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Scientists Test Deep Brain Stimulation As Potential Anorexia Therapy, University of Toronto Study Reveals 02-27-17
This Bay Area Anti-Aging Drug Company Is Secretly Preparing For s New FDA 02-24-17
AI Predicts Autism By Comparing Babies' Brains, University of North Carolina Study 02-27-17
Scaffolds Covered In Stem Cells And Silver Ions To Prevent Osteomyelitis, University of Missouri Reveals 02-27-17
Veracyte: An Ideal Medium-Term Runner With Long-Term Upside 02-27-17
Lawsuit Stalls Sale of Novartis AG's New York Campus 02-27-17
La Jolla Pharma's Low Blood Pressure Med Meets Phase III Study Goals 02-27-17
Sanofi, Lonza Group Parner Up to Build New $285 Million Swiss Biologics Facility 02-27-17
Another Theranos Lab Has Blood-Testing License Revoked 02-27-17
A Look Inside Takeda's Remarkable R&D Transformation 02-27-17
CRISPR/Cas9 Startup Launches in Boston 02-27-17
Valeant's Salix Beefs Up Workforce With 250 Sales Reps 02-27-17
Biotech Vets Launch With $38 Million and Will be Helmed By Biogen Alum 02-27-17
6 Biotechs Set Up Shop and Create Jobs in Buffalo, New York 02-27-17
Allergan's Biosimilar Pullback Won't Be The Last 02-27-17
6 Biotechs Facing Key FDA Decisions in March 02-27-17
Roche's Renal Success Spells Danger For All-Comer Studies 02-27-17
Q4 2016 Earnings Preview: What To Expect From Valeant On Tuesday 02-27-17
CRISPR Pigs Make Disease-Resistant Bacon, University of Edinburgh Study 02-27-17
Is Anyone Really Shopping For Bristol-Myers Squibb? 02-27-17
Proteostasis Debuts Well-Below Expected Range But Still Raises $50 Millon in IPO 02-11-16
Your Brain May Be What Interests That Guy Checking You Out, Northwestern University Study 02-11-16
Starting Age Of Marijuana Use May Have Long-Term Effects On Brain Development, University of Texas Study 02-11-16
Top Four California Life Science Job Regions 02-11-16
More Evidence Shows Prenatal Acetaminophen Exposure May Be Linked To Asthma, Published In /i> 02-11-16
Incidence Of Dementia May Be Declining But Scientists Aren't Sure Why, Boston University Medical Center Study Reveals 02-11-16
Mylan Snaps Up Swedish Drugmaker Meda AB in $7.2 Billion Deal 02-11-16
Facing Tough Competition from Regeneron and Amgen, Aegerion Slashes 25% of Workforce 02-11-16
AstraZeneca PLC Rumored to Be Interested in Buying Intercept Pharma 02-11-16
Vinegar Could Potentially Help Treat Ulcerative Colitis, Published In 02-11-16
Incyte Stock Tumbles After Halting Another Jakafi Trial for Treating Solid Tumors 02-11-16
The Technology Behind Theranos Could Still Disrupt The Entire Lab Business 02-11-16
Girls Have Innate Skills That May Ease Autism Severity, Yale University Study 02-11-16
This Chart Shows Who Marries CEOs, Doctors, Chefs And Janitors 02-11-16
Couch Potatoes' Brains May Wither Away More Quickly, Boston University School of Medicine Study 02-11-16
Theranos in Jeopardy of Losing Biggest Blood-Testing Client 02-11-16
Pfizer's $200 Million Massachusetts Expansion Could Create Hundreds of New Jobs 02-11-16
Grail CEO Driven By Personal Tragedy to Develop Early Cancer Screening Technology 02-11-16
Athenex's $1.62 Billion Investment to Create 1,400 Jobs in New York 02-12-16
Like Dimension Therapeutics, More Than Half of Yumanity's Employees are Women 02-12-16
NeuroVive Chooses New Stroke Partner After To-BBB's Restructuring and Collaboration Concludes 04-17-15
The Number One Cause Of Depression - Everywhere 04-17-15
A Dog's Life: Study Reveals People's Hormonal Link With Tail-Waggers 04-17-15
E-Cigarette Flavoring Chemicals May Pose Risks When Inhaled, Study 04-17-15
Fatal Brain Disease In U.S. Man Likely Came From UK Beef 04-17-15
Average Joe Must Work 127.7 Years For 1 Year Of CEO Pay 04-17-15
How This Company Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Develop A Cure For Cancer 04-17-15
Difficult To Break The Soda Habit? Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Suppress Body's Stress Response, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 04-17-15
Cow Milk Without the Cow Is Coming To Change Food Forever, Reveals 04-17-15
A Sniff Of Happiness: Chemicals In Sweat May Convey Positive Emotion, Utrecht University Study 04-17-15
Playing A Wind Instrument Could Help Lower The Risk Of Sleep Apnoea, Reveals 04-17-15
Bristol-Myers Squibb Pivotal Phase III CheckMate -057 Study Stopped Early on Positive Data 04-17-15
Teen Vaping Triples: E-Cigarettes, Hookahs Threaten Drop In Teen Tobacco Use 04-17-15
274 Jobs Elminated as GlaxoSmithKline Shutters Pittsburg Office 04-17-15
Discovery Laboratories Chops 50 Percent of Workforce as Focus Shifts Away From Surfaxin 04-17-15
Takeda Bets $269 Million+ and Commits 50 Scientists in 10 Year iPS Cell R&D Pact With 04-17-15
Boston VC Firm Atlas Venture Sets Sights on Biotech Startups With $280 Million Fund and New Home 04-17-15
Could Maple Syrup Help Cut Use Of Antibiotics? McGill University Study 04-17-15
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. Confirms Layoffs But is Hush-Hush on Number 04-17-15
Investors Suddenly Interested in Synta Pharmaceuticals and Its Upcoming Cancer Data 04-17-15
Targacept Winces As Last Remaining Drug Candidate Flops in Phase II Trial 04-16-15
Eli Lilly Snags North American Rights to Erbitux From Bristol-Myers Squibb 04-16-15
Ipsen, Active Biotech AB Plummet As Prostate Cancer Drug Flunks Late-Stage Trial 04-16-15
Pfizer's Screening Process Sorts the Legit Partnerships From the Casual Flings 04-16-15
How Aduro Biotech's IPO Debut Could Tell Us A Lot About The So-Called "Biotech Bubble" 04-16-15
ThromboGenics NV and Form New Company to Research Roche-Rejected Cancer Drug 04-16-15
Macro-Union Pharma Accused Of Animal Abuse For Hanging Cat Carcasses 04-16-15
Eight Nutrients To Protect The Aging Brain, Study 04-16-15
Boston Biotechs That are Expanding Their Employment Base the Fastest 04-16-15
Brain Development Suffers From Lack Of Fish Oil Fatty Acids, University of California, Irvine Study Finds 04-16-15
Strand Life Sciences' 20 Employee U.S. Ops in Colorado Emerges From Stealth Mode 04-16-15
BPA Exposure In Pregnant Mice Affects Fertility In Three Generations, University of Illinois Study 04-16-15
"Pull My Finger!" Say University of Alberta Scientists Who Solve Knuckle-Cracking Riddle 04-16-15
Regeneron CEO Will Join New York Governor on Cuba Trade Trip 04-16-15
Former Teva CEO Lands New Gig at New York Startup 04-16-15
Catalent Pharma Solutions' $52 Million Expansion Brings Hundreds of New Jobs to Kentucky 04-16-15
This San Francisco Startup Wants to be the of Biotech 04-16-15
Pfizer Beams As Cancer Drug Efficacy Stops Trial Early and Analysts Predict Game Changer 04-15-15
Why The FDA Doesn't Really Know What's In Your Food 04-15-15
KIND Bars Claim To Be Healthy, The FDA Disagrees 04-15-15
Food Safety Scientists Have Ties To Big Tobacco 04-15-15
What's In Your Food? Nobody Really Knows 04-15-15
Is Marijuana Good Medicine or Dangerous? Poll Reveals What The US Thinks 04-15-15
Man Agreed To Be The First Human Being To Have A Head Transplant 04-15-15
With a Focus on the Life Sciences, Banks $3 Billion for Two New Funds 04-15-15
Five Days Of Eating Fatty Foods Can Alter How Your Body's Muscle Processes Food, Virginia Tech Study 04-15-15
Intrauterine Exposure To Maternal Gestational Diabetes Associated With Increased Risk Of Autism, Study 04-15-15
Mechanism Outlined By Which Inadequate Vitamin E Can Cause Brain Damage, Oregon State University Study 04-15-15
Heart Attack Risk High In Divorced Women, Even After Remarrying, Duke University Study 04-15-15
Medical Marijuana Extract Curbs Seizure Frequency In Early Trial Of Epilepsy Patients, Study 04-15-15
To Protect Your Aging Brain, Start With Exercise, Duke University Medical Center Study 04-15-15
GlaxoSmithKline Sees Red at Design of Rival's Purple Asthma Inhaler 04-15-15
Bayer HealthCare Promises $100 Million Investment at Bay Area Facility 04-15-15
Five Companies That May be Eyeing Ariad 04-15-15
Backed By Heavyweights Like Johnson & Johnson and Novartis AG, Aduro Biotech Pulls Off Upsized $119 Million IPO 04-15-15
Biogen Shoots Up Following Positive RENEW Results for Anti-LINGO-1 04-15-15
BioSpace Temperature Poll: After Biogen's Tecfidera Death, Will Doctors Pull Up Stakes? 04-14-15
BioRestorative Shutters Florida Office and Opens New HQ and Lab in New York 04-14-15
A Day in the Life of A CTO: Berg 04-14-15
Talent Exodus From Banks Continues as Healthcare M&A Thrives 04-14-15
Brown University Study Finds Cancer Link For Muscle-Building Supplements 04-14-15
Merck & Co. CEO's 2014 Pay Increased By 87% 04-14-15
With Blessing, Actavis Chairman Joins Zoetis Board 04-14-15
Alder Biopharma Will Ramp Up Hiring to Prep Itself for Crucial Phase III Trials 04-14-15
Three Biotechs Well-Positioned for M&A: Gilead, Celgene, and Biogen 04-14-15
Are Geneticists Who Work For Big Corporations Less Ethical Than University Researchers? 04-14-15
Now Infused With Cash, Mysterious H3 Biomedicine About to Get Less Shy About What It Does 04-14-15
Two Speculative Biotechs That Could Be Well Worth the Risk 04-14-15
New Evidence For How Green Tea And Apples Could Protect Health, Study 04-14-15
Your Pain Reliever May Also Be Diminishing Your Joy, Ohio State University Study 04-14-15
Control Smartphones With A Stroke Of Your Hair, Pontifical Catholic University Study 04-14-15
Eating Out = High Blood Pressure? Study 04-14-15
Celgene, Mesoblast $45M Deal "Speaks Volumes" About Big Pharma's Cell Therapy Plans, Says Pluristem Therapeutics 04-14-15
Pfizer's Viagra Blamed for Man's Melanoma-Related Death 04-14-15
Actavis Owes No Apology for Seeking New Alzheimer's Drug Profits, Says Lawyer 04-14-15
Incyte Corporation to Set Up Shop in Geneva, Switzerland 04-14-15
Roche Says 11 Late-Stage Cancer Drugs Will Enter Trials in 2015 04-13-15
The Real Reason For Biotech's Monster Run, And It Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon 04-13-15
Three Takeaways From My Recent Visit To Amyris, Inc. 04-13-15
Depressed Patients Find Relief With Hallucinogenic, University of Sao Paulo Study 04-13-15
The Mental Health Benefits Of Probiotics: "Good Bacteria" May Improve Mood, Fight Depression, Study 04-13-15
Cipher Pharma' $45 Million Cash Buy Allows Commercial Entry Into the U.S. Market 04-13-15
Diabetes Risk "Can Be Tripled By Childhood Stress," Link??ping University Study 04-13-15
Cancer Surge In China Prompts Rise Of Special Patient Hotels 04-13-15
Polio Vaccine Found "Safe and Effective" 60 Years Ago: What Would Think Today? 04-13-15
FDA Panel Backs The Medicines Company's Once-Rejected Cangrelor 04-13-15
GlaxoSmithKline Looks to Shake Up Compensation Program for U.S. Sales Team in Effort to Revive Biz 04-13-15
Are Scientists Nearing A Cure For Baldness? University of Southern California Study 04-13-15
Can NewLink Genetics Continues Its Trend of Attracting Top Notch Scientists to Iowa? 04-13-15
Being Underweight In Middle Age Associated With Increased Dementia Risk, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Study 04-13-15
Valeant Exec's $50.6 Million Paycheck Makes Him the Second Highest Paid Non-CEO Employee 04-13-15
Mesoblast Limited Shoots to a 4-Year High as Celgene Invests $45 Million 04-13-15
Voyager Therapeutics Snags $60 Million and Some "Crossover Investors for Gene Therapy 04-13-15
Sanofi Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place With Lantus Heir Toujeo 04-13-15
Boston Biotech Gears Up for Talent Connect as Massachusetts Bio Booms 04-13-15
Death Possibly Linked to Biogen Tecfidera "No Cause for Alarm," Says Analyst 04-10-15
XO1 Deal Shows It Only Takes Two People To Run A Successful Biotech; Venture Capitalists Take Note 04-10-15
Merck & Co. Finally Snags a Buyer for Puerto Rico Plant; Deal With Save 200 Jobs 04-10-15
The Inside Story Behind Cellular Dynamics??? $307 Million Sale To FUJIFILM 04-10-15
Sabra Hummus And Five Other Foods You Shouldn???t Eat This Week 04-10-15
Data Suggests AstraZeneca PLC's Onglyza May Increase Death Rate 04-10-15
Merck & Co. Still Trying to Squeeze Out Worth From $50 Billion Schering-Plough Buyout 04-10-15
Surprise! Pfizer And Eli Lilly Were The Original Pot Sellers 04-10-15
Can the Apple Smartch Watch Really Keep the Doctor Away? 04-10-15
The NIH Spends More On Paperwork Than Researching Hodgkin??'s Disease 04-10-15
Seven Things to Take Away From ???What??'s Hot in Boston Biotech??? 04-10-15
Fidelity CEO Uses Personal Fortune to Bet on Cancer Related IPOs Like Coherus Biosciences, Adaptimmune Ltd., and Blueprint Medicines 04-10-15
DBV Technologies' Peanut Allergy Patch Snags Breakthrough Tag 04-10-15
Pfizer Researchers Allegedly Knew About Zoloft's Birth Defect Risk 04-10-15
Roche Scientists Testing to See if Arthritis Blockbuster Will Work for Diabetes 04-10-15
Gilead's Little Tweak Could Produce Big Revenue 04-09-15
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. CEO Tries His Hardest to Spin Stem Cell Company's Setbacks 04-09-15
Shorter People Have a Higher Risk Of Heart Disease, University of Leicester Study 04-09-15
Allergy Drug Inhibits Hepatitis C In Mice, NIH Study 04-09-15
Distance Running May Be An Evolutionary "Signal" For Desirable Male Genes, University of Cambridge Study 04-09-15
KemPharm, Inc. Sets Terms for $52 Million IPO 04-09-15
Antidepressants Linked To First-Time Seizures, University of Basel Study 04-09-15
Worms And Germs Lead To Better Immune Function, Duke University Medical Center Study 04-09-15
Patient Dies Using Drug With Active Ingredients Like Biogen's Tecfidera 04-09-15
Roaring Juno Therapeutics Ends Quest for New Headquarters and Blueprints Plans to Keep Investors Happy 04-09-15
Cellectis Opens Up Shop in the Big Apple 04-09-15
Edge Therapeutics Banks Another $72.5 Million for Pivotal Phase III Study 04-09-15
Silence Therapeutics plc Scrounges Up $58 Million for Its RNA Drive 04-09-15
Will AbbVie's HCV Candidates Threaten Gilead? 04-09-15
???Batten Down the Hatches??? But Look For Opportunity in Rough First Quarter, Says Analyst 04-08-15
EXCLUSIVE: Collaboration to Find Pancreatic Cancer Biomarker Could See Lead Candidate by 2018, Says CEO 04-08-15
Mylan Offers $30 Billion Bid for Irish Perrigo Company, As Share Price Skyrockets 04-08-15
As AbbVie Eyes Alzheimer's Franchise, Speculation Mounts About a $4.5B Marriage to Acadia 04-08-15
Why Japan's Longest-Lived Women Hold The Key To Better Health 04-08-15
Longer Life May Lie in Number of Anti-Inflammatory Genes You Have, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 04-08-15
How Only One Percent Of The Population Has A Normal View Of The World, Dartmouth College Study 04-08-15
Viagra, Other ED Drugs Not a Universal Cure For All Impotence 04-08-15
How Emotions Help Recall Information, New York University Study 04-08-15
Turbo-Charging Hormone Can Regrow The Heart, University of New South Wales Research Finds 04-08-15
Too Much Of A Bad Thing Can Be Good In Brain Tumors, Yale University Study 04-08-15
Why Remembering Makes Us Forget, University of Cambridge And University of Birmingham Study 04-08-15
With Almost No Fanfare, GlaxoSmithKline Sets Up a Home Base in San Diego 04-08-15
Merck & Co. Breathes a Sigh of Relief as the FDA Calls Hepatitis C Drugs a Breakthrough 04-08-15
Targacept Craters as Pfizer Pulls Out of Collaboration With Catalyst Biosciences 04-08-15
Hospira Slapped Again By the FDA for Plant Problems 04-08-15
Food Allergies Can Be Transmitted From Blood Products To Children In Rare Cases, Hospital For Sick Children Study 04-08-15
Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. Release: Ankeny Approves Funds For Company Bringing STEM Jobs to Town 04-08-15
What's In Store For The Thousands Of Angry Men Suing Over Testosterone? 04-07-15
Is Gilead CEO Worth The Money? 04-07-15
Clovis Oncology Rockets as FDA Deems Ovarian Cancer Drug a Breakthrough 04-07-15
How Do You Feel? Video Of Your Face May Tell All, Rice University Study 04-07-15
Exposure To Buddhist Beliefs Reduces Prejudice; Have You Heard About Nirvana? 04-07-15
CRISPR Hiring for New R&D Operations in Cambridge, Massachusetts 04-07-15
Will Biotech Take Advantage Of The R&D Hiring Opportunity? 04-07-15
Does More Cancer Screening Cut Cancer Deaths? 04-07-15
Experimental Cancer Drug Restores Memory In Mouse Model Of Alzheimer's, Yale University Study 04-07-15
True North Therapeutics ' CEO Delivers With $35 Million Funding Round for Bay Area Startup 04-07-15
AnaptysBio, Inc. Recruits Ex-Pfizer R&D Star to Lead Translational Biology 04-07-15
Pharm Country Roars As New Poll Shows Renewed Support for Biotech 04-06-15
Amgen CEO Gets $14M Payday, But Colleagues Who Took Pay Cuts May Disagree 04-06-15
IPOs Dropped 54 Percent in the First Quarter, As VC Investment Stays on the Sidelines 04-06-15
4 Big Biopharma Deals We Might See In 2015 04-06-15
Young Scientists Between A Rock And A Hard Place 04-06-15
The New Designer Drug You Need To Know About 04-06-15
Narcissism Beliefs Debunked, University of Arizona Reveals 04-06-15
Nanoparticles Provide Novel Way To Apply Drugs To Dental Plaque, University of Rochester Study 04-06-15
Sugar Addiction Doesn't Just Make You Fat; It Affects Your Heart, Brain, And Even Your Sex Life 04-06-15
How Millennials Are The "Gayest Generation," Reveals 04-06-15
Gilead and Amgen Hand Out Dividends; Other Biotechs Feel the Heat So Who's Next? 04-06-15
Teva's Recent Moves Suggest Restructuring Will Focus on Hypertension, Respiratory & CNS Markets 04-06-15
After a $1.25 Billion Bristol-Myers Squibb Buyout, Flexus Biosciences Chemists Form a New Company 04-06-15
Booming Alnylam to Take Over Vertex's Large Space in Cambridge 04-06-15
uniQure Soars After Bristol-Myers Squibb Takes a Large Stake With $722 Million+ Heart Pact 04-06-15
MorphoSys AG CEO Still Confident in Drug After Celgene Abandons $818 Million Pact 04-06-15
Targacept Abandons Nictoine Focus for Alzheimer's 04-06-15
Which Seattle Biotech CEO Will Soon be Ousted From His Job? 04-06-15
Interview With Sarepta's New CEO 04-03-15
Billionaire Entrepreneur Doesn't Quite Understand Healthcare 04-03-15
Four Eggs A Week Reduces Diabetes Risk, Study 04-03-15
High-Fat Dairy Products Cuts Diabetes Risk, Lund University Study 04-03-15
Fooled By A Google Search: Why You Probably Think You're Smarter Than You Are 04-03-15
"Exploding Head Syndrome" Affects 1 In Every 5 Young Adults At Some Point In Their Lives, Washington State University Study 04-03-15
Prototype "Nanoneedles" Generate New Blood Vessels In Mice, Imperial College London Study 04-03-15
What You Must Know Before Exercising Outdoors With Allergies 04-03-15
23andMe Steals Another Genentech Vet to Roster 04-03-15
Analyst: A Complete List of All Major Biosimilars Could Be the A to Z Guide 04-03-15
Valeant Sacks 258 Salix Employees; Confirms "Limited Presence" in North Carolina 04-03-15
Biotest Pharmaceuticals Will Hire 50 As Newest Arkansas Plasma Site Opens 04-02-15
BioSpace Temperature Poll: After Injuries and Death, What Penalty Will Gilead Pay? 04-02-15
GlaxoSmithKline Shifts Philly R&D Jobs to Maryland Vaccine Hub As Reorganization Continues 04-02-15
Cambridge Market Heats Up As Signs Biogen 04-02-15
Wall Street Cheers As Sarepta CEO is Ousted, Analysts Say 04-02-15
Too Much Iced Tea Linked To Man's Kidney Failure 04-02-15
Flexion CEO Discusses Pipeline and Jobs 04-02-15
With A Few Short Words, Salix As A Company Disappears 04-02-15
Folic Acid May Help Seniors Weather Heat Waves, Penn State University Study 04-02-15
Sexual Dysfunction Inadequately Reported In Hair Loss Drug Trials For Men, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Study 04-02-15
Night Owls Have Higher Risk Of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Study 04-02-15
Sanofi Inks a $120 Million Drug Design Pact to Help Guide Lackluster Drug Discovery Programs 04-02-15
Ancientbiotics - A Medieval Remedy For Modern Day Superbugs? University of Nottingham Study 04-02-15
Depression Often Co-Occurs With Joint Diseases, University of Basel Study 04-02-15
Queen??'s Scientists Develop First Perfume Which Smells Better The More You Sweat 04-02-15
SoCal's Receptos Seeks Partnerships But Gains Takeover Interest Instead 04-02-15
Should Gilead Feel Threatened by Achillion's Next-Generation Hep C Drug? 04-02-15
Genzyme Not Moving Yet But Kendall Square Space Already Getting Massive Interest 04-02-15
Ipsen Plants R&D Foothold in U.S. at New Mass. Facility 04-01-15
NuVasive's CEO Steps Down Due to Policy Violations 04-01-15
Former Allergan CEO Sees $534M Cash Payday After Stock Sale 04-01-15
aTyr Pharma Inc. $76 Million Series E Gets IPO Rumors Flying 04-01-15
Repurposed Experimental Cancer Drug Restores Brain Function In Mouse Models Of Alzheimer??'s Disease, Yale University Study 04-01-15
Eek! How Your Face Reveals Your Body's Real Age, Study 04-01-15
VC Firms Band Together to Launch $150M NYC Biotech Fund, Bringing 2,000 New Jobs to the City 04-01-15
Pharma??'s Comeback Deals Keep Drug M&A On Track To Reach Records 04-01-15
As Deadly Pig Virus Wanes, Bacon Prices Shrink, USDA Reveals 04-01-15
Sarepta CEO Resigns Abruptly, Was "In Over His Head" 04-01-15
Facebook App Encourages Individuals To Get In Touch With Their DNA, University of Michigan Reveals 04-01-15
New Cancer Drugs "Vastly Overestimated" 04-01-15
An Apple A Day Won???t Keep The Doctor Away But Maybe The Pharmacist, University of Michigan Study 04-01-15
Stop Blaming The Moon, Says University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Scientist 04-01-15
University of York Researchers Discover Bacterial Genetic Pathway Involved In Body Odour Production 04-01-15
Date Syrup Shows Promise For Fighting Bacterial Infections, Study 04-01-15
RedHill Biopharma Ltd. Will Snag Small Molecule Rights from for $5.5M 03-31-15
Ducere Pharma to Relaunch Ex-Novartis AG Cruex Antifungal 03-31-15
After Exiting RTP, CoLucid Pharma Files with for $86M IPO 03-31-15
GlaxoSmithKline Down Slightly After Johnson & Johnson Allergy Ad Settlement 03-31-15
Masters Pharmaceutical's $16M HQ Expansion Brings New Jobs to Mason 03-31-15
Five Firms Take Lead In Health-Care Deal Flurry: Business Of Law 03-31-15
Joel Marcus Of Alexandria Real Estate On The Biotech Boom 03-31-15
VIDEO: Cancer Drugs Getting FDA Approval At A Faster Pace 03-31-15
Saccharin Shows Promise As Cancer Inhibitor, University of Florida Researchers Find 03-31-15
Smartphone Use Changing Our Brain And Thumb Interaction, Say University of Zurich Researchers 03-31-15
Short Bouts Of High-Intensity Exercise Before A Fatty Meal Best For Promoting Vascular Health In Youth, University of Exeter Study 03-31-15
Pesticides On Fruits, Veggies Linked With Poorer Semen Quality 03-31-15
New Genetic Link Found For Alcohol-Related Liver Cirrhosis, University of Cincinnati Study 03-31-15
New Study Recommends Early Introduction Of Peanuts To Prevent Allergies, Reveals 03-31-15
Ozone Air Pollution Could Harm Women's Fertility, Study 03-31-15
New Liver Cancer Report, New Links Emerge: Coffee Is Protective, Obesity Increases Risk, Reveals 03-31-15
EXCLUSIVE: Shire Buyout of BioMarin "Seems Obvious," Source Close to the Deal Tells BioSpace 03-31-15
Merck Serono, Intrexon Corporation Ink $941M Pact, As Race for CAR-T Edge Continues 03-30-15
Sanofi Chairman Says Acquisitions Not "Indispensable" For Future 03-30-15
Pharma Industry Stands Over Claim 500 Jobs Lost 03-30-15
Dirty Needles Spread HIV In Indiana As Pain Pills Injected 03-30-15
U.S. Plans To Dig Deeper On Antibiotics Given To Livestock 03-30-15
Japan's FUJIFILM to Acquire U.S. Cellular Dynamics for $307M 03-30-15
Pfizer Ad Spending Dwarfs Competitors 03-30-15
Britain Becomes First Nation to Offer Meningitis B Vaccine After Tense Novartis AG Stand-Off 03-30-15
Tiny Aduro Biotech Snags $750M Cancer Deal With Drug Giant Novartis AG 03-30-15
BioDelivery Sciences International Clonidine Topical Gel Fails Phase III, Shares Plunge 03-30-15
Adamis Plummets More Than 30% After FDA Rejects Its Allergy Shot Application 03-30-15
Consuming Eggs With Raw Vegetables Increases Nutritive Value, Purdue University Study 03-30-15
Complex Genetic Ancestry Of Americans Uncovered, University of Oxford Study 03-30-15
Teva Shells Out $3.2B to Buy Auspex Pharmaceuticals and Boost CNS Business; All Cash, No Debt 03-30-15
Horizon Pharma plc. Acquires Hyperion Therapeutics and Its Revenue-Boosting Pipeline for $1.1B 03-30-15
University of Verona Researchers Want To Rename Schizophrenia, Help Lessen Mental Health Stigma 03-30-15
Body??'s Good Fat Tissue Communicates With Brain Through Sensory Nerves, Georgia State University Researchers Find 03-30-15
Playing Music By Professional Musicians Activates Genes For Learning And Memory, University of Helsinki Study 03-30-15
Is Hummus Good For You? 6 Health Issues The Superfood Dip Can Treat 03-30-15
The 90/10 Rule: Cheat Meals Actually Boost Your Metabolism And Help You Lose Weight, Study 03-30-15
Michael Mosley: Why I Consumed My Own Blood 03-30-15
CAR-T, Checkpoint Inhibitors and Vaccines All Key at Crucial Conference, Says Cowen and Company 03-27-15
Bone Repair Biotech PolyPid Ltd. Yanks $20M IPO As Selloff Continues 03-27-15
European Regulators Postpone Bristol-Myers Squibb??'s Opdivo Decision Until April or Later, As Markets Wait Anxiously 03-27-15
MorphoSys AG Tanks 20% on Celgene Cancer Pact Breakup News 03-27-15
White House Unveils Plan To Fight Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria 03-27-15
THERAVECTYS to Hire Up to 25 As New French Manufacturing Plant Receives Approval 03-26-15
Analyst: First Quarter Market Meltdown Just "Clockwork," As Biogen, Celgene Reign 03-26-15
Ex-Teva CEO Finds New Home at Neuro Startup As It Raises $5M 03-26-15
Early-Stage Biotech Star Scores $537M for New Fund 03-26-15
Gelesis Reels in $22M More, Increases Clinical Trials for 00 03-26-15
Conatus Pharma Shares Soar On Successful Emricasan Phase II Results 03-26-15
Juno Therapeutics CEO, Arch Co-Founder Say Federal Innovation Act Would "Trash The Next Generation" Of Biotechs 03-26-15
Wall Street Dips As Biotechs Sink Nasdaq 03-26-15
New Poll Finds Bay Area Biotech Workers Convinced 2015 Holds More Job Cuts, As Amgen Bolts 03-26-15
CoLucid Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Exits RTP And Relocates To Massachusetts 03-26-15
Biotech Is Booming For Everyone But The Employees 03-26-15
Amgen's deCODE genetics, Inc. Publishes Largest Human Genome Population Study 03-26-15
Sleep Loss Tied To Emotional Reactions, University of Arkansas Study 03-26-15
Why Drug For Type II Diabetes Makes People Fat, Georgia State University Study 03-26-15
Sagent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Seeks New CEO as Founder Steps Down 03-26-15
Sushi Parasite Inspires Worm Test For Cancer, Study 03-26-15
Just Slip Out The Back, Jack: Are Humans Hardwired To Break-Up And Move On? Study 03-26-15
People Who Suffer Migraine Headaches May Be At Double The Risk Of Stroke, Loyola University Medical Center Study 03-26-15
New Autism-Causing Genetic Variant Identified, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 03-26-15
Looking For Happiness In All The Wrong Places, Baylor University Study 03-26-15
Gilead's $600 Million Man 03-25-15
How Biotech Startups Build Their First R&D Labs 03-25-15
Most Extroverted, Agreeable, And Emotionally Stable Regions In The UK, University of Cambridge Study 03-25-15
10 Popular Products Not Endorsed By FDA 03-25-15
New Research At Finds A Possible Correlation Between Milk Consumption And Brain Health 03-25-15
In a Letter to Employees, Alcon Chief Defends Company's Culture for Women 03-25-15
Novartis AG CEO, a San Francisco Native, Takes an Axe to Predecessor's Empire 03-25-15
New Patent Law Would Trash Disease Cures 03-25-15
Led By Ex-Elan Execs, Rakes in $350 Million and Looks to Invest in Viamet, Novan Therapeutics 03-25-15
AstraZeneca PLC Forms a Board of Outside Scientists to Review Trial Data Requests 03-25-15
Post-Ranbaxy Laboratories, Sun Pharma Holds on to $300 Million and Hunts for More M&As 03-25-15
Google Inc.'s Mystery Biotech Calico Cuts Local Longevity R&D Pact 03-25-15
Population Genetics to Hire 30 As It Establishes U.S. Headquarters in Cleveland 03-25-15
Why Your Last Investment Blew Up 03-25-15
Miracle Cures For 5 Degenerative Diseases 03-24-15
Angelina Jolie Reveals Preventative Surgery To Remove Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes 03-24-15
BioSpace Temperature Poll: As GlaxoSmithKline Leaves Philly, Will Pharm Country Stay Strong? 03-24-15
Daiichi Sankyo Tightens Belt and Kicks Off Cuts to Total 16% 03-24-15
Faster FDA Means More Cancer Breakthroughs 03-24-15
Exercise Linked to Improved Erectile And Sexual Function In Men, Study 03-24-15
Would You Have Sex For Science? 03-24-15
Association Between Migraine, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Found, Study 03-24-15
Anti-Diabetic Drug Metformin And Vitamin D3 Show Impressive Promise In Preventing Colorectal Cancer, Case Western Reserve University Study 03-24-15
New Research Throws Cold Water on Biogen's Recent Breakthrough 03-24-15
Number Of Births May Affect Mom's Future Heart Health, UT Southwestern Medical Center Study 03-24-15
Eli Lilly's Top Five Executives Get a Pay Boost in 2014 03-24-15
Boston Startup Reels in $44 Million; In Process of Hiring and Leasing Lab Space 03-24-15
A Peek Inside Pfizer's Pretty Non-Innovation Room 03-24-15
Buy This Stock to Bet on Biogen Idec Drug, Says 03-24-15
Deaths Review of Eli Lilly's Long-Acting Antipsychotic Zyprexa Relprevv "Inconclusive" 03-24-15
Why Investors Shouldn't Freak Out Over Vertex's Latest Trial Results 03-24-15
Most Promising Drugs Of 2015, Reveals 03-23-15
Biogen Idec CEO Transformed Embattled Biotech In Five Short Years 03-23-15
Neuropsychology: Power Naps Produce A Significant Improvement In Memory Performance, Study 03-23-15
Altering Brain Chemistry Makes Us More Sensitive To Inequality, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 03-23-15
Even At A Molecular Level, Taking It Slow Helps Us Cope With Stress, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 03-23-15
Troops Who Don't Pass The Smell Test Likely Have Traumatic Brain Injury, Uniformed Services University Study 03-23-15
Can Fish Oil Help Boys With ADHD Pay Attention? University Medical Center Utrecht Study 03-23-15
Biogen Idec Drops From Corporate Name, Expands Ambitions in Alzheimer's, ALS 03-23-15
Pfizer Pockets $200 Million as Tanezumab Phase 3 Program With Eli Lilly Resumes 03-23-15
ImmunoGen Jumps After Reaching $220 Million Cancer Deal With Takeda 03-23-15
Eli Lilly,Novartis AG-Backed Aeglea Nabs $44 Million 03-23-15
Biogen Idec Slides For Alzheimer's Drug Wow Analysts, Set Up Fight for Eli Lilly 03-20-15
Scientists Are Gunning For Hangover-Free Wine, University of Illinois Reveals 03-20-15
The Science Of Being In Love On A MRI Scan, Study 03-20-15
Novartis AG Eliminates 89 Jobs in New York 03-20-15
Liposuction Byproduct Could Lead To ED Cure, And Study 03-20-15
Another Day, Another $456 Million Cancer Pact for Eli Lilly 03-20-15
Birthdays, Schooling, And Crime: What's the Link? Duke University Study 03-20-15
How Your Face Betrays Your Personality And Health 03-20-15
AstraZeneca PLC Trudges Behind in Cancer Race Where Losing May Force a Buyout 03-20-15
Sense Of Smell May Reveal Weight Bias, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 03-20-15
Vitamin D Prevents Diabetes And Clogged Arteries In Mice, Washington University in St. Louis Study 03-20-15
FDA Panel Backs GlaxoSmithKline, Theravance's Breo for Adults, Not Kids 03-20-15
Prothena Soars on Positive Phase I Results Of Parkinson's Drug PRX002 03-20-15
Our Eyes Multi-Task Even When We Don't Want Them To, New York University And University of Pennsylvania Researchers Find 03-20-15
Amgen Devastated as Novartis AG Wins Approval to Sell First-of-a-Kind Copycat Drug 03-20-15
Biogen Idec Alzheimer's Drug Aducanumab Exceeds Expectations 03-20-15
Juno Therapeutics Stock Recovers After Tumble, Shops for New Headquarters in Seattle 03-20-15
EXCLUSIVE: Resverlogix Corporation CEO Says Experimental Cardiac Drug Holds High Hopes, As Biotech Booms 03-19-15
How Artificial Light Can Mess With Your Health, University of Connecticut Researchers Say 03-19-15
New Company Formed by Coronado Biosciences, City of Hope 03-19-15
Depressive Thoughts May Have A Negative Effect On Working Memory, /i> Reveals 03-19-15
How Green Tea Could Help Improve MRIs, University of Cologne Study 03-19-15
Who Do You Think You Really Are? A Genetic Map Of The British Isles, Oxford University Study 03-19-15
Link Between Body Temperature And Obesity Discovered, University of Bologna Study 03-19-15
1,075 New Jobs to be Added by Eleven Life Science Firms in Massachusetts: Alnylam, Amgen, Biogen Idec, GE Healthcare, Quest Diagnostics 03-19-15
Scientists Are Racing To Build A Better Diet Soda 03-19-15
Juno Therapeutics Falls as Company Projects Up to $150 Million Cash Burn in First Post-IPO Earnings Report 03-19-15
Excessive Vitamin Intake In Pregnant Rats Impacts Food Choices In Offspring, University of Toronto Study 03-19-15
Low Vitamin D Levels And Depression Linked In Young Women, New Oregon State University Study Shows 03-19-15
Allergan CEO Out But Don't Fret, He May Have Landed His Next Gig Already 03-19-15
Eli Lilly, Hanmi Pharmaceutical, Co., Ltd Forge $690 Million Autoimmune Pact 03-19-15
Celgene's Deal-Making Guru About to Find Out If His Strategy Works or Not 03-19-15
How Two Salix Execs Got Paid $46 Million Even After Quitting 03-19-15
CS Bio Will Hire 100 By 2017, Completes Massive Menlo Park Expansion 03-19-15
Actavis Slashing More Than 400 Jobs in New York 03-18-15
Cough Medicine Ingredient May Aid Type 2 Diabetes Fight, 03-18-15
Curcumin Proved Effective At Combating Cancer, Study 03-18-15
Troubled GlaxoSmithKline Plans to Chop Up to 150 R&D Staffers in Philadelphia 03-18-15
Boston Scientific Executive's Killer Gets 25 Years Prison Sentence on His Birthday 03-18-15
Washington State University Researchers Show How Fatty Acids Can Fight Prostate Cancer 03-18-15
Longer Duration Of Breastfeeding Linked With Higher Adult IQ And Earning Ability, Study 03-18-15
Bacteria Programmed To Find Tumours, MIT Study 03-18-15
Erectile Dysfunction Drug Relieves Nerve Damage In Diabetic Mice, Study 03-18-15
Ex-Workers Accuse Novartis AG's Alcon of Being Sexist, Maintaining a Boy's Club Atmosphere 03-18-15
Epizyme Eyes $100 Million for Mid-Stage Trials of a Reacquired Drug 03-18-15
Backed By Eli Lilly and Pfizer, Nimbus Therapeutics Bankrolls $43 Million 03-18-15
Ignyta Shells Out $41.6 Million for Teva's Oncology Assets 03-18-15
KVK Technologies's New Pennsylvania Facility Will House Up to 350 Workers 03-18-15
AstraZeneca PLC Two-in-One Lung Drug Succeeds in Phase 3 Trial 03-18-15
EXCLUSIVE: AgeneBio CEO Says Delays in Alzheimer's Onset Could Save Millions, As Paradigm Shifts 03-12-15
Peter Thiel And His Affinity For Biotech Startups 03-17-15
Finger Lengths May Indicate Risk Of Schizophrenia In Males, /i> Reveals 03-17-15
Laughter Is An Effective Catalyst For New Relationships, University College London Study 03-17-15
Obese Women 40 Percent More Likely To Get Cancer, Study 03-17-15
Diet Soda Linked To Increases In Belly Fat In Older Adults, University of Texas Health Science Center Study 03-17-15
Big Names Such as GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer Invest in $100 Million Alzheimer's Venture Fund 03-17-15
Should You Be Worried About The Neurocognitive Side Effects Of The New Cholesterol Drugs? 03-17-15
Recent Signs Mylan May be Gobbled Up by Teva 03-17-15
Galapagos Ends Long-Running R&D Inflammation Pact With Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V. 03-17-15
Juno Therapeutics Post IPO: Ups and Downs But Mostly Ups 03-17-15
Age-Linked Memory Loss May Be Worse For Men, Mayo Clinic Study 03-17-15
AbbVie Elated as Pharmacyclics's Imbruvica Shines in Combo Trial 03-17-15
Expectations are High as Biogen Idec Prepares to Reveal Alzheimer's Data 03-17-15
Shakeup at Canada's Largest Pharma Firm Apotex Inc. 03-17-15
"MS Specialist Picks Biogen Idec??'s Tecfidera and Plegridy, Teva??'s Laquinimod: Analyst 03-16-15
AmerisourceBergen Corporation the ???Pony to Ride??? for Biosimilar Opportunities, Says UBS 03-16-15
Novartis AG Employees Brace for More Cuts and Consolidation 03-13-15
BioSpace Temperature Poll: After Amgen Shutters San Francisco Site, Will Bay Area Biotech Bolt? 03-16-15
Four Canadian Biotechs Companies Battle Against Aging 03-16-15
Industry Body Calls For Gene-Editing Moratorium 03-16-15
Stellenbosch University Doctors Perform First Successful Penile Transplant In The World 03-16-15
Horse Dung Has Scientists On Scent Of Antibiotic Success, ETH Zurich Study 03-16-15
Tablets Increase Neck Strain 3-5 Times, Washington State University Study 03-16-15
Folic Acid Supplementation Among Adults With Hypertension Reduces Risk Of Stroke, Study 03-16-15
The Link Between Hair Disorders And Susceptibility To Dental Caries, NIH Study 03-16-15
Energy Drinks Raise Resting Blood Pressure, Dramatic In Those Not Used To Caffeine, Mayo Clinic Study 03-16-15
Pens Filled With High-Tech Inks For Do It Yourself Sensors, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 03-16-15
Merck & Co. Can't Catch a Break for Sugammadex, Faces Third FDA Rejection 03-16-15
AstraZeneca PLC's Brilinta Proves Worthy Despite Higher Bleeding Risk 03-16-15
Here's Why Investors are Already Anticipating Vertex Trial Data Coming This Month 03-16-15
Xcelience to Expand HQ Ops and Hire 100 03-13-15
Pfizer Reverses Decision on Manufacturing Site; 130 Jobs Saved 03-11-15
Salix Employees Stay Mum on Jobs Status But Through the Uneasiness is a Silver Lining 03-13-15
Allergan Rival Ipsen to Continue U.S. Hiring Spree 03-13-15
You Are When You Eat, San Diego State University And Salk Institute for Biological Studies Study 03-13-15
Intestinal Gas Can Help Diagnose Diseases, Study 03-13-15
PE Firm-Owned Par Pharma Files for $100 Million IPO 03-13-15
Scientists Work On the Drug Building Process One Block at a Time, University of Illinois Reveals 03-13-15
Mind Reading:Brain Activity Can Decode What People Taste, And Study 03-13-15
After First Lab-Grown Burger, Test-Tube Chicken Is Next On Menu, Tel Aviv University Study 03-13-15
Too Much Alone Time Can Shorten Life Span, Brigham Young University Study 03-13-15
Pfizer Pain Med Lyrica Flunks Post Market Study in Adolescents 03-13-15
Hypersexual Disorder Or Just A High Sex Drive? The Profile Of A Sex Addict 03-13-15
Tetanus Shot Improves Patient Survival With Brain Tumor Immunotherapy, Duke University Medical Center Study 03-13-15
Proxy Fight Looms as Acucela Snaps Back at Ousted CEO 03-13-15
Biogen Idec Will Be Hiring in R&D After Around 20 Employees Leave Following Review 03-13-15
23andMe Dives Into Biotech With Ex-Genentech R&D Star at Helm 03-12-15
Employees at Three Major Biopharmas Remain Uncertain, As Salix Confirms Bid From Endo International 03-12-15
Fate Unknown for Remaining 200 Onyx Employees; Will They Head to Washington State? 03-12-15
GlaxoSmithKline's Big Bet: Tapping Our Body's Electronics 03-12-15
The Reason Why Onyx's Experiment To Become The Next Genentech Failed 03-12-15
High Salt Diet More Sinister Than First Thought, University of Delaware Study 03-12-15
Acadia Tanks as Key Drug is Delayed, CEO Resigns 03-12-15
Big Name VCs Dump $80 Million Into Bay Area Startup 03-12-15
How Diet And Exercise Can Delay Dementia, Rush University Medical Center Study 03-12-15
AstraZeneca PLC-Backed PhaseBio Locks in $40 Million 03-12-15
Led By a Serial Biotech Entrepreneur, Kura Oncology Forges Pact With Johnson & Johnson Unit and Bags $60 Million to Work on Shelved Drug 03-12-15
Common Epilepsy Drug Restores Brain Function And Memory In Early Alzheimer??'s, Johns Hopkins University Study 03-12-15
Epizyme Reacquires Rights to Cancer Drug From Eisai Company in Deal Worth $110 Million 03-12-15
With the Board and Investors Happy, Johnson & Johnson Raises CEO Pay by 48% 03-12-15
Could Yoga Lessen Prenatal Depression? Brown University Study 03-12-15
Babies' BMI May Predict Childhood Obesity, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Study 03-12-15
Activist Investor With a Series of Wins Sets Sights on Ariad 03-12-15
Gene Networks For Innate Immunity Linked To PTSD Risk, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 03-12-15
Sun Pharma Execs Grab Top Slots in Company After Ranbaxy Laboratories Merger 03-12-15
Amgen Will Shutter SSF Onyx Site, Lay Off At Least 300 03-11-15
Seven Timeless Ways To Be Happy At Any Age 03-11-15
FDA Slams Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd For Continued Violations At Plant 05-21-14
Planes Can Harbor Deadly Germs For 7 Days, Auburn University Study 05-21-14
Fremont-Based Ardelyx Inc. Files For $69 Million IPO 05-21-14
Can AstraZeneca PLC Live Up To CEO's Growth Plans? 05-21-14
Anti-Bacterial Agent Found In Most Hand Soaps Banned In Minnesota 05-21-14
Loophole Offers Pfizer Inc. A Risky Way Back Into A Deal With AstraZeneca PLC 05-21-14
Vitamin E In Canola, Other Oils Hurts Lungs, Northwestern University Study 05-21-14
High Cholesterol In Couples Linked To Infertility, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Study 05-21-14
Sleep Apnea Tied To Hearing Loss In Men, Albany Medical Center Reveals 05-21-14
How A Drug Can Slow Aging, Related Diseases, Oregon State University Study 05-21-14
Pine Bark Substance Could Treat Melanoma, Study 05-21-14
Gilead Sciences, Inc.'s Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Drug GS-5806 Wows In Phase 2 Trial 05-21-14
Neurotez, Inc., Strike $102.5 Million+ Alzheimer's Pact 05-21-14
Exercise Could Protect Overweight Women From Heart Disease, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 05-21-14
Adults Who Lose Weight At Any Age Could Enjoy Improved Cardiovascular Health, Reveals 05-21-14
Key Genetic Link Between Chronic Pain Conditions Like IBS Discovered, King's College London Study 05-21-14
More Maternal Mental Health Surveillance Is Needed, Study 05-21-14
GlycoMimetics, Inc. Gets A $15 Million Pay Day From Pfizer Inc. 05-21-14
Compound Reverses Symptoms Of Alzheimer's Disease In Mice, Study 05-21-14
How Pfizer Inc. Puts Money Ahead Of Their Customers 05-20-14
Ophthotech Corporation May Pocket $1 Billion From Eye Drug Deal With Novartis AG; Stock Up 17.36% At 9:50AM ET On Tuesday 05-20-14
AstraZeneca PLC Provides An Inside Peek Into R&D Practices 05-20-14