AstraZeneca outrages pols on two continents05-09-14
Ranbaxy losses pile up as it awaits the healing powers of Sun 05-09-14
U.K.'s NICE throws Astellas a bone on Xtandi--or does it?05-09-14
Merck KGaA to pour $138M into biosimilars, licensing instead of M&A05-09-14
Can payers get to 'rational' hep C drug prices without a price war?05-08-14
J&J, Roche, Celgene and others power new cancer-drug wave05-08-14
Teva could kill 3 birds with one $6B deal for India's Cipla05-08-14
Valeant sales rise on deals; Regeneron's Eylea falls short; Dendreon, Ariad aided by cost cuts05-08-14
Big surprise: Payers don't trust pharma. The fix? Risky trials and transparency05-08-14
Lundbeck makes $658M bid for Chelsea, gaining once-rejected dizziness drug Northera05-08-14
Merck CEO says $14B consumer sale is enough dealmaking for now05-07-14
Allergan's strong Q1 overshadowed by Valeant buyout questions05-07-14
British PM wants more Pfizer promises, but pharma's merger vows are fleeting05-07-14
Payers fret about the next drug doomsday: Pricey PCSK9 cholesterol meds05-07-14
FDA looks at effectiveness of generic blood pressure drugs05-07-14
EU joins probe into Roche, Novartis eye-drug collusion charges05-07-14
AstraZeneca unveils rosy forecast to persuade investors it's better off alone05-06-14
Allergan deal-backer Ackman orders board to start talking to Valeant05-06-14
Teva starts process to close 15% of its production sites05-06-14
Loud opposition to Pfizer's AstraZeneca takeover prompts Parliamentary probe05-06-14
Bayer aims to crush consumer health rivals with $14B Merck unit buyout05-06-14
Cancer-drug market zooms toward $100B, thanks to costly targeted therapies05-06-14
AstraZeneca aims to fight Pfizer deal by burnishing its pipeline prospects05-05-14
Forest founder, CEO set for $100M-plus payoff from Actavis buyout05-05-14
Up, up, up: After Allergan offer, would-be buyer Ackman reaps $1.2B in gains05-05-14
Merck proposal to sell Singulair without a prescription hits resistance05-05-14
Big Pharma aims to cast off old drugs to raise $42B for higher-profit R&D efforts05-05-14
Pfizer's 'weak' Q1 numbers bolster case for AZ buy--and post-merger split, too05-05-14
Teva could jump into pharma's deal frenzy, CEO says05-02-14
Vertex, once king of hep C category, bows out as new drugs eclipse Incivek05-02-14
Germany says it is unclear whether Gilead's Sovaldi prevents liver cancer 05-02-14
Reports: Bayer closing in on deal for Merck OTC unit with Reckitt out of the way05-02-14
Sun is closing Caraco plant in Detroit and whacking nearly 180 jobs 05-02-14
Pfizer's approach may turn hostile after AZ rejects second offer 05-02-14
Novo, Teva, Shire, Actavis and Mylan post Q1 growth as Endo gets pummeled05-01-14
Teva, Purdue and Pfizer line up data for new round of powerful painkillers05-01-14
Next deal up for Merck: Selling $15 billion worth of older brands05-01-14
Novartis sees brain-atrophy data as an edge for MS pill Gilenya05-01-14
Report: Drug prices skyrocketing, with no end in sight05-01-14
Reckitt Benckiser gives up on Merck OTC deal, leaving Bayer open shot04-30-14
Merck recruits ex-Law & Order star to educate diabetes patients04-30-14
Stymied by Meda, deal-hungry Mylan could jump on Stada or Mallinckrodt04-30-14
With Big Pharma mergers in the works, whose SG&A costs look ripe for cutting?04-30-14
Regeneron chief outranks every other biopharma CEO with $36M in 2013 pay04-30-14
Advair slide, China woes drop-kick Glaxo profits in Q104-30-14
Sanofi takes a more subdued approach by unloading older products04-30-14
Sources: Bayer offers animal health biz, cash for Merck's OTC unit04-29-14
UPDATED: Pfizer's post-megamerger cost-cutting record? 51,500 jobs in 7 years04-29-14
Reckitt is indeed after Merck's consumer unit, and it's ready for a close race04-29-14
AbbVie, Amgen and Sanofi could swoop in for AZ, but numbers may not work04-29-14
The skinny on earnings: Cost cuts boost Merck, Bristol-Myers, Forest as FX hits Sanofi04-29-14
UPDATED: Looking for more megadeal excitement? Don't look at Sanofi, CEO says04-29-14
UPDATED: Allergan to propose to Shire again, but does Irish beauty want to get engaged? 04-29-14
Experts foresee premium pricing for overdose-fighting injector Evzio04-28-14
Novo, Teva, Shire, Actavis and Mylan post Q1 growth as Endo gets pummeled05-01-14
Teva, Purdue and Pfizer line up data for new round of powerful painkillers05-01-14
Next deal up for Merck: Selling $15 billion worth of older brands05-01-14
Novartis sees brain-atrophy data as an edge for MS pill Gilenya05-01-14
Report: Drug prices skyrocketing, with no end in sight05-01-14
Pfizer expansion allows it to make drugs for trials at Cork, Ireland, facility05-01-14
Reckitt Benckiser gives up on Merck OTC deal, leaving Bayer open shot04-30-14
Merck recruits ex-Law & Order star to educate diabetes patients04-30-14
Stymied by Meda, deal-hungry Mylan could jump on Stada or Mallinckrodt04-30-14
With Big Pharma mergers in the works, whose SG&A costs look ripe for cutting?04-30-14
Regeneron chief outranks every other biopharma CEO with $36M in 2013 pay04-30-14
Advair slide, China woes drop-kick Glaxo profits in Q104-30-14
Sanofi takes a more subdued approach by unloading older products04-30-14
Sources: Bayer offers animal health biz, cash for Merck's OTC unit04-29-14
Pfizer's post-megamerger cost-cutting record? 51,500 jobs in 7 years04-29-14
Reckitt is indeed after Merck's consumer unit, and it's ready for a close race04-29-14
AbbVie, Amgen and Sanofi could swoop in for AZ, but numbers may not work04-29-14
The skinny on earnings: Cost cuts boost Merck, Bristol-Myers, Forest as FX hits Sanofi04-29-14
Looking for more megadeal excitement? Don't look at Sanofi, CEO says04-29-14
Allergan to propose to Shire again, but does Irish beauty want to get engaged? 04-29-14
Experts foresee premium pricing for overdose-fighting injector Evzio04-28-14
More M&A: Forest snags Furiex for $1.1B as Meda stiff-arms Mylan's $9B bid04-28-14
Irreconcilable differences? Allergan investors wary of suitor Valeant's cost-slashing style04-28-14
Bayer could help fund deals by selling plastics biz04-28-14
Merck could snag $14B from consumer biz as Bayer, Reckitt race to the wire04-28-14
Why pay $100B for AstraZeneca? Let Pfizer's CEO count the reasons04-28-14
Bloomberg: Sun plant banned by FDA had same issues faced by Ranbaxy04-25-14
Novartis hopes new COPD study data will draw patients from Glaxo's Advair04-25-14
Reuters: Allergan broached deal with Shire before Valeant's hostile bid 04-25-14
AstraZeneca shareholders pitch a fit about pay04-25-14
AbbVie's Humira turns in 18% surge in sales04-25-14
Pfizer, Novartis and 3 others put an extra $1M each into Q1 lobbying 04-24-14
BMS extends deal with Samsung as its pipeline percolates with more biologics04-24-14
A 'not great' quarter for Eli Lilly, but then everyone expected that04-24-14
Celgene beats on earnings, despite decline in U.S. Revlimid sales04-24-14
Pfizer concedes Celebrex to Actavis, Teva after 2015 patent strike-down04-24-14
No big thrill from Novartis in Q1, just a 'solid' $14B in sales04-24-14
AstraZeneca CEO jumps into asset-sale fray to 'focus on what we do well'04-24-14
Should Amgen join the biopharma breakup party? Analyst says maybe04-23-14
Allergan poison pill presages a battle against Valeant's $47B takeover04-23-14
Biogen revenue leaps 50% on blockbuster-level Tecfidera sales04-23-14
Payer revolt notwithstanding, Gilead's Sovaldi earns crown as fastest drug launch ever04-23-14
NICE rejects Roche's hot new breast cancer drug Kadcyla, then invites negotiations04-23-14
Big Pharma, Google wants you to go viral on YouTube04-23-14
Amgen's $4.5B in Q1 sales lag estimates, thanks to slow-selling Enbrel04-23-14
Gilead's Sovaldi turns in outsize Q1 sales 04-22-14
Valeant touts quick cost cuts in $45B hostile bid for Allergan04-22-14
Pfizer to plunk down $190M to wrap up Neurontin class action04-22-14
Novartis, GSK team up in consumer J.V. to save big money, gain big scale04-22-14
GlaxoSmithKline pledges $7.1B to add Novartis vaccines to its leading lineup04-22-14
$16B deal for GlaxoSmithKline oncology meds turns Novartis into cancer heavyweight04-22-14
Eli Lilly's Elanco snags Novartis' animal health unit in $5.4B deal04-22-14
GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis, starring players in a Big Pharma deal bonanza04-22-14
The price is right for patient-switching on Biogen's new hemophilia med Alprolix04-21-14
Docs that just say no to drug samples slash brand prescribing big-time, study finds04-21-14
Report: Biopharma CEOs score 'supersalaries' even as sales decline04-21-14
Bulk up or slim down? Maybe both: Pfizer said to weigh a $100B deal for AstraZeneca04-21-14
Full steam ahead for Copaxone copies as SCOTUS denies Teva's bid for delay04-21-14
AbbVie careful about gay rights in its discussion of a new trial04-21-14
England sets aside $31M to fund Sovaldi for sickest patients04-17-14
Gardasil dose reduction could boost EU sales for Merck-Sanofi joint venture04-17-14
Novartis near to wrapping up $1.7B sale of part-owned patchmaker LTS Lohmann04-17-14
Gilead's Sovaldi, GSK's Anoro stand out in 2014's blockbuster crop, report says04-17-14
GlaxoSmithKline steps up bribery probes, eyeing potential violations in 9 Middle Eastern countries04-17-14
Under fire from local pharmas, China backs off price caps04-17-14
Top 10 M&A deals of 201304-17-14
Judge halts Massachusetts governor's ban on powerful Zogenix painkiller04-16-14
GlaxoSmithKline's new diabetes med faces formidable GLP-1 foes04-16-14
EMA warns Herceptin vials stolen in Italy spreading through EU04-16-14
Amgen's Bradway nets $13.65M in 2013, sans Onyx bonus04-16-14
New report finds Bydureon safest of new class of diabetes drugs04-16-14
Reckitt CFO: Spinoff of pharma unit a 'strong option'04-16-14
Generics makers ask SCOTUS to let them proceed with Copaxone copies04-15-14
Novartis' gain is consumers' $900M loss from stalled Ranbaxy generics 04-15-14
Boehringer Ingelheim revenue slide cushioned by Pradaxa sales jump 04-15-14
New drugs are J&J's Q1 heroes, spurring pharma giant to hike 2014 forecast04-15-14
Roche cancer drugs Perjeta and Kadcyla drive strong Q1 results04-15-14
Novartis marks 235 admin jobs for deletion amid companywide restructuring04-15-14
Novartis backs away from once-ambitious RNAi research04-14-14
Lupin recalls more Suprax on purity problems, adding to Indian pharma's quality questions04-14-14
Big Pharma tries to short-circuit France's move toward biosimilar substitution04-14-14
New attention disorder could equal a big new ADHD drug market. But is it legit?04-14-14
Polish prosecutors hit GlaxoSmithKline with third round of bribery charges04-14-14
U.S. lawmakers join Lilly's attacks on Canada's patent attitude04-14-14
Biotech stock tumble stumps analysts04-11-14
Vivus needs more than boardroom shuffling to keep up with Arena's Belviq04-11-14
Daiichi Sankyo lays out road map for Ranbaxy deal with Sun 04-11-14
EU takes up testosterone drug review on cardio worries04-11-14
PhRMA defends Gilead's pricey Sovaldi as docs look forward to more hep C choices04-11-14
Second drug spending report predicts double-digit increases coming 04-11-14
Natco looking to block Indian patent for Gilead's Sovaldi04-11-14
Hamburg to PhRMA: If you don't have quality, the rest doesn't matter04-10-14
AbbVie joins peers in Middle East with Saudi Arabia plans04-10-14
Hospira wins Herceptin patent suit in U.K., paving way for biosim04-10-14
Reckitt may top Novartis, Sanofi in $12B race for Merck consumer unit04-10-14
Cochrane study: Stockpiling Tamiflu, Relenza was $2B 'thrown down the drain'04-10-14
French watchdogs raid Novartis, Roche in Lucentis antitrust probe04-10-14
Novartis names two new leaders to growth drivers Alcon, Sandoz04-09-14
Express Scripts adds fuel to the fire in fight over Gilead Sciences' Sovaldi 04-09-14
SCOTUS asks generic Copaxone rivals for response to Teva's delay bid04-09-14
Sources: Sun to phase out Ranbaxy brand in U.S. 04-09-14
Judge likely to boot Massachusetts ban of new opiate Zohydro04-09-14
Looking for pharma ads? Turn on the TV, not your smartphone04-09-14
J&J says BabyCenter beats Facebook and Twitter for intelligence-gathering04-08-14
Jury slaps Takeda, Lilly with massive $9B in damages in Actos cancer case04-08-14
Teva entreats SCOTUS to block Copaxone generics till patent case wraps04-08-14
Boehringer's Pradaxa fights to regain ground with new clot-fighting approval04-08-14
Express Scripts assembling anti-Sovaldi coalition to shut out Gilead hep C drug04-08-14
Zogenix sues Massachusetts over ban on controversial painkiller Zohydro04-08-14
Roche jumps into epigenetics with deal for Oryzon's leukemia hopeful04-07-14
If GSK's chief wants to be Mr. Clean, he needs to get out the broom04-07-14
Lilly steps up war on counterfeits with $110M serialization program04-07-14
GlaxoSmithKline confronts new bribery allegations, this time in Iraq04-07-14
Sun Pharma hopes to turn fortunes of Ranbaxy around with $3.2B buyout04-07-14
Sanofi misled investors with rosy Lemtrada predictions, lawsuit alleges04-07-14
Mallinckrodt bets $5.6B on Questcor and its controversial Acthar drug04-07-14
Glaxo fires some China staff for malpractice amid stepped-up surveillance04-04-14
Novartis fighting two-pronged legal battle in India on Galvus patent 04-04-14
British cost watchdog backtracks again on Roche's Tarceva04-04-14
Amgen, GSK part on fast-selling Prolia, mostly04-04-14
FDA's OK of opioid overdose treatment doesn't quell backlash over Zohydro04-04-14
Mylan weighs Meda takeover to create $9B-a-year generics giant04-04-14
Canadian drugmaker's Indian plant joins FDA import ban parade04-03-14
On a roll in Ireland, Alexion plots 200-job supply chain hub04-03-14
Big Pharma dusts itself off in China scandal, but crackdown isn't over04-03-14
More scrutiny, less pay? U.K. docs collected less cash from pharma in 201304-03-14
Novartis ousts top Japanese execs amid fresh misconduct allegations04-03-14
Sanofi CEO vows to 'go beyond' handouts, hit double-digit growth in Africa04-03-14
GlaxoSmithKline yanks Paxil batches after FDA warning letter04-02-14
Novartis Japan staffers shredded and deleted to cover trial misconduct, panel finds04-02-14
Can Auxilium's ED hopeful Stendra score with provocative March Madness ads?04-02-14
Amarin triples size of Vascepa sales force with Kowa promo deal04-02-14
JAMA: Med-school officials risk conflicts by serving on pharma boards04-02-14
Industry predicts dire consequences from FDA's generic labeling proposal04-02-14
ViiV adds pricey new HIV drug Tivicay to patent pool04-02-14
FDA lambastes GSK plant for releasing contaminated products04-01-14
Actavis shells out $100M for Thai generics maker in bid for Southeast Asia growth04-01-14
GSK ditches ovarian cancer plans for Votrient04-01-14
Gilead's Sovaldi triumph puts major hurt on payers' bottom lines04-01-14
It's a big win for Eli Lilly in multibillion-dollar Alimta patent fight04-01-14
Supreme Court to hear Teva's Copaxone appeal03-31-14
Pfizer gets FDA green light for Nexium OTC launch as AZ braces for competition03-31-14
Sanofi taps outcomes exec for new C-level job as 'patient officer'03-31-14
GSK building up R&D, manufacturing and goodwill in Africa 03-31-14
Biogen hemophilia nod puts Baxter's to-be-spun-off biopharma unit on notice03-31-14
FTC aiming for $1B pay-for-delay patent settlement this year03-31-14
Massachusetts bans Zogenix's controversial new painkiller Zohydro03-31-14
GSK buys full control of consumer unit in Indonesia03-28-14
Critics knock JAMA study linking testosterone drugs to cardio risks03-28-14
Bayer keeps cheap Nexavar copy from being exported from India03-28-14
Regeneron clears roadblock for new plant in Irish tax haven03-28-14
UPDATED: Hospira puts shareholder lawsuit behind it with $60M settlement03-28-14
Roche nabs European approval for time-saving formulation of Rituxan03-28-14
GlaxoSmithKline pulls all U.S. alli supplies, launches product-tampering probe03-27-14
GlaxoSmithKline's diabetes contender albiglutide nabs EU approval03-27-14
New NICE evals could green-light more drugs, but only at 'the very best price'03-27-14
Worried about legal jeopardy, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline halt copay help for Obamacare patients03-27-14
Drugmakers agree to new FDA rules restricting antibiotic use in livestock03-27-14
Baxter to spin off its $6B biopharma business in industry's latest split-up03-27-14
Are pricey cancer drugs worth the cost? ASCO means to find out03-26-14
Astellas enlists a wide-eyed animated bladder for Myrbetriq ad campaign03-26-14
Florida man threatened to poison J&J products unless it forked over cash03-26-14
GlaxoSmithKline flags product tampering as wrong pills surface in alli packages03-26-14
GlaxoSmithKline yanks European app for Tafinlar-Mekinist combo in melanoma03-26-14
AstraZeneca takes control of its destiny in Japan with buyout03-26-14
Pfizer's targeted Xalkori outshines chemo in trial of untreated lung cancer patients03-26-14
Hospira chief gets a $1.1M raise amid manufacturing revamp03-25-14
Suffering Eli Lilly freezes salaries third year running, cuts bonuses03-25-14
Even at a discount, Sanofi's pricey cancer drug Zaltrap can't win at NICE03-25-14
AbbVie CEO's pay doubles to $18.2M in Abbott pharma spinoff's first solo year03-25-14
Sanofi reportedly jumps into $12B race for Merck's consumer unit03-25-14
The 10 best-selling drugs of 201303-25-14
J&J releases more Doxil, its popular cancer med that has been dogged by supply issues03-24-14
Soriot notches a bigger bonus, but total $5.5M in pay is no record breaker03-24-14
Toothpaste factory line or F1 racetrack? McLaren revs up Glaxo's production03-24-14
Celgene thinks its Otezla pill will be easy for the market to swallow 03-24-14
Politicians add fuel to the firestorm over Gilead's hep C drug pricing03-24-14
Cost watchdogs demand efficacy data on new Bayer cancer drugs03-24-14
The color purple knocks back Novartis' Advair rival in Germany03-24-14
J&J, Medivir get EU nod for their hep C drug Olysio03-21-14
Novartis' vaccine unit gets a badly needed booster from the U.K.03-21-14
J&J's Velcade cleared by U.K. for first-line myeloma treatment in about-face03-21-14