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Lilly and Boehringer roll toward EU approval with diabetes combo03-27-15
Former Teva CEO Levin returns to biopharma as chairman of upstart Ovid Therapeutics03-27-15
Shire, BioMarin and the snowball effect of buyout rumors03-27-15
Novo Nordisk speeds back to the FDA with its once-rejected insulin03-27-15
MorphoSys tanks after Celgene walks away from $818M pact03-27-15
Ohr Pharma's eye drop fails a Phase II AMD trial03-27-15
Billionaires drive Malin to ?330M IPO, Push for EU JOBS Act, RNAi stock jumps on PhIIa data03-26-15
Genfit's NASH drug flunks Phase II, but management sees a silver lining03-26-15
After Salix's $10B deal, is Synergy Pharma on the block?03-26-15
Conatus heralds success for its NASH drug and plots Phase III03-26-15
Big Pharma joins the U.K.'s genomics project with eyes on drug discovery03-26-15
FierceBiotech Radio on the biotech bubble and #FierceMadness03-26-15
Finance giants lobby for JOBS-style reforms to EU IPO laws03-26-15
Amgen uncovers trove of gene knockouts in 'molecular national selfie'03-26-15
Flagship banks $537M to back the next batch of biotechs03-26-15
Cellectis pulls off a $228M IPO to bankroll its CAR-T ambitions03-25-15
Novartis' psoriasis rivals tout impressive data with next-gen treatments03-25-15
Emergent Bio bags FDA approval for another anthrax treatment03-25-15
AstraZeneca buys into Harvard's stem cell tech for diabetes R&D03-25-15
GlaxoSmithKline mounts an open casting call for R&D starlets03-25-15
Novartis chief: Sometimes you have to kill your R&D darlings03-25-15
Cellectis upscales IPO toward $200M as CAR-T fever continues03-25-15
New Alzheimer's study escalates the old amyloid-tau debate03-24-15
Blueprint plots a $100M IPO for its precision medicine platform03-24-15
VC vets break new ground with $42M Polish life science fund03-24-15
Google's Calico widens its R&D net with QB3 partnership03-24-15
Bristol, Sanofi and Novartis lead pack in big year for blockbusters03-24-15
Bristol-Myers picks up an autoimmune project as Novo quits the field03-24-15
FierceBiotech Radio and EP Vantage on biotech's big 201403-24-15
Diabetes startup rakes in $44M and teams up with Novartis on cell therapy03-24-15
Video: Is this a biotech bubble?03-23-15
Investors hype Silence Therapeutics after cancer drug shows promise in PhIIa03-23-15
GlaxoSmithKline taps Cold Spring Harbor for diabetes R&D03-23-15
Novartis, Lilly lead a $44M round for rare disease biotech Aeglea03-23-15
In a squeaker, FierceBiotech readers warn of a biotech bubble03-23-15
Seventure adds ?25M to microbiome investment fund03-23-15
Billionaires line up to back Malin's ?330M IPO03-23-15
Biogen's future: bigger bets on CNS, smaller name03-23-15
ImmunoGen strikes $440M ADC deal with Takeda03-23-15
FDA removes the brakes on Pfizer and Lilly's pain drug03-23-15
MEI's second go at cancer R&D flunks a Phase II MDS trial03-23-15
Tal Zaks lands at Moderna as CMO03-20-15
AstraZeneca's rosy pipeline promise runs into harsh realities in oncology03-20-15
Amgen fails to block Novartis' Neupogen biosimilar03-20-15
Sanofi finally unloads an embattled R&D site in $270M Evotec deal03-20-15
Lilly inks a $456M oncology deal with China's Innovent03-20-15
Biogen's Alzheimer's drug impresses in early study with Phase III on the way03-20-15
Prothena rockets up with early data on a Roche-partnered Parkinson's drug03-20-15
Woodford backs Malin's ?325M IPO, U.K. rejigs VC trust rules, Genmab shuffles antibody assets03-19-15
Biotech spared in U.K. rejig of VC trusts03-19-15
Analysts spread the love as Biogen Idec excites on MS, Alzheimer's03-19-15
Lilly inks a $690M deal to get its hands on an autoimmune drug03-19-15
What, Juno worried about its cash burn? Not likely03-19-15
Genmab buys iDD antibody assets, drops ADC co-development rights03-19-15
Google's mystery biotech Calico partners with the Broad on aging-related drugs03-19-15
Crohn's expert flags blockbuster potential--and frets--of Celgene's mongersen03-19-15
J&J stays mum about cash, but biotech buyout is a landmark win for Index fund03-18-15
Sirtex gets hammered on failed cancer study03-18-15
Retrophin bags rare disease approval, FDA voucher in $75M deal03-18-15
AstraZeneca's $1.2B COPD drug comes through in Phase III03-18-15
Deep dive into Actelion's Uptravi data calms investors as FDA decision date nears03-18-15
Nordic Nanovector upscales IPO as demand tops expectations03-18-15
Pfizer joins a powerhouse syndicate backing $43M round for Nimbus03-18-15
Nektar looks for the positive in a failed PhIII breast cancer study03-17-15
Struggling GlaxoSmithKline warns of 150 R&D job cuts in Philadelphia 03-17-15
Woodford backs Malin to move ex-Elan execs toward ?325M IPO goal03-17-15
What drives Peter Thiel's biotech investment strategy? Trends are 'bad'03-17-15
Soon-Shiong's NantWorks deepens its immuno-oncology ties with Sorrento03-17-15
Galapagos registers another setback as J&J dumps anti-inflammatory pact03-17-15
Esperion's potential PCSK9 spoiler scores more positive data03-17-15
CAR-T player Kite Pharma buys its way into Europe and pads its anticancer arsenal03-17-15
GlaxoSmithKline and J&J back a $100M new Alzheimer's R&D project03-17-15
Department reorganizations at Biogen Idec raise fears of future cuts03-16-15
Chiasma taps a new CEO as it rolls toward an FDA filing03-16-15
Pulmatrix backs its way onto Wall Street with merger deal03-16-15
R&D exec Tal Zaks leaps from flagging Sanofi to fast-growing Moderna03-16-15
Cidara Therapeutics makes a quick leap into the growing Q1 IPO queue03-16-15
Amgen scores a victory for PCSK9, halving cardio risks after one year03-15-15
Merck can't get the sugammadex curse lifted, faces 3rd FDA rejection03-14-15
XBiotech lines up for a $76M IPO to fund its antibody R&D03-13-15
Baxter's latest hemophilia drug comes through in Phase III03-13-15
With drug discovery ambitions, 23andMe recruits Genentech vet Scheller03-13-15
Bristol-Myers heads back to the FDA with its long-delayed hep C drug03-13-15
Biogen Idec trims R&D staff, looks for new talent in chemistry, neurology 03-12-15
Sanofi backs immunotherapy hub, U.K. mulls its own 'breakthrough,' Allergy player banks 20M03-12-15
Third Rock's faded Ember gets resuscitated in merger deal03-12-15
Allergy biotech hauls in $80M for its oral immunotherapy03-12-15
Sustainable bull market or biotech bubble? What do you think?03-12-15
U.K. looks to FDA 'breakthrough' status for inspiration in regulatory revamp03-12-15
Neuralstem tanks on cloudy results for its ALS treatment03-12-15
Epizyme retrieves global rights to cancer drug in $110M deal03-12-15
23andMe dives into biotech with Genentech R&D star Richard Scheller on board03-12-15
J&J partner Aduro rides the immuno-oncology wave with $86M IPO03-12-15
AstraZeneca gambles on a $40M round for diabetes/cardio biotech PhaseBio03-12-15
Kura sheds stealth mode with $60M for PhII cancer drug licensed from J&J 03-12-15
Alcobra misses efficacy endpoint in ADHD trial03-12-15
Allergy Therapeutics raises 20M to bounce back from 5-year clinical hold03-12-15
Wilex hands back some cancer drugs as it circles the biotech drain05-21-14
Shire heads to the FDA with its dry eye drug despite a so-so PhIII05-21-14
AstraZeneca partner Ardelyx pitches $69M IPO05-21-14
Swelling ranks of AstraZeneca's dissident shareholders press for a Pfizer deal05-21-14
Gene therapy upstart bags a $22M A round for neurodegenerative work05-21-14
Takeda overcomes safety questions, wins FDA OK for IBD drug vedolizumab05-20-14
SEC cries insider trading in GTx's halted cancer trial05-20-14
R.I.P.: Merck and Endocyte yank vintafolide app 05-20-14
Clovis bags 'breakthrough' tag for its cancer drug as ASCO's spotlight awaits05-20-14
Angry AstraZeneca investors may hold the only key to a Pfizer deal05-20-14
Pioneering CAR-T biotech upstart plans to leapfrog into a $115M IPO05-20-14
Pharma's checkbook keeps M&A flowing as biotech stays lukewarm05-20-14
Novartis hands Ophthotech a $1B deal for heavyweight wet AMD contender05-19-14
KKR steps in to back $55M C round for biosimilars developer Coherus05-19-14
State legislatures jump into the thorny compassionate-use debate05-19-14
Why did Pfizer's big fiesta for palbociclib fizzle?05-19-14
Another animal health biotech plots an IPO05-19-14
Bristol-Myers nabs another 'breakthrough' cancer drug title05-19-14
Boehringer, InterMune wow IPF field with a slate of groundbreaking trial data05-19-14
Pfizer hikes bid for AstraZeneca to $117B, but swears off hostile maneuver05-18-14
Pfizer's vows fall on deaf ears in Cambridge05-16-14
Kamada tanks as its lead drug can't top placebo05-16-14
Forest CEO Saunders to lead combined company after Actavis buyout05-16-14
Gelesis brings in $12M to advance its obesity pill05-16-14
Gates, Wellcome bet $40M on Kymab's antibody tech05-16-14
Proteon banks $45M for vascular drug with Novartis in the rearview05-16-14
FDA rejects Novartis' 'breakthrough' cardio drug serelaxin05-16-14
J&J and Pfizer pursue contrasting strategies, AZ backs biotech fund, Bayer opens Berlin incubator05-16-14
Novartis-backed Sorbent grabs first tranche in $15M heart therapy round05-15-14
Bluebird bio buoyed by news of looming trial data05-15-14
ZS Pharma looks to $86M IPO to fund PhIII hyperkalemia studies05-15-14
AstraZeneca: Coming up from behind--fast--with top cancer programs05-15-14
Bristol-Myers Squibb: It's all about the "breakthrough" drug nivolumab now05-15-14
What we learned from the big ASCO cancer drug data dump05-15-14
Novartis, Servier team up on tumor-killing drug development05-14-14
Don't look for industry insiders to back another Pfizer megamerger05-14-14
J&J scouts for 50 Bay biotechs with new Janssen incubator05-14-14
PhIII eye drug failure? Not at all, says an optimistic Gene Signal 05-14-14
FDA breaks silence on biosimilars with long-awaited proposal05-14-14
Isis heralds positive PhII diabetes results from leading antisense drug05-14-14
AstraZeneca adds an immuno-oncology collaboration for its pipeline star05-14-14
AstraZeneca touts arthritis, lupus data with a rosy view of its pipeline05-13-14
Valeant readies a sweetened bid for Allergan05-13-14
Marinus braves a cooling biotech IPO market with a $63M pitch05-13-14
Pfizer's quest for AstraZeneca becomes political theater as MPs probe $106B offer05-13-14
Startup brings together some of Boston's top biotech brains and bucks 05-13-14
GlaxoSmithKline's blockbuster dreams dashed as darapladib goes 0-for-2 in PhIII05-13-14
Chase banks $21M round for Alzheimer's drug research05-12-14
Pfizer makes a case for R&D in AstraZeneca megamerger, but does anyone believe it?05-12-14
Lilly draws flak after touting PhIII diabetes success for Lantus rival05-12-14
Tesaro preps for a Merck showdown after seeing positive PhIII results for rolapitant05-12-14
Show me the money: Which drugs made the top 10 list on upfront deals?05-12-14
Deal-hungry Shire nabs Lumena for $260M as M&A frenzy intensifies 05-12-14
Amgen, AstraZeneca score a PhIII psoriasis success with brodalumab05-09-14
New immunotherapy uses patient's cells to attack tumors05-09-14
Merck KGaA bets on biosimilars with an eye on M&A05-09-14
Bristol-Myers' senior VP of global development retires05-09-14
Pfizer cozies up to U.K. scientists amid transatlantic scrutiny05-09-14
Biotech's post-boom swoon mars IPO efforts from Radius, Agile05-09-14
Novartis-backed ImaginAb banks $21M for antibody tech05-09-14
'Biotech savior' sets up 4.5B fund, U.K. polls a hassle for Pfizer, Meda to join M&A frenzy05-08-14
'Biotech savior' sets up 4.5B fund, U.K. polls a hassle for Pfizer, Meda to join M&A frenzy05-08-14
Merck wins FDA approval for a once-vaunted cardio drug05-08-14
AstraZeneca rushes immuno-oncology star into PhIII lung cancer study 05-08-14
AbbVie makes a run at early EU OK for hep C cocktail05-08-14
Does Alder's IPO setback signal that the biotech IPO boom is ending? 05-08-14
Early-stage cancer drug pipeline booms as payers dig in for a fight05-08-14
Lundbeck is buying Chelsea for $658M, with a just-in-case clause05-08-14
Pfizer's megamerger pitch haunted by empty promises of the past 05-08-14
Erectile dysfunction drugs improve blood flow in Duchenne boys05-07-14
Corcept tanks as depression drug comes up short in Phase III05-07-14
Roche and Exelixis tout PhI cancer combo with late-stage data on the way05-07-14
Cytomedix shutters R&D site after PhII failure05-07-14
Waiting for U.S. pols to block the Pfizer-AstraZeneca megamerger? Forget about it05-07-14
Who will buy into AstraZeneca's "$5B" high-risk Alzheimer's drug? 05-07-14
The top R&D spenders in biopharma in 201305-07-14
Marquee VCs back a $37.5M launch round for immune-tolerant drugs05-07-14
Loxo lands $24M venture round and a CSO for cancer drug research 05-06-14
Naurex picks up $25M to get its depression drugs through PhII05-06-14
Merck's hot immuno-oncology prospect MK-3475 grabs clear lead in blockbuster race05-06-14
Merck pays $1B to buy into Bayer's cardio future05-06-14
AstraZeneca promises investors a magnificent future--without Pfizer05-06-14
AstraZeneca wins FDA OK for another fish-oil heart pill, enters crowded market 05-06-14
Aeterna announces plans for new commercial hub05-05-14
Novartis' long-acting Signifor passes PhIII test for acromegaly05-05-14
Global R&D centers brace for new blows as Pfizer circles AstraZeneca05-05-14
Bristol-Myers' armed antibody partner Ambrx shoots for an $86M IPO05-05-14
Regeneron jumps into next-gen gene therapy tech with $640M eye drug deal05-05-14
AstraZeneca's R&D image problem haunts its fight against Pfizer 05-05-14
GlaxoSmithKline picks up FDA approval for its latest COPD contender05-02-14
Acorda's seizure spray gets the FDA blow-off05-02-14
Endo appoints former Bausch + Lomb exec to head corporate strategy05-02-14
Merck halts study of the billion-dollar cancer drug vintafolide05-02-14
FDA rejects The Medicines Co.'s clot-buster, sending cangrelor back to the clinic05-02-14
Britain fearful of Pfizer future, UCB on the hunt for antibody partners, Novartis snubs Transgene05-01-14
AstraZeneca dismisses Pfizer's $106B bid, ignores R&D commitment05-02-14
Britain fearful of Pfizer future, UCB on the hunt for antibody partners, Novartis snubs Transgene05-01-14
Pfizer jumps on the microbiome bandwagon with expansive Second Genome deal05-02-14
UPDATED: Ex-champ Vertex dumps hep C, but shares spike on positive CF results05-01-14
Enterome raises $11.5M for gut microbiome R&D05-01-14
Amid Zohydro controversy, Teva, Purdue and Pfizer race ahead with new pain drugs05-01-14
VC Lightstone lands $172M fund with an eye on biotech startups05-01-14
Shire bags an early-stage fibrosis drug in $75M Fibrotech buyout05-01-14
Can anything prevent Pfizer's megamerger with AstraZeneca?05-01-14
Merrimack heads to the FDA after scoring positive PhIII for pancreatic cancer 05-01-14
Biopsy snafu torpedoes PhII prostate cancer data for Nymox04-30-14
GlaxoSmithKline ups odds on heart drug hopeful with a changeup in endpoints 04-30-14
Sanofi's MS team rebuilds its case for the FDA-rejected MS drug Lemtrada04-30-14
Ex-champ Vertex calls it quits on hep C, concentrates on CF05-01-14
Enterome raises $11.5M for gut microbiome R&D05-01-14
Amid Zohydro controversy, Teva, Purdue and Pfizer race ahead with new pain drugs05-01-14
VC Lightstone lands $172M fund with an eye on biotech startups05-01-14
Shire bags an early-stage fibrosis drug in $75M Fibrotech buyout05-01-14
Can anything prevent Pfizer's megamerger with AstraZeneca?05-01-14
Merrimack heads to the FDA after scoring positive PhIII for pancreatic cancer 05-01-14
Biopsy snafu torpedoes PhII prostate cancer data for Nymox04-30-14
GlaxoSmithKline ups odds on heart drug hopeful with a changeup in endpoints 04-30-14
Sanofi's MS team rebuilds its case for the FDA-rejected MS drug Lemtrada04-30-14
Ex-champ Vertex calls it quits on hep C, concentrates on CF05-01-14
Enterome raises $11.5M for gut microbiome R&D05-01-14
Amid Zohydro controversy, Teva, Purdue and Pfizer race ahead with new pain drugs05-01-14
VC Lightstone lands $172M with an eye on biotech startups05-01-14
Shire bags an early-stage fibrosis drug in $75M Fibrotech buyout05-01-14
Can anything prevent Pfizer's megamerger with AstraZeneca?05-01-14
Merrimack heads to the FDA after scoring positive PhIII for pancreatic cancer 05-01-14
Biopsy snafu torpedoes PhII prostate cancer data for Nymox04-30-14
GlaxoSmithKline ups odds on heart drug hopeful with a changeup in endpoints 04-30-14
Sanofi's MS team rebuilds its case for the FDA-rejected MS drug Lemtrada04-30-14
Regeneron R&D chief's compensation shrinks, but still tops the chart04-30-14
Otonomy pockets $49M to hit the gas on its ear treatments04-30-14
Novartis grabs early FDA approval of lung cancer drug Zykadia04-29-14
Transgene takes a hit as Novartis shreds $800M option deal04-29-14
CytoKinetics' ALS drug also misses string of secondary endpoints04-29-14
Why would Pfizer want to buy AstraZeneca? It's not R&D04-29-14
Allergan woos J&J, Sanofi while keeping its eyes on Shire, per reports04-29-14
Amicus shares rally as a revised PhIII delivers positive Fabry data04-29-14
Bristol-Myers racing to the FDA with immunotherapy star nivolumab04-29-14
Bristol-Myers targets neurodegenerative diseases in $725M deal to buy iPierian04-29-14
On heels of an IPO, Concert's kidney drug flops in PhII04-28-14
Merck turns to tiny Agenus in hunt for new immunotherapies 04-28-14
Onco-immunotherapy specialist Kite adds $50M in new financing04-28-14
OncoGenex, Teva flag a failed PhIII for prostate cancer drug04-28-14
Forest lands Furiex and expands GI business in $1.5B buyout deal04-28-14
Ignoring harsh lessons, Pfizer prepares to pounce on AstraZeneca04-28-14
Biogen brings Quintiles to the R&D table in 5-year pact04-25-14
Isarna snags another $7.6M to advance its cancer immunotherapy04-25-14
Actavis global R&D president departs to helm Impax Labs04-25-14
Radius dials up a $92M IPO pitch despite tepid market for biotechs04-25-14
Buyout buzz: Allergan made a pass at Shire before Valeant came calling04-25-14
Arch Venture swings for a $250M fund to bet on biotechs04-25-14
Cytokinetics tanks as ALS drug fails a mid-stage study, jeopardizing the program04-25-14
GSK and Novartis reshape EU biotech, Celgene and Hyperion in Euro deals, U.K. cell therapy grows04-25-14
Juno wraps up a $176M A round as it hits the gas on its CAR-T contender04-24-14
Hyperion bets up to $570M on diabetes biotech Andromeda04-24-14
Celgene shells out $710M for a PhIII Crohn's drug04-24-14
J&J snags FDA OK for rare blood disorder drug siltuximab 04-24-14
AstraZeneca continues to chop back, spotlights immuno-oncology PhIII04-24-14
An international biotech tackles CRISPR gene editing tech with $25M bankroll04-24-14
GSK's R&D staff hit with trade rumors spurred by Novartis cancer deal04-23-14
Novartis, GSK deal puts the spotlight on a narrowing R&D focus04-23-14
Spectrum touts PhII cancer data, plans NDA04-23-14
Amgen beats a path to the FDA, looking for an early approval of leukemia drug04-23-14
Kala reels in $22.5M to get its next-gen eye drops into PhIII04-23-14
Shooting for IPO glory, Alder cites trial success with migraine drug 04-23-14
Allergan fashions a poison pill as raiders at Valeant promise to gut R&D04-23-14
Epizyme jumps on $4M payday04-22-14
AbbVie heads to the FDA with its hep C combo in a race with Gilead, Merck04-22-14
ProNAi nabs $59.5M round to back PhII lymphoma drug04-22-14
GSK punts much of its cancer R&D work in Big Pharma swap and shop04-22-14
FDA OKs Lilly's blockbuster hopeful ramucirumab for stomach cancer04-21-14
Activist investor teams with Valeant on quest to acquire Allergan04-21-14
Aastrom surges after acquiring Sanofi's cell therapies 04-21-14
Former Creighton professor named chief medical officer at 23andMe 04-21-14
Sarepta rockets up after mapping a shortcut to the FDA with DMD hopeful eteplirsen04-21-14
Zafgen tees up an $86M IPO for eye-catching obesity drug04-20-14
Report: Pfizer pitches $101B megamerger to struggling AstraZeneca04-20-14
FDA lifts its hold on Juno's cutting-edge cancer drug after deaths trigger delay04-19-14
Biotech VCs wager $1.1B in Q1, starting the year with a flurry of new deals 04-18-14
Nasdaq volatility delays IPO, Almirall pulls drug over price, Topotarget to merge as PDUFA nears04-18-14
Corey Goodman backs $20M A round for heart drug biotech04-17-14
Pfizer, AstraZeneca back a new strategy for cancer drug R&D04-17-14
Vital Therapies banks $54M in a downsized IPO retry04-17-14
GlaxoSmithKline and Galapagos succeed in psoriasis after two setbacks04-17-14
Biotech upstart grabs $18M to study a new drug to protect pregnancies04-17-14
Which therapies top Thomson Reuters' list of new drugs to watch this year?04-17-14
Baxter's latest bleeding drug hits the mark in PhIII04-16-14
Column Group nears goal line for $250M biotech venture fund04-16-14
BioAlliance and Topotarget plan to merge, pooling their cancer pipelines04-16-14
Have the biotech bears run out of steam?04-16-14
VCs gamble $96M on rare disease drug, biosimilar play and new drug for AMD04-16-14
Boehringer dogged by doubts as it touts a growing PhIII pipeline04-16-14
GlaxoSmithKline wins an FDA nod for its new diabetes drug04-15-14
Angion swings for a $36M IPO as biotech's bear turn drags on04-15-14
Little Lexicon posts positive diabetes data as rival pharma giants race ahead04-15-14
Startup AAVLife sets sights on ataxia with $12M and a novel gene therapy04-15-14
Roche adds a slate of PhIII schizophrenia trial failures to bitopertin's obituary04-15-14
Merck bags FDA approval for its grass pollen pill04-14-14
ThromboGenics is picking between billion-dollar bids, report says04-14-14
NeoStem strikes deal to acquire California Stem Cell04-14-14
BREAKING: Novartis slams the brakes on RNAi development efforts04-14-14
J&J axes a late-stage Botox rival, chopping project staffers04-14-14
J&J teams with Scripps on a new Big Pharma/biotech spinoff matchmaking effort 04-14-14
Cytos hits the self-destruct button as PhIIb asthma study bombs04-14-14
Intercept grabs the spotlight at EASL, builds case for lead drug OCA04-12-14
National Cancer Institute investigating trial outliers to resurrect 'failed' drugs04-11-14
Biotech stocks tumble on phantom terror as analysts struggle to explain04-11-14
Chimerix CEO Moch steps down after compassionate-use controversy04-11-14
AbbVie angles for hep C spotlight as Merck shoulders to the front04-11-14
Impax gives it another go with a once-rejected Parkinson's drug04-11-14
Bayer backs VC fund, FBI calls Russian VCs thieves, Oryzon and Serendex plan IPOs04-11-14
VCs gamble $45M on PhII pain drug, new U.S. base for Spinifex04-09-14
Three IPO hopefuls look to squeeze out $144M as biotech gets bearish04-10-14
Cerulean stumbles with IPO as investors fret over biotech stocks 04-10-14
Biogen's hemophilia hopeful scores a PhIII win as FDA awaits04-10-14
Bristol-Myers jockeys for promising position in hep C drug race04-10-14
Celladon's heart drug grabs 'breakthrough' status at FDA04-10-14
Soon after media storm fades, Chimerix CEO Moch is out the door04-10-14
Watch out Gilead, Merck is mounting a hep C combo comeback04-10-14
FDA drops a hold on Halozyme study04-09-14
'Special K' once again wows investigators in small depression study 04-09-14
Novartis, NEA join $188M gamble on China biotech fund 04-09-14
After burning up $349M, CymaBay aims for Nasdaq as IPOs get shaky04-09-14
GlaxoSmithKline joins a Big Pharma immuno-oncology R&D alliance 04-09-14
Meet Spero, a biotech hopeful with Roche's blessing and a novel antibiotic04-09-14
Low-profile Alios gets a roster of Big Pharma funds to back anti-RSV therapy04-08-14
Lilly preps a PhIII study as breast cancer drug race heats up 04-08-14
TetraLogic bags lymphoma therapy in $13M buyout04-08-14
Versant gambles $12M on Swiss PI3K/mTOR cancer drug upstart 04-08-14
Deerfield eyeing new biotech investments after launching $1.6B fund04-08-14
Alkermes hits PhIII goal line with 'blockbuster' long-acting schizophrenia drug04-08-14
Puma surges as neratinib beats Herceptin in head-to-head breast cancer study04-07-14
Little Deciphera raises its cancer R&D flag in Boston's bustling biotech hub04-07-14
Agios shares spike on enthusiastic response to small, early-stage leukemia study04-07-14
Biotech's breathless quarter of IPOs brings in $2.1B for R&D04-07-14
Roche's pRED jumps into epigenetics with $521M-plus cancer drug deal04-07-14
Sanofi decides to take a second shot on Lemtrada app04-07-14
Pfizer's flagship palbociclib stymies cancer progression, but falls short on survival04-06-14
Memorial Sloan-Kettering hits the brakes on engineered T cell cancer study04-06-14
All eyes on Pfizer as palbociclib prepares to take the stage04-04-14
Merck and Ferring team up on anti-bleeding drug for the developing world04-04-14
AbbVie gets out of the way as the EU prepares for trial transparency04-04-14
Novartis gets new head of Japanese business amid misconduct investigations04-04-14
Amgen's viral cancer vaccine misses its survival goal in melanoma PhIII04-04-14
GTx's CEO finds the door as the company moves on from a PhIII failure04-04-14
Halozyme tanks after another mid-stage setback dings its cancer drug04-04-14
InDex mulls Swedish IPO, Circassia backer posts profit jump, U.K. targets bio investment04-04-14
Sanofi sets sights on Africa with an eye on M&A04-03-14
Pharma giants jostle for the cancer R&D spotlight at AACR04-03-14
Corium pulls off a $52M IPO to fund its needle-free pipeline04-03-14
Celgene pays VCs $47M to up its stake in Acceleron's pipeline 04-03-14
Novartis-backed Neurovance bags $6.3M to focus on ADHD04-03-14
Party drug turned 'miracle' cure for depression spurs hype and stubborn hope 04-03-14
Lumena swings for a $75M IPO to bear down on liver diseases04-03-14
Battered Amarin finally lands a partner for Vascepa04-02-14
Baxter snaps up its hemophilia partner on the verge of a biotech breakup04-02-14
Analysts, experts are dazzled by the blockbuster potential of Novartis' LCZ696 04-02-14
Stallergenes beats Merck to market as FDA OKs its allergy pill04-02-14
GlaxoSmithKline shutters lung cancer vaccine study on latest MAGE-A3 setback04-02-14
FDA panel backs MannKind's inhaled insulin as commercial questions linger04-01-14
Danish trial results show stem cells improve failing hearts04-01-14
Merck KGaA teams up with Pfizer to spotlight new lupus therapies04-01-14
Foresite banks $300M to bet on late-stage biotechs04-01-14
Investors pump $200M into Intarcia's PhIII for once-yearly diabetes therapy04-01-14
Celgene doubles down on Forma with a $600M discovery deal tied to a buyout option 04-01-14
Cubist's superbug drug clears FDA panel, lines up for Pfizer showdown03-31-14
AstraZeneca cozies up to MRC scientists amid an R&D rethink03-31-14
FDA lifts a partial hold on Curis cancer drug03-31-14
Glaxo scraps the ovarian cancer app for Votrient03-31-14
Shares of Prana collapse after long-shot Alzheimer's study flops03-31-14
Tomorrow's cardio blockbusters: Inside 'the next big leap' in controlling cholesterol03-31-14
On the ropes, Novartis' cardiology team declares a blockbuster PhIII knockout 03-31-14
GlaxoSmithKline's darapladib team finds hope in a PhIII bomb 03-30-14
Amgen's PCSK9 drug slashes 'bad' cholesterol in PhIII, stoking blockbuster hopes03-30-14
Biogen wins FDA OK for long-acting hemophilia drug Alprolix03-28-14
AstraZeneca looks to China for kidney disease R&D03-28-14
Ebola still a tough target due to Big Pharma disinterest and few outbreaks03-28-14
MannKind faces stiff skepticism in its third go at FDA approval03-28-14
Merck appoints Baxter exec to fill chief financial officer role03-28-14
Idera spikes as its up-and-down TLR program comes through in PhII03-28-14
Syndax swings for a $69M IPO with 'breakthrough' drug in tow03-28-14
EuroBiotech: Merck KGaA R&D chief exits, Sobi drug flops in PhIII, Adaptimmune gets full-time CEO03-28-14
FDA panel throws dirt on Novartis' would-be cardio blockbuster serelaxin03-27-14
Genmab banks $22M from J&J as myeloma drug ticks forward03-27-14
Pfizer says PCSK9 study was a winner, boosting its chances in hectic R&D race03-27-14
Baxter breaks in two, creating a $6B biopharma business03-27-14
RuiYi banks $15M from A-list backers to amp up Chinese R&D03-27-14
Novartis fuels drive for fast OK of LDK378 with new lung cancer data 03-27-14
GlaxoSmithKline joins a biotech brain trust to make R&D more efficient03-27-14
Exelixis' shares flogged after lead drug disappoints at interim PhIII point03-26-14
Kolltan banks $60M to hit the gas on its cancer drug03-26-14
Fierce readies a new weekly report on the European biotech scene03-26-14
Merck snags rights to NanoBio's adjuvant vaccine tech03-26-14
Sanofi bets big on dengue with eyes on a blockbuster03-26-14
Startup scPharmaceuticals snags $16M for self-dosed injectables03-26-14
With FDA decision looming, GlaxoSmithKline nails European OK for diabetes drug albiglutide03-26-14
Insmed faces another setback as lead therapy flunks PhII lung study03-26-14
Wanna team with AstraZeneca? Post on its website03-25-14
NeuroPhage adds a $17M round to back Alzheimer's drug program03-25-14
Biogen cozies up to MIT with a $5.3M drug discovery pact03-25-14
FDA review slams Novartis's case for beleaguered heart drug serelaxin03-25-14
Merck's new PhIII hep C program may help repair a damaged R&D rep 03-25-14
Seattle startup sets out with $5M, beer molecules and a plan to treat diabetes03-25-14
High-flying biotech stocks take a dive, triggering a bad case of jitters03-25-14
Who's going to win pharma's immunotherapy gold rush?03-24-14
Is the great biotech stock rally kaput?03-24-14
Novartis chairman vows to preserve top R&D budget in retrenchment03-24-14
Gilead scrambles toward hep C cure-all with next-gen combo pill03-24-14
Eyeing rival mAb mob, Novartis touts PhIII secukinumab psoriasis data03-24-14
Celgene wins FDA approval for its blockbuster arthritis contender03-21-14
Boehringer's stumble is InterMune's gain in lung drug race03-21-14
Biogen's Scangos joins Agilent board03-21-14
Versartis grabs $126M in an upsized IPO to fund its orphan drug03-21-14
EU smiles on Lilly and Boehringer's FDA-rejected diabetes drug03-21-14
Novo says Tresiba's down but not out of the blockbuster diabetes race03-21-14
UPDATED: Merck, Endocyte score crucial EMA OK for conditional approval of vintafolide03-21-14
Partnerless Aveo is back on the hunt as Biogen returns a cancer drug03-20-14
Harvard team finger missing protein as a key to Alzheimer's03-20-14
Pfizer snags a 'breakthrough' tag for its meningitis vaccine in a race with Novartis03-20-14
J&J trumpets early success for 3-month Invega Sustenna PhIII schizophrenia trial03-20-14
Biotechs bag $170M in IPO cash as a booming quarter winds down03-20-14
Geron sinks as liver risks plague another imetelstat trial03-20-14
Sanofi launches a vaccine R&D program with blockbuster Prevnar 13 in sights 03-20-14
GlaxoSmithKline's cancer vaccine MAGE-A3 suffers its second PhIII flop03-20-14
McKinsey's four drug launch flavors: Good, bad, ugly and misguided03-19-14
With a $300M buyout fund, Maravai sets out to make a biotech splash03-19-14
The FDA vs the flash mob: Hard questions as parents demand unproven drugs 03-19-14
Novo touts a PhIII hemophilia win as it chases Biogen, Bayer03-19-14
Bristol-Myers partner Alder Bio looking for $115M IPO haul03-19-14
Proteon sets out on its own after Novartis waves off a $550M deal03-19-14
A renal cancer study fails and stock plunges, but Bionomics stays upbeat03-19-14
Biogen hits an FDA speed bump with its next-gen MS drug03-18-14
C3 Jian gets a $60M round from some unconventional investors03-18-14
Upbeat review of failed PhII DMD trial earns Prosensa a big boost to shares 03-18-14
Meet RestorGenex, a biotech mosaic from Celgene founder Barer03-18-14
AstraZeneca signs up for MD Anderson's 'moon-shot' immuno-oncology project 03-18-14
Eager biotechs eye $133M in IPOs as a frenzied quarter closes03-18-14
Report: Novartis circles a deal to buy Gamida Cell in $600M deal03-18-14
Biogen gambles on a $17M Atlas biotech launch, buyout option in hand 03-17-14
Amgen goes 6-for-6 in Phase III, leading the race for a new cardio blockbuster03-17-14
Bristol-Myers inks a $350M deal to pair with Five Prime on immuno-oncology gold rush03-17-14
Informa purges Elsevier unit staff in wake of buyout03-16-14
Intercept scores a PhIII win for lead drug following Friday night frights03-16-14
Chimerix started the week as a punching bag, then pulls off a TKO 03-16-14
Amgen's viral cancer vaccine T-Vec tackles melanoma tumors in PhIII03-15-14
Idenix takes to Europe with its Gilead patent spat03-14-14
Chelsea Therapeutics and the return of pharma's phantom checkbook03-14-14
A who's-that of biotechs snag $119M as the IPO market thunders on03-14-14
Amgen names Piacquad senior VP of business development03-14-14
Is Europe due for a biotech boom all its own?03-14-14
U.K. joins the 'breakthrough' bandwagon with new fast-track program03-14-14
Time, distance and the new world of online business news03-14-14
With $25M in the bank, French startup sets its sights on sepsis03-13-14
Galapagos ships out its CRO biz for $179M to focus on R&D03-13-14
Vectura bags respiratory biotech Activaero for $181M03-13-14
Sage snags $38M from A-list VCs to bankroll its seizure drugs03-13-14
Circassia's record-busting $332M IPO inspires hopes of U.K. renaissance03-13-14
Tesaro pays $17M to team with AnaptysBio on cancer immunotherapies 03-13-14
GlaxoSmithKline maps a route to regulators with positive PhIII asthma data03-12-14
Achaogen grabs $72M from IPO03-12-14
German billionaires back $76M gamble on Glycotope's drug trials03-12-14
AstraZeneca sells off U.K. R&D shop as it packs up for Cambridge03-12-14
Purdue preps potential Zohydro killer for FDA review after positive PhIII 03-12-14
Oxigene roars back to life on positive ovarian cancer study03-12-14
Geron shares blasted as FDA slams the brakes on imetelstat studies03-12-14
Storm-tossed Chimerix rushes into a pilot study, with dying child as its 1st patient 03-12-14
Inside biotech's big year: 2013's approvals, IPOs and sky-high valuations will be tough to top03-11-14
Bayer commits $700M to boost manufacturing for new hemophilia drugs03-11-14
Lumena banks $45M and hits the gas on two liver treatments03-11-14
Novartis's new Basel campus reflects Vasella's (now out-of-fashion) style03-11-14
The dying child vs. the biotech: Everybody loses 03-11-14
Kythera buys back Bayer's stake in PhIII chin-fat therapy in $84M deal03-11-14
La Jolla soars as kidney drug impresses in Phase II, but dosing questions linger03-11-14
Sanofi, UCB team up in $138M deal aimed at tackling biologic blockbusters 03-11-14
Cerulean pitches $75M IPO to give its cancer drug another shot03-10-14
Regado shares pop as drug wins fast-track status03-10-14
J&J, Pharmacyclics and the future of Big Pharma dealmaking03-10-14
J&J partners with a biotech start-up on a new approach to Alzheimer's 03-10-14
Northwest Bio touts a chance to start selling its controversial brain cancer vaccine 03-10-14
Regeneron, Sanofi and Amgen shares suffer on FDA's frets about PCSK9 drug03-07-14
Report: InterMune eyed for a multibillion-dollar buyout03-07-14
AstraZeneca leans toward virtual R&D with a Korean oncology deal03-07-14
Roche's pRED taps Vanderbilt cancer director as new oncology chief03-07-14
Northwest Bio jumps as Phase III trial keeps on rolling03-07-14
GlaxoSmithKline's FDA batting average tops the industry; Lilly, not so much03-07-14
Tiny Recro pulls off a $30M IPO to bankroll its pain drugs03-07-14
NewLink's cancer vaccine brings hopeful investors back down to earth03-07-14
A Phase III win puts Incyte's cancer drug in line for blockbuster status03-07-14
Endo clears the FDA with thrice-spurned drug as 'low-T' controversy boils03-06-14
Tech billionaire Thiel raises $1B for fifth venture fund03-06-14
Obama administration looks to chop back market exclusivity for biologics03-06-14
ZS Pharma bags $55M to take its kidney drug to the FDA03-06-14
Forest's CNS partner Adamas shoots for IPO gold in $69M offering03-06-14
The top 15 cities for biotech venture funding03-06-14
Sangamo's gene editing tech tailors T cells to resist HIV, points to 'cure'03-06-14
Novartis' 'breakthrough' muscle drug is worth $4B, if you ask MorphoSys03-05-14
UPDATED: FDA rejects Eli Lilly's SGLT2 diabetes drug empagliflozin 03-05-14
Merck's latest allergy pill hits the mark in Phase IIb03-05-14
Roche scores upbeat data for a personalized asthma drug with blockbuster hopes03-05-14
Analysts applaud as Bristol-Myers preps a PhIII study for PD-1 cancer combo 03-05-14
Biogen Idec buys into Eisai's BACE camp on Alzheimer's as drug race heats up03-05-14
Xoma drug fails to beat out a placebo in PhII osteoarthritis study03-04-14
Sequencing pioneer Venter raises $70M to launch a biotech to combat aging03-04-14
AbbVie's hep C cocktail aces its latest PhIII study with a sky-high cure rate03-04-14