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DNAnexus connects genomics platform to Sapio Sciences' LIMS02-01-16
BioClinica rolls out tech-enabled postapproval research service02-01-16
CosmosID raises $6M to advance microbiome bioinformatics offering01-29-16
Illumina signs biobank deals to fuse genome data, EMRs02-05-16
Stallergenes resumes work after IT-related shutdown, hires head of tech ops02-05-16
AstraZeneca taps CRISPR to extract value from genome data02-01-16
Buzz: Roche weighing up bid for Pacific Biosciences02-08-16
In silico discovery platform drives forward Bavarian Nordic's MRSA vaccine program02-08-16
454 Life Sciences, Ion Torrent founder raises $40M for tech-enabled drug development shop02-06-16
U.K. looks to house software developers at planned cancer research hub02-08-16
California starts statewide precision medicine initiative with Atul Butte at the helm04-17-15
Apple, IBM team up for Watson-fueled assault on health research04-17-15
Biopharma puts better use of existing data at top of R&D wishlist04-17-15
PatientsLikeMe adds AstraZeneca to growing list of big name clients04-16-15
Peking University inks Medidata deal as China inches into eClinical era04-13-15
BioXcel adds Takeda to its roster of A-list clients04-13-15
TrialScope offers free to EudraCT data conversion service04-13-15
Early user of Venter's DNA synthesizer reports saving time, money04-13-15
Rise of Big Data prompts peer review rethink at Nature Biotechnology04-13-15
Eisai's new research unit taps Genomics for analysis support04-13-15
Potency prediction software helps Schrödinger land $120M Sanofi deal04-06-15
Genentech begins search for bioinformatics chief after Gentleman leaves for 23andMe04-06-15
23andMe-style sequencing project taps Facebook in pursuit of 20,000 participants04-06-15
Medidata lands deals with Accenture and Biorasi04-06-15
Celgene, Genentech back clinical trial enrollment challenge04-06-15
Genome Canada makes $24M pivot to bolster bioinformatics capabilities04-02-15
NIH backs database of rare pediatric genetic disorders03-30-15
Emerging markets tipped to push drug safety software market past $150M03-30-15
George Church backs online platform for open sharing of personal data03-30-15
Committee clips the wings of Europe's controversial $1B brain project03-29-15
NHS England picks 100,000 Genomes Project sites ahead of February start date12-31-14
Roche buys Bina to add informatics piece to its genomics resurgence12-31-14
Pfizer turns to app to overcome rare disease enrollment bottleneck12-14-14
Early Medidata backer plans $150M digital-health fund12-14-14
Autism Speaks to make Google-underpinned genomics database freely available12-13-14
Transcriptic offers Y Combinator biotechs $20,000 credit for its robotic labs12-10-14
Flatiron maintains dealmaking pace with patient-reported outcome data hookup12-10-14
Paul Allen donates $100M to create cell science institute12-10-14
Documents reveal FDA's use of computer forensics to uncover data falsification12-08-14
Ex-Pfizer SVP named CEO of BioClinica12-08-14
100,000 Genomes Project taps Big Pharma dream team for data crunching skills03-27-15
Amgen's deCODE lays marker for future of genomics-driven drug discovery03-27-15
India crowdsources whistleblowing with website, mobile app03-23-15
Big Pharma nervously eying Apple and Google's healthcare pitches03-23-15
FDA under pressure to establish staff social media policy03-20-15
Cloud Pharmaceuticals allies with U. of Florida to advance in silico pipeline03-20-15
AstraZeneca taps Assay Depot to create preclinical service hub03-19-15
Nimbus bags $43M from Big Pharma VCs to test computer-designed drugs03-19-15
UCB to host epilepsy digital tool hackathon03-15-15
Google adds Tute database to burgeoning Genomics platform03-15-15
Y Combinator backs cancer drug combo testing service03-13-15
Genomics England doles out $12M as sequencing yields early breakthroughs03-13-15
Apple turns 700M iPhone users into potential participants in massive virtual trials03-10-15
FDA opens door to a multitude of trial e-consent approaches03-10-15
Google applies large-scale machine learning to drug discovery 03-09-15
NIH puts data stitching at top of precision medicine to-do list03-09-15
Intel-GE joint venture teams with Xavier U. to test health tech03-09-15
Ubisoft creates therapeutic video game to treat lazy eye03-09-15
Broadly positive reactions roll in for FDA's drug shortages app03-08-15
AstraZeneca's rapid-fire IT dealmaking continues with Elixir hookup03-07-15
RainDance files for $60M IPO03-01-15
Pfizer: Our IT systems are subject to frequent attacks03-01-15
Takeda inks $400M IT services deal with Wipro05-21-14
EMA criticized for flip-flopping on clinical trial data transparency 05-20-14
Paypal co-founder backs genomics data access startup05-19-14
Venter nabs AstraZeneca's R&D IT chief for Human Longevity05-18-14
Bayer, Boehringer extend access to clinical trial data05-18-14
NIH lays out up to $20B in IT spending over coming decade05-16-14
HCL Tech adds Novartis to roster of Big Pharma clients05-16-14
GSK signs up to access Metabolon's bioinformatics tools 05-16-14
Faced with FDA barriers, 23andMe mulls overseas expansion05-12-14
U.K. tries to revive 'dead duck' patient data sharing plan05-12-14
Debiopharm inks deal with Yale to access computer-aided drug discoveries05-11-14
Flatiron raises $130M in Google-led round, buys EMR business05-11-14
FDA setting up data, informatics center with UCSF and Stanford05-07-14
DrugDev buys TrialNetworks to 'glue' its clinical trial apps together05-07-14
Bina, SAS and others pitch new tools to boost biopharma R&D05-05-14
Novartis steps up MS digital presence with iPhone app05-05-14
Buzz: Google Ventures leading $100M round in oncology Big Data platform05-05-14
Canada to set up cancer cloud computing facility05-01-14
Medidata unveils Sanofi deal as it looks to recover from rocky April04-30-14
FDA-funded study shows limits of mining Twitter for adverse event reports04-29-14
Google patents show plans for smart contact lenses04-28-14
U.K. seeks help prioritizing $3.4B of Big Data projects04-28-14
Feds fret over threat of healthcare data theft04-25-14
Y Combinator seeking software-enabled biotechs after raising funding limit04-25-14
Wellcome Trust order helps Illumina blast past HiSeq X Ten sale forecasts04-24-14
NIH lays out plan to work exome data into clinical research 04-23-14
Philippines opens IBM-powered bioinformatics facility 04-21-14
Canada to set up cancer cloud computing facility05-01-14
Medidata unveils Sanofi deal as it looks to recover from rocky April04-30-14
FDA-funded study shows limits of mining Twitter for adverse event reports04-29-14
U.K. seeks help prioritizing $3.4B of Big Data projects04-28-14
Google patents show plans for smart contact lenses04-28-14
Feds fret over threat of healthcare data theft04-25-14
Y Combinator seeking software-enabled biotechs after raising funding limit04-25-14
Wellcome Trust order helps Illumina blast past HiSeq X Ten sale forecasts04-24-14
NIH lays out plan to work exome data into clinical research 04-23-14
Philippines opens IBM-powered bioinformatics facility 04-21-14
Google adds UCSF geneticist to Calico's roster 04-21-14
Europe puts data management at the heart of $4B drug innovation drive04-18-14
Pfizer, PhRMA and others pick holes in FDA social media guidance04-18-14
BlackBerry plans healthcare-focused smartphone after making eClinical investment04-17-14
U.K. and Canadian governments back bioinformatics, omics research projects04-16-14
NCI plans database of patients who experience miraculous recoveries04-14-14
Pharma continues to grapple with trial participants' use of social media04-14-14
Cancer foundation aiming to build a database of 50,000 human genomes04-14-14
Cheminformatics skills shortage threatens Indian drug discovery program04-14-14
Big Pharma companies open up cancer trial comparator arm data 04-11-14
PatientsLikeMe inks 5-year deal with Genentech 04-11-14
Europe to create public clinical trial results database after passing law04-07-14
IMS Health stock jumps after second biggest U.S. IPO of 201404-07-14
Merck vaccine plant taps R&D's Big Data platform to solve yield conundrum04-07-14
Billionaire-backed startup puts Big Data, AI at the heart of drug discovery04-06-14
Tufts survey shows social media still on fringes of clinical trials04-04-14
Merck KGaA and Pfizer tap into Broad Institute's data skills for lupus project04-02-14
NIH looking to research community for data and metadata standards03-31-14
Duke setting up precision medicine center in Genome Institute reshuffle 03-31-14
Illumina CEO sees bioinformatics as key to completing sequencing puzzle03-31-14
GSK teams up to apply Big Data to target validation03-30-14
Busy week at Intel bolsters its presence in life sciences 03-28-14
Report: IMS Health aiming to raise $1.4B in upcoming IPO03-25-14
J&J collaboration with San Diego Supercomputer Center speeds genome analysis03-24-14
Merck exec: Health IT apps need more scientific rigor03-24-14
How will Google's forays into genomics play out?03-24-14
Cancer gamification project analyzes 1.5M chromosomes in one month03-20-14
NY Genome Center taps IBM's Jeopardy!-winning Watson to speed data analysis03-20-14
Novo Nordisk edges forward with plans to spin off its IT unit03-19-14
Genome data nonprofit aims to raise $25,000 through crowdfunding 03-17-14
Drop in federal funding threatens 22 jobs at the Broad Institute03-17-14
Survey: Public enthusiastic--but wary--about sharing personal health data03-14-14
Illumina likely to start charging for BaseSpace storage and processing in 201403-13-14
IMS: Big Pharma must turn to tech to cut $36B from their operating costs03-13-14
The rise of the Silicon Valley biocomputing startup03-11-14
FDA informatics chief: NGS is an immediate priority for the agency03-10-14
Google-backed genomics alliance details data interoperability plans03-10-14
Scripps shares genetic sequences of healthy elderly to boost Alzheimer's and cancer research03-10-14
Eli Lilly begins sharing photos on Instagram 03-10-14
Report: Big Data, social media and mobile double their share of biopharma marketing mix03-07-14
Illumina backs Venter's plan to create world's largest human genome sequencing center03-05-14
U.K. begins trying to rebuild trust in patient database after months of 'confusion, suspicion and anxiety'03-03-14
FDA defends itself against accusations its email snooping broke whistleblower laws03-03-14
NIH adds genetic data from Kaiser, UCSF to online resource03-03-14
Google joins genomics alliance as it prepares industry-focused cloud services03-03-14
George Washington University to trial 40-Gbps genomics data transfers with NIH02-28-14
Novartis' pitch to join trial data sharing bandwagon gets frosty reception02-28-14
Pfizer CEO begins contributing to LinkedIn's publishing platform02-24-14
Buzz: BGI is preparing for a $400M Hong Kong IPO in Q402-24-14
U.K. delays patient database project following public backlash02-23-14
Roche mulls sharing Avastin trial data to clear up possible statistical quirk02-23-14
Merge prepares to defend itself against fake contract lawsuits02-23-14
U.S. team taps supercomputer to accelerate genome data analysis02-21-14
CamNtech gets an FDA nod as wearable devices advance into clinical trials02-17-14
China cracks down on 'false' bird flu rumors on social media02-16-14
Data science consortium outlines vision for future of genomic Big Data 02-14-14
Twitter explains how Boehringer is winning on social media02-14-14
Illumina takes a leaf out of the tech playbook with its genomics startup accelerator02-13-14
MIT proposes using robotic arms to enable smaller, cheaper stroke trials02-13-14
Oracle is bringing Siri-like voice recognition to clinical trials02-10-14
U.K.'s Medical Research Council commits $52M to medical record bioinformatics02-10-14
The FDA is making adverse event and recall data available to app developers02-10-14
Report: Boston Scientific, Medtronic and St. Jude's networks hacked last year02-10-14
The FDA is to break up its electronic submission guidance into a series of documents02-06-14
Big Pharma players team with NIH to build diabetes genomics database02-05-14
Infosys co-founder backs an Indian brain computing center02-03-14
The FDA's Mini-Sentinel healthcare surveillance database is growing quickly02-03-14
Empiriko teams up to scale liver-mimicking technology02-03-14
Dassault makes $750M play for Accelrys to expand into R&D software 02-03-14
J&J hands Yale the keys to its clinical trial data vault01-31-14
Bioinformatics skills help Stanford beat Illumina to $40M stell cell genomics grant01-30-14
Digital documents: Can electronic tools ease biopharma's clinical trial file headaches?01-27-14
The clinical trial technology sector could top $5B by 2018 (report)01-26-14
Novo Nordisk taps Trialbee for online recruitment of trial patients01-26-14
Sony teams with Illumina to crack the Japanese genome market01-26-14
Report: Pharma missing Big Data opportunity by ignoring social media01-26-14
U.K. to digitize patient health records and sell access to biopharma researchers01-22-14
NCI offering $20M to pilot projects that move cancer genomics into the cloud01-22-14
Record year at PLOS ONE creates new challenges for data scientists01-17-14
Regeneron to sequence 100K exomes and link data to EHRs to speed drug discovery01-17-14
BioClinica to go through second merger since being taken private last year01-17-14
European Union makes $40M available for development of bioinformatics tools01-16-14
Illumina hits the $1,000 genome mark with a big-data 'cannonball'01-15-14
FDA publishes a slice of social media guidance as the deadline for a full policy nears01-14-14
Merck invests in an FDA-cleared mobile diabetes management business01-13-14
Merge wipes $15M from backlog after discovering ex-employee faked contracts01-13-14
Pfizer trialing video game designed to diagnose Alzheimer's 01-13-14
New York Genome Center taps U. of Buffalo for computing horsepower01-13-14
Early Google investor picks Maverix from the genome data analysis crowd01-13-14
Analyst: CROs like Covance and Icon will take the lead on IT and genomics01-13-14
Days after Big Pharma trumpets data sharing plans, U.K. politicians push for more transparency01-06-14
NIH puts improved data handling at top of BRAIN Initiative wish list01-06-14
IMS Health files for IPO after making string of tech takeovers01-06-14
FDA plans raft of IT guidance documents to further GDUFA goals01-06-14
Google VC commits to $15M round to advance DNAnexus' data hub ambitions01-06-14
Spun out of George Church's lab, Curoverse gets $1.5M for open-source bio Big Data12-18-13
NIH names its first associate director of data science12-16-13
BGI is building a huge genome database to drive drug discovery12-16-13
UPDATED: Accelrys inks $50M Qumas takeover to continue deal-driven expansion 12-15-13
UPDATED: Merck turns to gamification to help Type 2 diabetics12-15-13
U.K. sets up a $16M competition to find genome data analysis tools12-08-13
UPDATED: Merck turns to gamification to help Type 2 diabetics12-15-13
Google Flu Trends was wildly inaccurate last year. Here's how researchers improved it12-09-13
NIH names its first associate director of data science12-16-13
BGI is building a huge genome database to drive drug discovery12-16-13
UPDATED: Accelrys inks $50M Qumas takeover to continue deal-driven expansion 12-15-13
Spun out of George Church's lab, Curoverse gets $1.5M for open-source bio Big Data12-18-13
Court fines Boehringer $1M for 'gross inadequacy' of record keeping12-12-13
Twitter-driven stock furor prompts exchange to fine Medivir 12-11-13
Machine learning improves the accuracy of flu forecasts12-09-13
Text mining 88,000 papers gives Pfizer a drug safety database12-09-13
Report tips analytics to get biopharma out of its productivity slump12-08-13
U.K. sets up $16M competition to find genome data analysis tools12-08-13
Wanted: 1,000 citizen scientists to crowdsource antibiotics research12-05-13
Pfizer is opening up clinical trial data to researchers, patients starting in 201412-05-13
Computational biology startup joins Merck KGaA's incubator12-02-13
Digitization work turns 125 years of disease reports into Big Data goldmine12-02-13
Pfizer sees smartphones taking center stage in clinical trials12-02-13
Sony files patent for wearable computing 'SmartWig'12-02-13
Academics dig into EMRs to discover genetic causes of disease12-02-13
Report suggests biopharma wise to outsource cybersecurity11-26-13
FDA introduces mobile-optimized website11-25-13
Novartis looks to data management vendors to slash costs11-25-13
Report finds inexcusable failings in government cybersecurity11-25-13
Lilly, Novartis and Pfizer sign up to improve ClinicalTrials.gov11-24-13
Life sciences IT execs plan business intelligence spending blitz11-24-13
Google begins hiring team to lead Calico11-21-13
Falling cost of NGS to drive boom in informatics market11-18-13
Pfizer takes steps to protect itself from BlackBerry's woes11-18-13
Validic raises cash to turn mHealth app output into data hose11-18-13
Pfizer finally takes control of Twitter account11-18-13
EMA warns of possible delay to final trial data transparency policy11-18-13
Hack of FDA databases raises cybersecurity questions11-14-13
Scientists increasingly receptive to life science vendors on social media11-11-13
BioDatomics pitches open-source, freemium bioinformatics package11-11-13
Veeva CEO gives post-IPO interview11-11-13
Open-access genomics database causes hand-wringing in U.K. 11-11-13
Catalent creates web-based tool to ease drug delivery tech selection11-11-13
Advocacy groups crowdsourcing patient views on risk-benefit of drugs11-11-13
NuMedii taps Thomson Reuters for data to power digital discovery model11-04-13
Rhenovia creates simulation of epilepsy biology11-04-13
Rare disease dictionary gives bioinformatics databases a shared language11-04-13
GoBalto rolls out version 2.0 of Tracker software11-04-13
FDA working on drug shortages smartphone app11-04-13
Illumina to buy bioinformatics business NextBio10-31-13
Oxford Nanopore readying for user tests of handheld sequencing device10-28-13
VCs tap Amgen-acquired genomics database to power startup 10-28-13
Broad Institute to offer sequencing services after receiving CLIA nod10-28-13
Medidata eyes Novartis' business after inking Alcon deal10-28-13
Amazon, Baylor and DNAnexus team up for huge sequencing project10-28-13
Continued NIH investment in NGS helps Illumina post big quarter10-23-13
20 Big Pharma and biotech mobile apps - 201310-21-13
Novartis leverages Facebook to personalize eye health campaign 10-21-13
Pfizer and Roche back protein shape change monitoring startup 10-21-13
Deloitte unveils another EHR-driven software tool10-21-13
Statisticians fret over misuse of data-crunching software10-21-13
Veeva stock soars following successful IPO10-17-13
Roche to shutter 454, 6 years after buying NGS business10-17-13
Sanger Institute taps DDN to help with Big Data boom10-14-13
From Hollywood to healthcare: How 3-D modeling is shaping drug development10-14-13
Venter outlines plan to print vaccines on Mars10-14-13
EDC tops poll of R&D productivity technologies10-14-13
IBM gets deeper into Big Data and EHRs with new projects10-10-13
New details on brains and budget behind Google's Calico emerge10-10-13
Low-profile cloud service provider steps into limelight10-07-13
IBM updates open-source Big Data disease modeling platform10-07-13
Ambitious U.K. genome project looks for industry input10-07-13
Bill advances case for nationwide track-and-trace databases 10-04-13
Bioinformatics projects stall as shutdown stops NIH funding10-04-13
Experts tip bioinformatics collaborations to improve breast cancer care10-03-13
Business behind Google Earth for the human body raises $4M09-30-13
NIH calls for comments on draft genomics data sharing policy09-30-13
Genohub talks up 'Kayak' for NGS services 09-30-13
FDA taking hands-off approach to regulation of most apps09-30-13
Bioinformatics shows new uses for old drugs09-30-13
Pfizer to give patients access to their trial data09-29-13
FDA posts final guidance on electronic source data09-23-13
BRAIN Initiative prioritizes better data storage and analysis09-22-13
Google hires ex-Genentech CEO to lead ambitious bio spinoff09-22-13
Biotech broker fined $5,000 for venting on Facebook09-23-13
Bioinformatics-driven Eisai subsidiary inks discovery alliance09-22-13
New York Genome Center opens $54M biomedical-research hub09-19-13
TranSMART releases new version of research software from Johnson & Johnson09-16-13
Qlucore corrals EU funding for hepatitis C software 09-16-13
AstraZeneca supports iPhone app for helping patients with heart disease09-16-13
MIT center grabs $25M grant to build human-like computers09-16-13
Veeva, provider of sales software to Merck, seeks up to $150M in IPO09-16-13
Treato releases latest software: not another social media-listening app for pharma?09-13-13
Texas biotech software outfit trumpets open source tools09-09-13
GlaxoSmithKline picks up online collaboration tools for medical staffers09-09-13
Enzymatics picks up bioinformatics expertise in up to $50M buyout09-09-13
Genentech backs development of video game for kids with cancer09-09-13
In growing diabetes market, Sanofi looks beyond iPhone for mobile glucose testing09-05-13
Accelrys scoops up Bay Area software firm for $15.3M09-04-13
Quantia, provider of software to pharma, lands $10M B round09-03-13
AstraZeneca backs web portal for breast cancer docs09-03-13
Eagle Genomics captures £590,000 round to feed bioinformatics biz09-03-13
Report: BGI readies for big genomics IPO08-31-13
DNA software startup Desktop Genetics scores £375K in early funding08-31-13
Eli Lilly, Humana partner on crunching diabetes data08-29-13
Bina adds exome analysis to Big Data genomics platform08-26-13
Capgemini taps Amazon cloud for Big Data analytics08-26-13
Harvard-MIT collaboration adds Lego-like genome analysis tool08-26-13
Google bolsters security of cloud data storage service08-25-13
FDA pilot project ups benefits of IT supply chain investments08-25-13
EMA to start accepting digital signatures next month08-22-13
Mobile game targets improved outcomes in young cancer patients08-19-13
RTI wins NIH support to advance web-based toolkit for genetics research08-19-13
India's InterpretOmics scores $1.6M round to fuel bioinformatics biz08-19-13
Pfizer taps online marketplace for outsourcing research08-15-13
FDA's former IT boss nails down industry gig08-14-13
Certara, provider of drug research software, buys Michigan rival08-13-13
Big Pharma outfits join forces on comparator network08-12-13
Medidata to score $287.5M in major financing08-12-13
CollabRx elbows into software game for gene interpretation08-12-13
Big Data analysis outfit GNS teams with Inova on predicting preterm birth08-08-13
Roche rolls out updated software for next-generation sequencing08-07-13
Gene by Gene acquires software upstart Arpeggi08-07-13
Certara launches software to test drug toxicity in the heart08-05-13
China pharma R&D drives expanded use of Medidata software 08-05-13
Computer-aided Compugen crashes cancer immunotherapy party with Bayer deal08-05-13
Accelrys to ax 80 jobs after drop in quarterly profits08-01-13
Battle against breast cancer goes open source07-31-13
Ex-Yahoo CEO backs genomics big data startup Bina07-30-13
Open source data a boon to malaria research07-29-13
Medidata shares soar on another record quarter in Q207-29-13
AstraZeneca adds software from Dotmatics to virtual neuroscience group07-29-13
Novo Nordisk among latest to join pharma flock on Twitter 07-29-13
Sanofi returns to the crowdsourcing well for diabetes app07-24-13
NIH earmarks $96M for multiyear effort to maximize value of Big Data07-23-13
Leaked memo shows resistance to data transparency07-22-13
Genentech racks up savings with data-driven cage cleaning 07-22-13
J&J searching for European digital health entrepreneurs07-22-13
Chinese CRO buys software to bridge gap to global clients07-21-13
Bioinformatics buy bolsters Life Technologies' diagnostics pact with Merck Serono07-17-13
With pharma clientele, Big Data-mapping startup Ayasdi lands $30.6M financing07-16-13
Massive NCI database links cancer genes with drugs07-15-13
Visual web: Cautionary note for pharma about Pinterest07-15-13
Europe eyes social media and mobile for data on bad drug reactions07-15-13
High-profile VC Sequoia backs clinical tech startup Comprehend in $8.4M round07-11-13
ChemAxon extends pharma software streak with Schrödinger deal07-10-13
Boeringher Ingelheim expands use of Big Data tech for pharma research07-09-13
Report: Pharma execs warm to med reminder apps07-08-13
GE, Accenture back analytics provider in $20M financing07-08-13
Facebook, Twitter bolster Candian biotech's research of Crohn's therapy 07-08-13
AstraZeneca snaps up drug-discovery software from Cambridge startup07-03-13
Bioinformatics gives U. Wisconsin team an 'edge' in cystic fibrosis study07-03-13
Where is cloud computing a fit in pharma?07-02-13
Pfizer shares software for biotech drug research with pharma rivals06-24-13
Deloitte turns EHR reservoir into health outcomes tool07-01-13
J&J teams up with Mount Sinai on bioinformatics project07-01-13
Data secrecy and outdated tech exacerbating drug shortages07-01-13
Roche adopts software to improve contractor oversight07-01-13
Ex-Googlers bring Big Data analytics to oncology07-01-13
Big Data guru Atul Butte's NuMedii scores $3.5M VC round for 'digital' drug research06-26-13
Pharma biz offers lucrative future for software maker Orcanos06-24-13
Roche designs online software for sequencing business06-24-13
FDA taps India's GVK for database support in drug recycling06-24-13
Pfizer shares software for biotech drug research to pharma rivals06-24-13
Scientists follow 'Facebook' strategy to corral cancer Big Data 06-19-13
PatientsLikeMe seals CRO deal for online trial recruitment06-18-13
GutCheck nabs $4M, aids Pfizer with consumer-research software06-17-13
Berkeley professor: Genomic data leaks seem inevitable06-17-13
Cancer Research UK mulls multiple video game options06-17-13
23andMe seeks consumer boost in long-range data strategy06-17-13
10 startups fueling pharma in social media06-17-13
FDA joins chorus of concern about cyber-security threats06-13-13
Firm tries startup's tech tricks for clinical trial recruitment06-12-13
Microsoft's Bill Gates backs open R&D in social-media investment06-10-13
AstraZeneca bolsters software systems for virtual R&D of neuroscience drugs 06-10-13
NIH, BGI, others ally to share Big Data in genomics06-10-13
In latest acquisition, IMS Health scoops up Incential Software06-07-13
Pharma giant Boehringer Ingelheim backs startup program Rock Health06-05-13
GenoSpace joins growing alliance for sharing translational research data06-05-13
Software-backed MTI system spots breast tumors06-03-13
BT and Accelrys deepen ties for cloud computing in life sciences06-03-13
OpGen teams with bioinformatics outfit to combat outbreaks06-03-13
FDA seeks quant jocks to find pharma fraud in era of Big Data06-03-13
Eli Lilly backs mobile app for cancer docs05-31-13
Boehringer, Eli Lilly aim to educate diabetics with iPad game 05-29-13
Boehringer VP impressed by wireless pill bottle05-27-13
Treato sees success for Biogen in social media buzz05-27-13
Genentech asks iPad gamers to save San Fran from mutant cheese05-27-13
Chinese trial data hackers reportedly active again05-27-13
PatientsLikeMe opens up for patient-reported outcomes05-23-13
IMS continues cloud deal blitz with Vantage 360 buy05-22-13
Pfizer-backed analysis finds dearth of patient-reported outcomes in trials05-20-13
Chinese drug giant tackles drug counterfeiting with mobile service05-20-13
InSilico Genomics grabs $1.5M for fledgling bioinformatics biz05-20-13
Drugmaker UCB taps IBM for digital medicine effort05-20-13
Life sciences VC firm launches 'crowdfunding' site for limited crowd05-20-13
Sanofi hunts for clinical trial recruits in growing social network05-16-13
Merck targets docs with revamped U.K. website and healthcare apps05-14-13
Pfizer tests online Viagra sales to beat the cheats05-13-13
IT outfit Instem acquires Logos to penetrate early clinical trials market05-13-13
Mobile service PharmaSecure finds demand in losing fight against fake drugs 05-13-13
GlaxoSmithKline exec details expectations for online clinical trial research05-09-13
Hong Kong billionaire backs Big Data effort in biomedicine at Oxford University05-08-13
Pfizer opts to keep running Accelrys software in its labs05-07-13
GlaxoSmithKline 'listened' to social media chatter about vaccine worries05-06-13
Doc launches user-friendly website for clinical trials searches05-06-13
Martin Leach's 16-year interview for the job of Big Data boss at Biogen Idec05-02-13
Comprehend, GNS reach milestones with software for drug researchers05-01-13
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