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Investigators at The Hutch draw up a new battle plan for metastasis02-03-16
U.K. scientists get a green light to modify human embryos02-03-16
Gene therapy pioneer James Wilson uses CRISPR/Cas9 to target liver disease 02-03-16
Researchers discover fusion protein that promotes cancer via three distinct ways in pediatric brain tumors02-03-16
Oxford team fingers an inflammatory protein as a trigger for cancer02-10-16
NIH researchers find genomic signature common in 5 types of cancer02-10-16
Newcastle University-led investigators link mitochondria to cell aging02-10-16
CRUK scientists ID a key player behind the spread of breast cancer cells02-10-16
Sequencing deer tick genome may help stop Lyme disease one day02-10-16
Study: LDL, omega-3 nano-strategy eliminates liver cancer cells in rats02-10-16
UCLA team packs large cargo into cells04-15-15
Focused on cell signaling, CHOP team preps for human mitochondrial drug study04-15-15
Scripps Parkinson's study points to a key enzyme as a potential drug target04-15-15
Frick scientists identify melanoma's 'safe haven,' and a combo to destroy it 04-15-15
MIT team works on amping-up a new approach to cancer immunotherapies04-14-15
Chicago project highlights effects of an ancient Chinese cardio remedy04-14-15
Zurich investigators ID pathway for B cell lymphoma04-08-15
Columbia scientist touts potential of a new diabetes therapy04-08-15
Regulus surges after AstraZeneca snags rights to NASH drug 04-07-15
Whitehead team adapts CRISPR-Cas9 tech to target killer fungal infections04-07-15
Daiichi Sankyo partners with Sanford-Burnham on a cardio molecule04-07-15
Berkeley, Harvard groups highlight new targets for cachexia04-07-15
Google-backed Calico in-licenses UCSF scientist's work on cognition04-01-15
IL-17 may guard against skin infections in alcoholics04-01-15
Professional societies flag key areas for COPD research04-01-15
UC Davis study points to potential of FGF21 in repairing livers04-01-15
Yale team says failed AstraZeneca drug shows promise in Alzheimer's03-31-15
Michigan investigators improve on a new approach to acute leukemia03-31-15
Concert Pharma spotlights a positive rat study for antiseizure drug03-25-15
Mayo Clinic team renews Alzheimer's feud, fingers tau over amyloid03-25-15
Duke/NUS team says new combo has promise for mutant-RAS cancers03-25-15
CMV-based vaccine could help eliminate the threat of Ebola from apes03-25-15
Stem cell advance may assist new therapies for anemia, leukemia03-25-15
Targeted mitochondrial attack destroys glioma cells in preclinical study03-25-15
We've moved from Tuesday to Wednesday03-10-15
Research group uses nanoparticles to deliver antibiotic03-18-15
Queensland scientists use ultrasound to clear amyloid in Alzheimer's model 03-18-15
Fast-spreading CRISPR tech inspires new preclinical work on blood cancers03-17-15
Blood pressure drug looks promising in preventing myelin loss in MS03-17-15
Academic team assembles a 'homegrown' immunotoxin for blood cancers03-17-15
Rockefeller U team touts a potential psoriasis 'cure' from Boehringer03-17-15
Mouse model for rheumatoid arthritis responds to M-MDSCs03-10-15
HSV vaccine researchers say a new approach immunizes mice03-10-15
Salk scientists use new CRISPR tech to chop up HIV03-10-15
UC Berkeley researchers put their hearts into latest organ-on-a-chip project03-09-15
Activating thyroid hormone receptor may rev up metabolism03-09-15
Mayo/Scripps team begins testing a new class of anti-aging drugs03-09-15
Canadian researchers study a new mechanism of action for cancer metastasis03-03-15
Investigators hatch new model for testing obesity drugs03-03-15
Scripps investigators ID a key player in disarming chemotherapy03-03-15
Researchers add insights to IL-37's anti-inflammatory potential03-02-15
Nanocarriers that harness fungus traits could deliver drugs to brain05-20-14
CDC scientist: MERS doesn't present pandemic risk, but other diseases might05-20-14
Animal model that mimics hep B, C in humans could spur new therapies05-20-14
Anti-MERS therapies IDed among existing drugs05-20-14
Natural antibacterial clay could fight MRSA, other infections05-18-14
NIH addresses sex bias in preclinical research05-15-14
Investigational treatment may provide relief for asthma05-13-14
Study: Heart attack stem cell treatment may offer little benefit05-13-14
Naturally occurring molecule could treat Type 2 diabetes05-13-14
Biochips, bioprinting offer alternative drug testing options05-13-14
FDA-approved genital warts drug could treat MERS05-12-14
Harvard's heart disease-on-a-chip mimics real tissue and disease05-12-14
UCLA gets $4M for stem cell, digestive disease research05-10-14
Hormone could be key to reversing the aging process05-06-14
UCSF, Stanford and Johns Hopkins join FDA partnership to speed drug development05-06-14
Harvard's bone marrow-on-a-chip could replace animal drug testing05-06-14
Technique aims to more accurately test pharmaceuticals05-05-14
Fast-acting antidepressant shows continued relief in animals05-05-14
Novavax, U. of Maryland report positive preclinical results for MERS vaccine05-02-14
Deadly MERS outbreak blamed on camels04-29-14
Protein found in naked mole rats could shed light on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's development04-29-14
Another chink in HIV's armor may point the way to a vaccine04-29-14
Rutgers wins $26M NIH grant to help fill lackluster antibiotics pipeline04-25-14
Preclinical study advances H. pylori vaccine for stomach cancer04-24-14
Single molecule that targets both amyloid and tau could treat Alzheimer's04-23-14
Experimental drug could thwart measles outbreaks04-22-14
Cancer stem cells responsible for treatment resistance, cancer relapse04-22-14
Mouse model could have predicted drug toxicity that killed 5 in clinical trial04-22-14
Improved monitoring of zoonotic diseases could predict future Ebola outbreaks04-22-14
Deadly MERS outbreak blamed on camels04-29-14
Protein found in naked mole rats could shed light on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's development04-29-14
Another chink in HIV's armor may point the way to a vaccine04-29-14
Rutgers wins $26M NIH grant to help fill lackluster antibiotics pipeline04-25-14
Preclinical study advances H. pylori vaccine for stomach cancer04-24-14
Single molecule that targets both amyloid and tau could treat Alzheimer's04-23-14
Experimental drug could thwart measles outbreaks04-22-14
Cancer stem cells responsible for treatment resistance, cancer relapse04-22-14
Mouse model could have predicted drug toxicity that killed 5 in clinical trial04-22-14
Improved monitoring of zoonotic diseases could predict future Ebola outbreaks04-22-14
Deadly MERS outbreak blamed on camels04-29-14
Protein found in naked mole rats could shed light on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's development04-29-14
Another chink in HIV's armor may point the way to a vaccine04-29-14
Rutgers wins $26M NIH grant to help fill lackluster antibiotics pipeline04-25-14
Preclinical study advances H. pylori vaccine for stomach cancer04-24-14
Single molecule that targets both amyloid and tau could treat Alzheimer's04-23-14
Experimental drug could thwart measles outbreaks04-22-14
Cancer stem cells responsible for treatment resistance, cancer relapse04-22-14
Mouse model could have predicted drug toxicity that killed 5 in clinical trial04-22-14
Improved monitoring of zoonotic diseases could predict future Ebola outbreaks04-22-14
Stabilizing protein complex in brain offers hope for Alzheimer's treatment04-21-14
Researchers replicate controversial stem cell-cloning method04-21-14
Plush 'carpets' of Silly Putty ingredient help stem cells grow04-15-14
New vaccine could guard against common birth defect-causing virus04-15-14
3-D printed tumor mimics cancer better than 2-D model04-14-14
High protein levels linked to cell death in Parkinson's04-14-14
UCSF rolls out patient database to boost brain research04-14-14
Essential immune organ regenerated in mice04-10-14
Breast cancer gene BRCA1 linked to brain development04-08-14
Study: Fewer clinical trials, less animal research conducted on diseases of the poor04-08-14
Caffeine-based compound targets tau deposits in Alzheimer's04-08-14
Vitamin B-3 could slow progression of muscle-wasting disorder04-08-14
Daiichi Sankyo, UCSF strike deal to combat neurodegeneration04-08-14
Lilly, Pfizer partner with Lieber Institute on brain research04-07-14
Committee finds 'scientific misconduct' in blockbuster stem cell papers 04-01-14
Anticancer compound could reverse symptoms of schizophrenia04-01-14
New molecule could provide relief for autoimmune, inflammatory diseases03-31-14
NIH opens largest U.S. neuroscience research center03-31-14
Report: U.S. can do more to support global health R&D03-27-14
Antioxidant could slow progression of Lou Gehrig's disease, extend lifespan03-27-14
Knocking out gene reduces fat, expands lifespan in mice03-25-14
Technique converts stem cells to muscle cells in high volumes03-25-14
Amylin diabetes drug improves learning, memory in Alzheimer's mice03-25-14
Antianxiety drugs lessen autistic symptoms in mice03-25-14
Mushroom-derived compound could stamp out HPV infection03-24-14
Public-private Japanese partnership invests $15M in neglected diseases03-20-14
Capturing leukemic stem cells may help propel new drug discovery03-18-14
Study: Chickens, quails are likely to blame for spread of H7N903-18-14
Drug derived from snail venom could treat chronic pain with fewer side effects03-18-14
Compound stops formation of toxic peptides in mice with Alzheimer's03-17-14
NIH cuts, sequestration hampering cancer research03-15-14
Stem cell therapy improves tendon healing in preclinical study03-12-14
Antipsychotic drugs may have another use: Treating deadly brain tumors03-11-14
University of Notre Dame team IDs new class of antibiotics03-11-14
Seattle BioMed receives $10M NIAID grant to lead AIDS vaccine effort03-10-14
NIH faces flat funds in president's 2015 budget proposal03-07-14
OHSU opens new stem cell research center03-07-14
Stem cell therapy improves Parkinson's symptoms in monkeys03-06-14
HIV immune discovery could lay the groundwork for a vaccine03-04-14
New anti-inflammatory molecule could provide a model for new drug design03-04-14
BioCryst compound prevents Marburg virus in monkeys03-04-14
Experimental supplement extends lifespan, stops metabolic disease in mice02-28-14
Brain cell communication plays role in regulating Alzheimer's protein02-28-14
NIH makes new database on age-related diseases available to researchers02-27-14
DOD selects Bavarian Nordic to develop vaccine against biological threats02-25-14
HPV-like vaccine guards against skin tumors in mice02-25-14
Reprogrammed skin cells could provide a way to regenerate liver tissue 02-25-14
Global tuberculosis R&D takes hit with AstraZeneca site closure02-24-14
Scientist: Let's not discredit acid-bath stem cell studies--yet02-24-14
Berg, Parkinson's Institute partner to find biomarkers02-21-14
Gene therapy regenerates damaged tissue in pigs after heart attack 02-20-14
Stem-cell switch in neural cells could help treat neurological disorders02-15-14
Role of adaptor protein could point the way for new diabetes, cancer treatments02-14-14
Compound protects mice from Parkinson's-like motor loss02-14-14
BioLineRx shows effectiveness of leukemia drug in preclinical study02-13-14
GlaxoSmithKline joins a $115M antibiotics development initiative02-12-14
MedImmune, UCSF strike translational research deal02-12-14
Targeting 'undruggable' cancer mechanism can make chemo more effective, study says02-11-14
New therapeutic target for multiple sclerosis could help repair damaged brain cells02-11-14
CalTech drug delivery method halts HIV infection in mice02-11-14
The top 10 biomedical research institutions02-11-14
Nasal vaccine protects mice from West Nile virus02-10-14
U.K. pledges to reduce use of animals for bioscience research02-10-14
Gates Foundation delivers an $11.8M grant to fuel tuberculosis R&D02-07-14
Epilepsy drug reverses fatty liver disease in obese mice02-04-14
Stem cell signaling protein spurs cancer spread02-04-14
Mechanism that boosts bone growth could aid osteoporosis drug design02-04-14
Merck halts drug testing on chimpanzees01-31-14
Exposure to acid turns adult cells into stem cells01-30-14
$40M gift from stem cell agency will fund new genomics initiative01-30-14
Plant-based compound maintains memory against Alzheimer's in mice01-28-14
Reengineered antibiotic gains ability to thwart drug-resistant TB strains01-28-14
Researchers repair retinas in mice with virus-free stem cells01-28-14
$3M initiative will focus on finding new drugs for Alzheimer's01-26-14
Discovery links genes to excess belly fat01-24-14
UCSD genetic platform screens marine microbiota for new compounds01-23-14
Alzheimer's research implicates a protein in amyloid beta memory loss01-21-14
Innovimmune inhibitor prevents multiple sclerosis in mice01-21-14
Existing antiviral drug could treat H7N9 flu01-20-14
AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers bestow $5M on diabetes research program01-16-14
Microparticle therapy restores damaged tissue after a heart attack01-16-14
Omnibus bill would restore $1B in funding to NIH01-14-14
Mimetas, Galapagos partner on organs-on-chip technology01-14-14
Investigators find a way to keep stem cells' options open until they're needed01-14-14
Low doses of cancer drug prevent Type 1 diabetes in mice01-14-14
Protein discovery could aid in malaria vaccine design01-13-14
European industry-academic partnership seeks miRNA therapies for neurodegenerative diseases01-13-14
Embryonic-like stem cells created from frozen tissue of Alzheimer's patients01-08-14
Discovery of immune boosters' role in TB control could help develop new therapeutics01-07-14
Alcohol-addicted rats treated with optogenetics stop drinking01-07-14
Gene defect that blocks insulin release in mice may cause Type 2 diabetes01-06-14
Astellas, ClearPath team up to develop vaccines for infectious diseases01-06-14
6 U.S. institutions receive $540M in cancer research funds01-06-14
Cancer Research UK will repurpose an AstraZeneca asthma drug for kidney cancer01-03-14
BRAIN Initiative announces 6 funding opportunities for biomedical researchers12-18-13
Glaxo compound slows Lou Gehrig's disease in animal models12-17-13
Blood vessel breakdown in the brain may be linked to Alzheimer's12-17-13
Researchers find possible drug targets for undruggable melanomas12-17-13
UPDATED: Congressional budget deal would ease NIH sequester cuts12-11-13
Researchers find possible drug targets for undruggable melanomas12-17-13
BRAIN Initiative announces 6 funding opportunities for biomedical researchers12-18-13
Glaxo compound slows Lou Gehrig's disease in animal models12-17-13
Blood vessel breakdown in the brain may be linked to Alzheimer's12-17-13
CIRM awards $61M for cancer research12-13-13
Report: Life science research needs standards to curb irreproducible studies12-12-13
Congressional budget deal would restore NIH sequester cuts12-11-13
1 in 100 cancers associated with gene mutation12-10-13
International Stem Cell Corp. finds a new way to reprogram cells12-10-13
Gene discovery could predict responsiveness of antidepressants12-09-13
Report: Global malaria R&D needs $8.3B boost over next decade12-05-13
GlaxoSmithKline initiates global cancer consortium12-05-13
Cellular Dynamics and Jain Foundation partner on stem cell models for muscular dystrophy12-04-13
Male contraceptive breakthrough: Australian, UK researchers collaborate on protein discovery12-03-13
NIH publishes first Alzheimer's genomics data for researchers12-03-13
Novartis team IDs new malaria target12-03-13
Key hep C protein revealed, paving the way for new vaccines12-03-13
Study: Standardization needed for drug screening studies 12-03-13
NIH announces $100M for new HIV research initiative12-02-13
Antibiotics may weaken body's response to cancer therapies11-26-13
New York Stem Cell Foundation, NIH partner to study rare diseases11-26-13
New targets for Parkinson's revealed in gene network11-25-13
Biota halts preclinical antibiotics program as antimicrobial resistance grows11-22-13
Eli Lilly, Project A.L.S. forge preclinical drug discovery pact 11-21-13
Inovio DNA vaccine protects against MERS in mice11-21-13
Compound that targets fat-burning mechanism discovered11-19-13
Herb-based compounds improve learning, memory in Alzheimer's mice11-19-13
Bacteria-derived toxin could provide design for new antibiotics11-19-13
First-ever 'mini-kidney' organs created from human stem cells 11-18-13
Oxford, MRC Technology team up on migraine drug discovery11-15-13
Tekmira's RNAi antivirals protect animals from lethal doses of Ebola, Marburg11-13-13
New drug target identified for glioblastoma 11-12-13
Compound mimicking gene deletion stops tissue scarring in mice11-12-13
MacroGenics to receive $9M from Boehringer Ingelheim in preclinical antibody pact11-11-13
Government shutdown effects on biomedical research outlined11-11-13
Japanese fund awards $5.7M in infectious disease vaccine work11-08-13
Report proposes revamping Alzheimer's R&D11-07-13
Study: Genetics drive neurocognitive decline in aging11-05-13
Sage molecule could treat a wide range of CNS disorders11-05-13
Fewer NIH grants affected by sequestration than initially projected11-04-13
Prana compound restores learning, memory loss in mice11-04-13
Key HIV protein structure revealed10-31-13
New survey details impact of federal cuts, sequestration on scientific research10-30-13
High levels of iron found in early-stage MS brains10-29-13
Organovo's 3-D printed liver hits drug performance milestone10-29-13
Fast-acting antidepressant agent discovered10-29-13
5 promising preclinical programs10-29-13
Certain microRNAs might be viable Alzheimer's targets10-28-13
New obstacle found in search for HIV/AIDS cure10-28-13
CytomX 'probody' kills pancreatic cancer cells, leaves healthy tissue intact10-25-13
Takeda, Hopkins developing new pancreatic cancer drugs10-22-13
New approach could lead to universal flu vaccine10-22-13
Stem cell-based therapy could be used to treat ALS, dementia10-21-13
Novartis CDK 4/6 cancer drug effective in preclincal tests, advances to PhI10-21-13
Harvard, AstraZeneca partner to replace animal testing with 'organs-on-chips'10-21-13
Mini pancreas grown in lab using mouse cells10-17-13
Vegetable-based compound protects against side effects of radiation therapy10-15-13
Parkinson's may take two forms, one more toxic than the other10-15-13
Evotec gets $5.4M from Boehringer Ingelheim in cancer research pact10-15-13
Gene therapy plus stem cells quickens wound healing10-15-13
Compound halts neurodegeneration in mice10-10-13
Boston University, MRC Technology developing anti-inflammatory antibody10-10-13
Altered antimicrobials could combat drug-resistant bacteria 10-08-13
Yale team investigates promising new class of antidepressants10-08-13
$6.25M grant establishes leukemia research initiative10-07-13
Three U.S.-based scientists jointly win Nobel Prize for cell transport discoveries10-07-13
Chemical in red wine kills cancer cells even after it's metabolized10-07-13
Government shutdown halts NIH research, CDC disease surveillance10-01-13
Sanofi partners with biotech to develop preclinical tech10-01-13
New approach could treat common childhood brain cancer10-01-13
Antidepressants could provide new way to treat deadly lung cancer09-27-13
$25M NIH project will set up genomic variants database for clinical use09-25-13
Antifungal drug abolishes HIV in cells09-25-13
Evolva in talks with U.S. government for $14.7M antibacterial contract 09-25-13
Pre-leukemia drug shows brain tumor regression in mice09-24-13
Stem cell reprogramming made easier by removing one protein09-24-13
New compound kills tuberculosis bacterium in lab tests09-24-13
$3.7M NIH program to fund biomedical research training09-23-13
NIH launches $45M Alzheimer's research effort, awards funds to 3 preclinical studies09-22-13
Stem cell therapy protects vision in preclinical retinal disease study09-18-13
New technique found to make anticancer drugs more effective 09-17-13
Initial focus of BRAIN Initiative laid out09-17-13
Visterra antibody shows promise in preclinical study as universal flu vaccine09-13-13
NIH partners with Eli Lilly, others on rare diseases09-12-13
Experimental vaccine clears monkeys of HIV09-12-13
Genia Technologies, Columbia, Harvard nab $5.3M NIH grant for genome sequencing09-11-13
Amicus, Biogen Idec form Parkinson's drug development pact09-10-13
Drug combo could treat deadly coronavirus09-10-13
Immune cell discovery could help fight diabetes, arthritis, MS09-09-13
Potential Parkinson's-fighting compounds identified09-09-13
Compound restores learning deficits in Down syndrome mice09-05-13
Advaxis treatment stops HPV tumor growth, extends survival in animals09-05-13
Former cancer drug could treat diabetes, autoimmune diseases09-03-13
Altered gene in mice extends lifespan by 20%09-03-13
High blood pressure therapy speeds TB recovery 09-03-13
Johnson & Johnson forges partnership to fight dengue fever08-30-13
New opioid pain drug decreases tolerance, side effects08-29-13
Worm genome reveals possible drug targets08-28-13
New target to battle Parkinson's discovered08-27-13
Omega-3 alleviates ADHD symptoms in rats08-27-13
Single injection could provide new treatment for melanoma08-26-13
High copper levels implicated in Alzheimer's disease08-26-13
Gene therapy in mice improves Rett syndrome symptoms08-23-13
Sodium 'switch' could provide target to treat brain disorders08-21-13
Study finds new genetic variants linked to blood cancer08-20-13
Industry-academic partnerships could help propel metabolic disease research08-20-13
Diabetes progression slowed in mice08-20-13
Nerve cell death reversed in Parkinson's cells08-19-13
Inovio vaccine kills malaria, boosts immune response in animals08-19-13
Pluristem's stem cell therapy improves tendon injuries in rats08-16-13
Seattle Biomed wins $16M NIH grant for TB research08-15-13
U.K. nonprofits offering funding for novel Parkinson's targets08-13-13
Gene repair technique could have various therapeutic uses08-13-13
Stem cell combo therapy extends survival of mice with brain tumors08-12-13
Newly discovered proteins could play role in destroying cancer cells08-12-13
NIH to open genomic data of HeLa cells to researchers08-07-13
University of Maryland, Baltimore partners with 5 biotech companies08-07-13
Opioid receptor research could help shape drug development for addiction08-05-13
New hep C model could pave way for new treatments08-05-13
NIH team sees diabetes drug as a possible tool for extending life08-02-13
Plant-based inhibitor could halt HIV infection08-01-13
New compound kills resistant prostate cancer cells08-01-13
La Jolla, Kyowa Hakko Kirin partner on autoimmune disease drug discovery07-31-13
New drug target found for asthma07-30-13
UCLA team IDs anti-amyloid compounds to treat brain diseases07-30-13
Novavax joins H7N9 vaccine race, reports positive preclinical data07-30-13
Antibody effective at fighting norovirus in chimps07-26-13
Inovio DNA cancer vaccine causes tumor death in animals07-24-13
Scientists advocate for more responsible preclinical studies07-24-13
Drug crosses blood-brain barrier, kills brain tumor cells07-23-13
Novartis MS drug prevents heart failure in animal study07-23-13
Retinas made from embryonic stem cells implanted into mice for the first time07-22-13
New 3D model of diabetes target could shape drug design07-19-13
Neural origins of menopausal hot flashes discovered07-19-13
Revalesio drug alters Alzheimer's progression in animal model07-18-13
Study: H7N9 likely resistant to current antiviral drugs07-16-13
Anemia treatment used to track implanted stem cells07-16-13
Obesity gene found to regulate hunger hormone07-16-13
Researchers unveil largest database of cancer-related genetic variations07-15-13
Senate committee approves funding increase for NIH in FY 201407-11-13
Sorrento Therapeutics, Israeli university team up to fight hep C07-10-13
Antileukemia compound could also treat common breast cancers07-09-13
U.K. launches large-scale genomics project07-09-13
Biosortia tapping into nature to fill early drug-discovery void07-09-13
More positive preclinical results for Inovio's H7N9 vaccine07-08-13
Immune modulation could explain how experimental Alzheimer's therapy works07-08-13
New research could help cut cardiovascular risks associated with arthritis drugs07-08-13
Scientists create first regulatory map of tuberculosis07-03-13
Asthma drug could restore cognitive decline in Down syndrome07-02-13
Nonprofit licenses MS mouse model to Biogen Idec to develop new therapies07-02-13
Report: U.K. health body stifling stem cell research07-02-13
Mouse models predict chemo treatment response in humans07-01-13
Texas A&M launches multimillion-dollar genomics research project07-01-13
CNS receptor could be key to preventing epilepsy06-24-13
Fewer chimps to be used in NIH-backed biomedical research06-26-13
RNA molecule could reduce fat in bloodstream, regulate high cholesterol06-25-13
Lack of gene could predict earlier onset, severity of multiple sclerosis06-25-13
New target could be key to preventing epilepsy06-24-13
Virus combo kills brain tumor cells in preclinical model06-24-13
Penn scientists create human-cell model of pancreatic cancer06-20-13
Antioxidant improves motor functions in mice with Parkinson's06-19-13
Scientists identify new compound that kills drug-resistant TB06-18-13
New drug repairs brain connections lost in Alzheimer's06-18-13
New genetic mutations found in families with early-onset Alzheimer's06-17-13
Breast cancer cell growth thwarted by osteoporosis drug in preclinical studies06-17-13
Inovio says H7N9 bird flu vaccine effective in mice06-17-13
Report: Genomics industry contributed $1 trillion to U.S. economy in last 25 years06-12-13
Mouse model of OCD could guide new treatment approaches06-11-13
Swiss researchers find cancer metastasis master switch06-11-13
New research shows how deadly H7N9 bird flu mutates, spreads06-11-13
Scientists discover new antibacterial molecules to fight anthrax, TB06-09-13
Canadian company reports positive preclinical data for H7N9 bird flu vaccine06-08-13
Spinal muscular atrophy patients could benefit from new drug06-06-13
NIH lays out effects of sequestration on biomedical research06-04-13
$750,000 in grants available to scientific researchers under new program06-04-13
Alterations in one gene may drive allergic, autoimmune diseases06-03-13
New agent stops replication of hep C virus in preclinical studies06-03-13
Japan launches public-private consortium to hunt for new drugs for infectious diseases05-31-13
Pfizer taps UCSF for small-molecule drug discovery05-29-13
New technique could fast-track discovery of antibody drugs05-28-13
New study refutes Targretin claim for treatment of Alzheimer's05-28-13
Universal flu vaccine effective in preclinical studies05-28-13
Stabilizing a gene reverses schizophrenia in mice05-28-13
Stem cell cloning study contained errors05-28-13
Lundbeck depression drug improves attention, memory in animal model05-22-13
New agent halts progression of childhood bone cancer in preclinical study05-21-13
Cambridge scientists find molecular catalyst behind Alzheimer's05-21-13
Researchers pinpoint protein involved in cancer cell death05-20-13
Alnylam reports positive preclinical results for RNAi therapy to treat rare metabolic disease05-20-13
Drug boosts effectiveness of radiation therapy for brain tumors05-19-13
Scientists use cloning method to create embryonic stem cells05-15-13
Stem cell therapy treats common pregnancy complication05-14-13
Gene silencing technique could pave way for new class of drugs05-14-13
Salk compound protects against Alzheimer's-related disease behaviors05-14-13
New therapeutic target found for pancreatic cancer05-14-13
Hormone reverses heart failure symptoms in mice05-13-13
Vaccine stops cocaine from reaching brain in monkeys05-10-13
Genetic 'switch' could halt aggressive cancer growth05-07-13
Inhibiting a protein could provide new avenue for antidepressant drug development05-07-13
Scientists create more accurate animal model of Type 2 diabetes05-07-13
New molecule could be potential therapy for muscular dystrophy05-07-13
Mayo Clinic develops drug that stops growth of kidney cancer05-03-13
Possible drug targets found for deadly coronavirus 05-01-13
Malaria parasite protein could be used to prevent disease transmission04-30-13
Investigators explore inflammation's role in Parkinson's development04-30-13
Blocking a gene's activity could clear beta-amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's04-30-13
Gilead drug clears hep B virus in chimpanzees 04-29-13
Harvard scientists discover hormone that could treat diabetes04-29-13
Zoonotic virus kills human melanoma cells in animal model04-24-13
Intel, Oregon Health & Science University partner on genetic profiling project04-23-13
Stem cell transplant heals mouse brains with neurological deficits04-23-13
Columbia researchers identify hundreds of potential metabolic cancer targets04-23-13
Radioactive bacteria treatment stops metastasis in mice04-23-13
Autistic behavior has genetic basis in mice04-19-13
Antibody genes linked to ethnicity04-19-13
CytomX's antibody therapies target cancer, leave healthy tissue intact04-16-13
High cholesterol may cause chromosome defects connected to Alzheimer's04-16-13
Scientists develop technique to rebuild brain cells destroyed by MS, cerebral palsy04-16-13
Mersana's cancer drug technology cures HER-2 tumors in mice at low doses04-15-13
New rat model could help scientists better understand, treat Alzheimer's04-15-13
Role of brain enzyme linked to neurodegeneration in mice04-10-13
Common sweetener mannitol improves motor functions in Parkinson's flies04-09-13
Agios compounds could be alternative treatment to chemo for leukemia, brain cancer04-09-13
New class of Merck drugs targets therapy-resistant cancer04-08-13
New cancer radiation treatment has no harmful side effects in mice04-08-13
Some still skeptical of BRAIN initiative as details remain fuzzy04-05-13
Targeted brain stimulation could treat addiction04-04-13
More evidence found for new anticancer agent04-02-13
Diabetes drug slows down aging process in worms04-02-13
Genetic material from bone marrow cells used to treat brain tumor04-02-13
Dutch researchers detect early Parkinson's pathology04-01-13
European researchers launch consortium to study neurodegenerative diseases04-01-13
New drug could combat resistant malaria strains03-27-13
UMD scientists test new bird flu vaccine in animals03-26-13
Researchers find possible cause of neuron dysfunction in Alzheimer's03-26-13
Canker sore drug reverses weight gain in mice03-25-13
Astellas strikes deals to hunt for dengue fever therapies03-22-13
New database could be a boon for genomics research 03-21-13
Tiny wireless sensor moves brain research forward03-20-13
Stem cell therapy shows promise for Parkinson's treatment03-19-13
Protein points to hormone therapy-resistant prostate cancer 03-19-13
Researchers transplant neural cells into monkey brain03-19-13
Stem cell treatment could accelerate diabetic wound healing03-15-13
Mount Sinai gets $5M from NIH to study neurological voice condition03-14-13
Scripps, Takeda renew pact to find CNS treatments03-14-13
New therapy shows promise in treating inflammatory breast cancer03-12-13
Scientists pinpoint possible origin of ovarian cancer03-12-13
Deleting a gene in mice prevents obesity03-11-13
Salt may be risk factor for MS, other autoimmune diseases03-11-13
Blood vessels could be target for new Alzheimer's therapies03-08-13
Buildup of unwanted proteins may lead to dementia03-07-13
Molecule discovery could lead to better asthma drugs03-05-13
New target found for common pediatric brain tumor03-05-13
Sarepta reports promising preclinical results for antibioterrorism drug03-04-13
Misshapen chemo drug particles may be better at targeting breast cancer03-04-13
Sequester cuts come down heavy on scientific, medical research03-01-13
Mouse neurons live longer than the brains they came from02-27-13
Scientists grow liver stem cells in mice02-26-13
Retargeted bird virus could provide new treatment for prostate cancer02-26-13
Therapeutic could heal wounds faster02-25-13
New drug combo stops head and neck cancer in mice02-22-13
Facebook, Google founders award $33 million to life scientists02-21-13
Obama administration plans brain-mapping project02-21-13
Basque scientists stop colon cancer metastasis02-19-13
Antidepressant could reverse sickle cell disease02-19-13
Nicotinamide slows breast tumor growth in mice02-18-13
Hopkins researchers offer new way to deliver personalized cancer therapies02-15-13
Human stem cell trial set to begin in Japan02-15-13
Compound could restore learning, memory in Angelman syndrome02-14-13
Drug triggers cell suicide in mice with cancer02-12-13
UCLA scientists find protein that could thwart HIV, other viruses02-12-13
Stem cell discovery could drive new bone repair therapies02-11-13
Acorda drug boosts motor functions in rats after stroke02-11-13
Compound preserves heart cells, tissue after heart attack or stroke damage02-08-13
Dogs with diabetes 'cured' with gene therapy02-08-13
Researchers find TB hiding in bone marrow02-05-13
Doctor calls for boost in cord blood stem cell research02-05-13
Diabetes drug decreases lung cancer tumors in mice with gene mutation02-05-13
New Alzheimer's drug clears amyloid tangles in mice02-05-13
Gene discovery could provide relief for deadly staph infections02-01-13
New target that stops metastasis could lead to safer cancer treatments02-01-13
Merck Serono, Feinstein Institute form collaboration to find lupus treatments01-30-13
Troubled BioCryst dumps HCV preclinical program01-29-13
Addex approaches the clinic for rare dystonias01-29-13
Orexo, AstraZeneca join forces against respiratory disease01-28-13
Beta blockers could improve cancer treatment in stressed patients01-28-13
Stem cells help rats recover from stroke01-28-13
Salk Institute gets $42M grant to study chronic diseases, establish new genomic center01-24-13
Mirna's lead miRNA mimic steps toward the clinic01-24-13
Star-shaped cells could be a depression solution01-24-13
New Parkinson's therapy could lessen brain damage; Genes may determine some types of leukemia;01-22-13
Synthon's ADCs could hit the clinic next year01-22-13
Tamoxifen gets new use in Duchenne muscular dystrophy01-22-13
Particles with a heart of gold attack lymphoma without drugs01-22-13
Calcium receptor could stop sleeping sickness in its tracks 01-22-13
Oral breast cancer vaccine could prevent recurrence01-21-13
Glowing mice could blaze way for detecting, tracking cancer growth01-18-13
A great leap forward: Microdystrophin gene therapy success in dogs01-18-13
Bristol, AZ take doses of Vanderbilt to treat depressed CNS drug R&D01-17-13
Stem cell research needs breakthroughs01-15-13
Stem cells cut heart damage in muscular dystrophy mice01-15-13